Best French Press Coffees [2023]: 18 Fan Favorites

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French press fans crave unique brews, not just regular drip coffee, to match their beloved method.

French press coffee is a world of flavors, and there’s no single perfect cup. Whether you love your brew sweet, rich, slightly bitter, fruity, or earthy, there’s something for everyone. Are you into dark roasts, single-origin beans, or just craving a strong caffeine kick? This list has the top picks for every type of French press coffee lover. Dive in and find your perfect match!

Quick Take: Best Coffees for French Press

Image Product

Best French press coffee beans

Ethiopian Coffee, Yirgacheffe...image Ethiopian Coffee, Yirgacheffe Region, USDA Organic, Whole Bean, Kosher, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce Check price

Best French press ground coffee

French Press Specialty...image French Press Specialty Coffee, Coarse Ground, Primos Coffee Co (Medium Roast, 12 Oz) Check price

Best coffee for French press espresso

Kicking Horse Coffee,...image Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 2.2 Pound - Certified Organic, Fairtrade, 35.2 Ounce Check price

Best strong French press coffee

Death Wish Coffee...image Death Wish Coffee Co., Organic and Fair Trade Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 16 oz Check price

Best French press decaf coffee

Ethiopian Decaf Coffee,...image Ethiopian Decaf Coffee, Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean, Swiss Water Processed, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce Check price

What Kind of Coffee Is Best for French Press?

Exploring the world of coffee can be overwhelming with all the choices available. To discover the best French press coffee, we should focus on three key elements: the roast level, the right grind size, and how fresh the coffee is.

Roast level

The roast level shapes your coffee’s taste in a big way. What’s perfect for a French press varies for everyone. It’s all about what you love. So, trust your taste buds to find your favorite roast! 

The coffee roasting stages, showing green coffee beans, light roasts and dark roasts
  • Light roasts tend to have sweeter, more acidic, and more complex flavors and a lighter body. A light roast’s flavor will be heavily impacted by the origin and type of coffee bean. Basically, you are tasting the bean instead of tasting the roast.
  • Medium roasts are smooth and balanced. They have heavier bodies and a stronger overall flavor than light roasts, but they still maintain much of the bean’s unique flavor profile.
  • Dark roasts have a lower acidity and bolder flavors than light or medium roasts. They often taste smoky or roasty. Dark roasts often have a more bitter flavor, although you can find several dark roasts designed specifically to balance or eliminate the bitterness. Most dark roasts are heavier-bodied than light or medium roasts.

Grind size

Choosing tasty beans is key, but picking the perfect grind size for your coffee is even more crucial.

Using very fine coffee grounds in your French press can make your coffee too bitter because it pulls out too much flavor. But, if your grounds are too big, your coffee might end up tasting sour because it doesn’t extract enough flavor.

Coarse grind coffee, with a dime for size comparison

When using a French press, remember to pick a coarse grind, much like coarse salt. Why? Because if the coffee is too fine, it might sneak past the filter. This means you might end up with a gritty, unpleasant surprise in your coffee cup. Stick to coarser grinds for a smooth brew!

When choosing pre-ground coffee, remember it’s mainly for drip coffee (medium grind) or espresso (fine grind). Not all types work well in a French press, so choose carefully.

When picking pre-ground coffee for your French press, look for bags marked “French press grind” or “coarse grind.” Sometimes, coffee ground for cold brew can fit the bill, but it might be too coarse at times. However, if you’re all about that fresh coffee taste, I’ll share in the next section why pre-ground might not be your best choice. Stay tuned!

Freshness matters

Did you know coffee grounds can spoil fast? They’re still safe to use for a bit, but their yummy taste fades in just days or hours after grinding. Whole beans stay fresh longer, yet they too only keep their peak flavor for a few weeks post-roasting.

Making coffee with some of the best coffees for French press lovers.

Coffee from the grocery store? It’s usually not fresh. Many brands don’t send out new beans. And if they do, those beans might have been waiting on a shelf or in a warehouse for ages. Want a better cup of coffee? Try buying from a trusted online brand or visit a local coffee roaster. You’ll taste the difference! 

Did you know that pre-ground coffee loses its freshness quickly? To keep your coffee tasting its best, consider learning to grind your own beans. Investing in a top-notch French press coffee grinder can significantly enhance your coffee experience. Surprisingly, a quality grinder may be more crucial to your coffee’s flavor than even the coffee maker itself, especially if you’ve been using pre-ground coffee or a blade grinder.

Best French Press coffees

Every coffee here is a winner, but we’re kicking off with the absolute top picks!

Best French press coffee beans: Volcanica Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  • 100% Pure Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Yirgacheffe, Medium-bodied and brilliantly acidy with rough, fruity or winy tones. Thick body and an earthy aroma coupled with lemon, blueberry and blackberry notes.
  • USDA Organic, Medium/Light Roast whole beans allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste.
  • Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Among the few coffee brands I fully endorse, Volcanica stands out for many great reasons. It’s a top pick for any coffee lover.

They start by picking top-notch beans from the world’s premier coffee-producing countries. Then, they roast and ship these beans fresh, so you always get a vibrant cup. Plus, they provide a variety of beans that are USDA organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Fair Trade. You’re guaranteed quality in every sip. 

Looking for top-notch beans for your French press? Try Volcanica’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It’s a real treat! Ethiopian coffee beans are special, and those from Yirgacheffe? Even more so. They come from small, family-run farms and are famous for their bright, flowery, and fruity flavors. Perfect for a delicious cup!

Volcanica gives Ethiopian coffee, from the birthplace of coffee, an amazing boost. They pick organic beans from Ethiopia’s ancient, wild coffee trees and roast them just right. This process highlights a smooth, vibrant taste with a mix of sweet and rich flavors. Think of sipping coffee with hints of blueberry, lemon, and blackberry. It’s a delightful journey in every cup!

This one is a must-try for French press coffee fans.

Best French press ground coffee: Primos Coffee Co. specialty coffee

  • Please note, our coffee is mild with subtle flavors for a delightful, easy-drinking coffee
  • A mild coffee with medium body, low acidity, smooth, sweet with pleasant fruit & cacao notes, consistent as coffee is never blended
  • Medium roasted for subtle, pleasant flavor and coarsely ground for the slow brewing method of french press
  • Premium Arabica coffee selected from the best micro-lots at our fourth generation family farm
  • Strictly high grown under shade trees, harvested by hand, European prepared and naturally dried
  • Produced sustainably with the highest standards for our fellow Nicaraguans and natural resources

When shopping for pre-ground coffee, choose quality. Primos, a family-run coffee farm, delivers the finest Nicaraguan coffee traditions straight into every bag. Experience the difference with their exceptional blends.

They choose beans grown high up, under the shade, and picked by hand. Their small-batch roasting keeps the bean quality steady. Their medium roast is gently flavored, not too acidic, and just right in texture. It tastes sweet and smooth, with a hint of citrus.

Primos offers their coffee in a coarse grind, perfect for your French press adventures. The catch? It’s gently flavored. So, if you crave a bold cup, you might want to explore other options. However, for those who love a smooth and delicate taste, Primos is your go-to choice.

Best coffee for French press espresso: Kicking Horse Coffee Cliff Hanger Espresso

  • TASTING NOTES: Silky and complex, wild berry syrup with a smooth cocoa finish.
  • ROAST: Medium
  • ROASTED IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS: It’s all deep, dark and delicious, roasted right below the towering Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks
  • AROMA: Blackcurrant, milk chocolate and brown sugar.
  • ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE, KOSHER, SHADE GROWN, ARABICA COFFEE: Coffee that is good and fair for the coffee drinkers, the farmers and the planet. 100 percent Certified
  • ORIGIN INDONESIA, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA: Grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way, by farmers with sustainable businesses they can depend on
  • RECOMMENDED BREW METHOD: French Press, Drip, Pour Over, and Espresso

French press coffee stands out in the coffee universe. But, what if you crave a twist? Enter French press espresso. This clever twist gives coffee fans a taste close to espresso without the need to invest in an expensive espresso machine. Perfect for those seeking variety on a budget!

For a great French press cup, pick your favorite espresso beans. Need a tip? Try Kicking Horse’s Cliff Hanger Espresso blend. It’s a fantastic starting point!

Cliff Hanger coffee is smooth and rich, bursting with flavors of wild berry syrup and a velvety cocoa finish. Its aroma is a delightful mix of blackcurrant, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. 

Kicking Horse creates its unique flavor by blending 100% Arabica beans from Africa, Indonesia, and Central and South America. Plus, all their beans are ethically sourced, being both Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic.

Best strong French press coffee: Death Wish Coffee

  • EXTRA KICK OF CAFFEINE: Our whole roasted coffee beans will utterly transform your basic cup of joe into a delicious, bold, and intense beverage that will revolutionize your morning. Super fuel for life in the fast lane, our dark coffee beans will ignite your senses and supply you with an abundance of energy your body needs to perform at its peak condition all day long.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BREW: This ain't your normal cup of coffee - our whole bean roasted coffee is hands down the best this world has to offer. With just one sip of our dark roast whole bean coffee, you'll be saying goodbye to store-bought coffee forever. Enjoy the perfect blend of high quality energy and artisanal flavor with each and every sip of our roasted coffee beans.
  • EMBRACE THE BOLD: Immerse yourself in a smooth, subtle cherry and chocolate flavor profile that is never bitter. We've thoughtfully and carefully selected premium Arabica and Robusta whole coffee beans from around the world to deliver you a coffee beans dark roast beverage with a bold taste you’ll find irresistible and instantly fall in love with.
  • FAIR TRADE AND ORGANIC: Every single 80 oz. Death Wish Coffee whole bean bag is filled to the top with organic whole coffee beans that will create coffee so good that it will blow your mind. Fair Trade and USDA certified organic, our coffee whole beans give you a natural caffeine boost that you can be feel good to support.
  • TRY IT RISK-FREE: The Death Wish Promise is that our organic whole bean coffee comes highly rated by thousands of satisfied customers who simply can't get enough but we'll let you be the judge. If you don't fall in love with our coffee, we'll refund your order- no questions asked. We're confident ours will be the best coffee you'll ever try.

French press coffee is deliciously rich and full of flavor. But did you know you can make it even more energizing? Explore high-caffeine coffees for an extra kick. Among them, Death Wish stands out for its bold, irresistible taste.

Death Wish crafts a bold brew by blending unique Arabica and Robusta beans, packing a punch with five times the caffeine of your usual coffee. They roast in small batches to keep their dark roast fresh and consistent. Get ready for a flavor explosion of cherries and chocolate in every sip. Perfect for those who crave an intense coffee experience!

Best French press decaf coffee: Volcanica Coffee decaf Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaf Coffee is unusual in that the bulk of the crop is gathered from wild coffee trees giving this coffee a truly exotic flavor with pleasant acidity.
  • Dry-processed coffee with a medium-body and brilliantly acidy with rough, fruity or winy tones. It includes a thick body and an earthy aroma coupled with cinnamon and strawberry undertones.
  • Ethiopian Decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process: 100% chemical free process that delivers coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free while protecting the unique origin characteristics this Sumatran Mandheling coffee.
  • Medium roasted whole beans allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Yes, it’s the beloved Volcanica Ethiopia coffee again, but now in a smooth decaf version.

It’s true, a lot of decaf coffee doesn’t taste great. But, don’t worry! I’ll show you how to pick a delicious decaf. The secret? Look for the same things you’d want in regular coffee: it should be fresh and come from a good place.

Decaffeinating coffee is a big deal and it’s all about how it’s done. Most decaf coffee uses strong chemicals to remove caffeine. Sadly, these chemicals also take away a lot of the coffee’s tasty flavors, leaving decaf often tasting dull or bitter.

Volcanica’s decaf coffee tastes amazing, thanks to the Swiss water method. This natural, chemical-free process keeps the coffee’s rich flavor but takes out nearly all the caffeine. Plus, it’s way kinder to the planet than other ways of making decaf.

Two Volcanoes Coffee gourmet Guatemalan

  • GREAT TASTING GUATEMALAN ORGANIC RARE, SINGLE ORIGIN GOURMET COFFEE - This single origin specialty brings out the best possible aroma and flavor every morning. No blending in from other regions, countries or types of coffee, gives this rare but delicious tasting coffee, a flavor compared to no other. This specific single estate coffee is grown at the base of Two Volcanoes in Guatemala. Great for House or high end restaurants. Better tasting than french roast coffee.
  • THE BEST FLAVOR AND UNIQUE AROMA THANKS TO IT'S FRESHLY MEDIUM ROAST - Medium roasted fair trade, arabica coffee beans retain a great deal of their natural earthy flavors in comparison to a dark roast, bringing out the best possible flavor & aroma. This coffee is grown organically at the base of two volcanoes, where rich minerals enhance the flavor and smell of each and every bean, even before it's roasted. Medium roast exhibits the perfect balance in flavor, aroma and acidity.
  • ROASTED IN SMALL BATCHES TO GUARANTEE AN EVEN, MEDIUM ROAST - Small batch roasting is more expensive because of labor costs, but ensures that each bean of coffe is of superior quality and roasted evenly to desired specifications. This process draws out the best possible flavor in each batch. Small batch roasting permits a higher quality standard in coffee throughout the complete process: from picking out the correct size of each coffee bean, to slowly roasting each small batch to perfection.
  • PRESERVE THE BEST TASTE, AS LONG AS POSSIBLE - We know consuming your premium coffee bags as soon as roasted is the best way to go, but sometimes, coffee is stored in warehouses, shelves or even in your home's pantry kitchen. For this reason, each bag of Two Volcanoes Coffee is not only packaged as soon as roasting permits it, but also comes with a degassing valve built into it, to ensure only natural gas goes out, but not in, preventing it from staling. Makes great cappuccino.

Guatemala’s volcanoes give it perfect soil for growing coffee. That’s why the creators of some of the best Guatemalan coffee beans named their brand after San Marcos’s two famous volcanoes.

Two Volcanoes crafts their coffee with care on a farm in the lush San Marcos area. They roast their beans in small batches, guaranteeing every cup is fresh and top-quality. Their medium roast is smooth, slightly sweet, and rich – ideal for those who love French roast coffee. Plus, its nutty and floral hints add a delightful twist.

Koffee Kult dark roast coffee

  • Caffeine content per serving: 20.0 milligrams
  • Caffeine content description: caffeinated
  • Material feature: Organic
  • Serving recommendation: 1 tablespoon
  • Caffeine content: 20.0 milligrams
  • Container type: Bag
  • Item package dimensions: 10.83 inches
  • Coffee roast level: dark_roast
  • Item dimensions: 5.5 inches
  • Item package weight: 2.07 pounds
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Product shelf life: 365.0 days
  • Coffee type: coffee_bean

Koffee Kult’s dark roast is a game-changer. It’s rich and full-bodied, just like a dark roast should be, but without the usual bitterness. Perfect for any coffee lover, it’s easy to enjoy. Plus, its bold, smooth taste with hints of cinnamon will satisfy even the most devoted fans of dark roast. Dive in and taste the difference!

Koffee Kult has a secret: they only pick 100% Arabica beans from top spots like Colombia, Sumatra, and Brazil. They make sure to send them out super fresh, so you get the most out of your coffee experience.

I love how Koffee Kult coffee stands out for its flexibility. It’s amazing as a black coffee thanks to its bold flavors and full body. Plus, it still tastes great in milk-based coffee drinks, making it a versatile choice.

Koffee Kult Sumatran coffee

  • Sumatra Mandheling Coffee: A premium reserve Indonesian coffee beans grown in Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans: Our whole bean coffee are roasted in small batches for maximum freshness and flavor.
  • Dark Roast: This single origin arabica coffee is rich and full-bodied with a bold flavor profile and low acidity.
  • Whole Bean or Ground: Choose between whole bean or ground coffee to suit your brewing method.
  • Aged Sumatra Coffee: Our Sumatra Mandheling Coffee is roasted for a unique and distinct flavor, coffee beans Sumatra reserve.
  • Fair Trade and Organic: We are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices INCLUDING organic Sumatra coffee.
  • Flavor Notes: Hints of chocolate, earthy tones, and a smooth finish from this coffee sumatra.
  • Perfect for Espresso or Drip Coffee: This versatile Sumatra whole bean can be used for both espresso and drip coffee. Sumatra ground is great for pour overs and cold brew.
  • Premium Quality: Our Sumatra coffee beans are hand-selected and roasted with care. Hand packaged right after roasting to ensure freshness.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a full refund.

Not ready for a dark roast yet? Koffee Kult’s single-origin Sumatran coffee is a perfect start to explore this top-notch brand. Sumatran coffee beans, also used in Starbucks espresso, deliver rich, full-bodied cups with unique earthy and spicy notes. Ideal for an amazing French press experience.

Koffee Kult’s medium-roast Sumatran coffee offers a smooth, rich cup with hints of baker’s chocolate and a crisp finish.

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Coffee is famous for its amazing single-origin coffees. I suggest tasting each one! But, the real star is their Major Dickson’s Blend. Don’t miss it!

This dark roast is a treat, blending rich, smoky, and chocolate notes. Perfect for French press fans, it’s bold and full-bodied.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

  • ETHIOPIAN YIRGACHEFFE KOCHERE COFFEE Is A Well Balanced, Mild African Coffee With Notes Of Lemon And Honey. A Brilliant Choice For Any Coffee Lover.
  • SINGLE-ORIGIN FROM KOCHERE, ETHIOPIA. Medium Roast. Heirloom Varietal. Wash Processed & Sun Dried.
  • ALL FRESH ROASTED COFFEE IS Kosher Certified, Sustainably Sourced and Proudly Roasted, Blended, and Packaged in USA.
  • ALL OUR COFFEES ARE ROASTED in Our Environmentally Friendly Loring Roaster to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint.
  • AVAILABLE IN WHOLE BEAN AS 12 OZ, 2 LB, and 5 LB Bags.

I love when a coffee company is upfront about what they stand for. Fresh Roasted Coffee does just that, highlighting their commitment to freshness right in their name. They prioritize roasting and packaging to ensure you get the freshest coffee out there.

This isn’t our first time talking about Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, but I have to mention it again. Why? Because Fresh Roasted sells this amazing coffee at a fantastic price without compromising on quality. If you’re after the top-notch Ethiopian coffee experience, Volcanica is my top pick. However, for those watching their budget, Fresh Roasted is a great choice.

Coffee Bros Costa Rican coffee

Dive into Costa Rican coffee and discover a world where only the best beans make the cut. The government even banned low-quality beans, ensuring every cup is filled with 100% Arabica excellence.

Coffee Bros brings you unique coffees from around the world, including an amazing Costa Rican micro-lot perfect for French Press lovers. Enjoy flavors of lemon, toffee, and cocoa in this deliciously sweet coffee with a fresh, smooth finish.

Coffee Bros Specialty Blend coffee

Coffee Bros offers amazing blends alongside their single-origin coffees. If you love French press, you must try their Signature Blend. It’s a mix of beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia, roasted to a perfect medium level. This blend stands out for its rich, nutty taste with hints of strawberries, hazelnut, and brown sugar.

Stone Street Coffee Company Colombian cold brew

  • CRAFTED FOR COLD BREWING – Our cold brew coffee blend uses fresh gourmet arabica coffee beans from Colombia. You can coarse grind them right before brewing for the freshest flavor. Perfect for using in your at-home cold brew coffee maker or system, French press, pitcher, or mason jar.
  • DARK ROAST COLOMBIAN SUPREMO – Our beans are classified as ‘supremo’ which are the largest and highest quality beans from Colombia. When these beans are dark roasted, it brings out the nutty/chocolate notes and makes the most delicious tasting cold brew coffee.
  • STRONG & SMOOTH BLEND – Our coffee is specially formulated to make a bold, balanced, low-acid, slightly sweet cold brew or iced coffee. You can easily adjust the strength to make it extra strong (more coffee or longer brewing time) or even lighter (more water).
  • 1 LB RESEALABLE BAG (16 Ounce) – Our 3-layer natural kraft bag is foil-lined and has a one-way valve for optimal coffee freshness. The wide top opening makes for easy scooping and the seal keeps your one pound of coffee fresh. Our premium packaging makes the perfect gift for the special coffee lover in your life.
  • FRESHLY ROASTED IN BROOKLYN, NYC – Stone Street Coffee Company is specialty small-batch roaster, we’ve been making artisanal coffee since 2009.

Stone Street’s Colombian single-origin shines as a cold brew coffee. But guess what? Its qualities also make it a fantastic pick for French press lovers. Perfect for beginners diving into coffee adventures!

This coffee uses dark-roasted 100% Colombian Supremo beans. It’s smooth, slightly sweet, with a bold taste and low acidity. Perfect for a balanced cup.

Real Good Coffee Company French roast

  • French Roast Coffee: Our French Roast whole bean coffee is an extra bold, dark roast whole bean coffee with a slightly sweet finish, these coffee beans make a strong and sophisticated cup of coffee, without being bitter
  • Sustainable Coffee Beans Dark Roast: Our french roast coffee beans are made with premium quality Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. They are grown, sourced and packaged responsibly, after being roasted fresh in Seattle, USA
  • Tasting Notes: Our whole bean French Roast coffee features rich undertones of raspberry and dark chocolate, and an exotic hint of the Mediterranean spice anise
  • Works With All Coffee Brewers: Our dark roast coffee is suitable for any good coffee machine: drip machines, espresso maker, French press, Aeropress, pour over and moka pot
  • Real Good Coffee Co: With over 30 years’ experience of coffee sourcing and craft roasting in Seattle, we make coffee, real good coffee, it’s that simple

Say hello to French roast, the deeper, bolder cousin of the usual dark roast. It’s super dark and not everyone’s cup of coffee. But if you crave something with more punch and flavor, French roast might just be your new favorite.

Discover the magic of Real Good Coffee Company’s French roast, crafted from a blend of Central and South American beans. Dive into its deep, rich taste, bursting with raspberry, dark chocolate, and anise notes.

Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend

  • BY THE POWER OF ODIN: Meet the Valhalla Java Odinforce blend—coffee made to power the world's most powerful guitarist, Zakk Wylde. Worthy of the gods, these beans were forged from the volcanic soils of Indonesia and nutrient-rich soils of Central and South America. Crafted for boldness and maximum flavor, this blend is strong enough to wake the dead and chariot them gloriously through the gates of Valhalla.
  • EXTRA KICK OF CAFFEINE: Our whole roasted coffee beans will utterly transform your basic cup of joe into a delicious, bold, and intense beverage that will revolutionize your morning. Super fuel for life in the fast lane, our dark coffee beans will ignite your senses and supply you with an abundance of energy your body needs to perform at its peak condition all day long.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BREW: This ain't your normal cup of coffee - our whole bean roasted coffee is hands down the best this world has to offer. With just one sip of our dark roast whole bean coffee, you'll be saying goodbye to store-bought coffee forever. Enjoy the perfect blend of high quality energy and artisanal flavor with each and every sip of our roasted coffee beans.
  • FULL BODY BREW: Our Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend ensures you’re getting the highest quality coffee possible without the jitters. This whole bean coffee dark roast is great for those needing real and freshly brew with high caffeine kick!
  • TRY IT RISK-FREE: The Death Wish Promise is that our organic whole bean coffee comes highly rated by thousands of satisfied customers who simply can't get enough but we'll let you be the judge. If you don't fall in love with our coffee, we'll refund your order- no questions asked. We're confident ours will be the best coffee you'll ever try.

The team behind Death Wish coffee didn’t stop at one amazing blend. They also crafted Valhalla Java’s Odinforce Blend, a rich dark roast combining top-notch Arabica and Robusta beans from Indonesia, Central, and South America.

This USDA Certified Organic blend packs a punch with its bold flavor and strong aroma, giving Death Wish’s original blend a run for its money. If you’re a fan of Death Wish, Valhalla Java is a must-try addition to your coffee lineup.

Strong AF Coffee Rude Awakening

  • 【 ORGANIC COFFEE ARTISANALLY ROASTED 】The GPB 2x-3x Standard Caffeine Black Coffee is Made From Whole Organic Coffee Beans Perfectly Dark Roasted For Maximum Espresso Flavor & Aroma
  • 【 WHOLE BEAN, STRONG VIETNAMESE COFFEE 】The Whole Bean Coffee Dark Roast Ensures Maximum High Caffeine Coffee Strength and is Sourced from Small Vietnamese Farms that Practice Organic Farming Methods
  • 【 AWAKE ALL DAY 】The Strong Coffee Bean are Collected from Careful Organic Farming, Whole Organic Beans, and Dark Expert Roasting Gives Rise to a Cup of Coffee of exceptional strength Keeping You Active Through-out the Day
  • 【 RUDE BUT NOT CRUDE 】 - Produces Extraordinarily Strong Coffee but not Harsh in Flavor. The Espresso Coffee Boasts a Gourmet Flavor Profile and is Ideal for Drinking as Espresso, Over Ice, or in Nearly any Beverage that Requires High-Quality Coffee
  • 【 GIFT IDEA | GOURMET COFFEE 】 - Ideal as a Gift for That Special Coffee Lover in Your Life. Give Them a Blast of Freshness Through Coffee Whole Bean for Day to Day use.

Rude Awakening gives French press coffee a unique twist. Like many Vietnamese coffee brands, it’s made from 100% Robusta beans. These beans pack a stronger caffeine punch, deliver a bold flavor, and have a hint of bitterness that may not suit Arabica fans.

They use a dark roast on their organic beans to boost the flavor, creating a super strong brew aptly named Strong AF.

San Francisco Bay Coffee Fog Chaser

  • Our iconic Fog Chaser is a blend of dark and medium roasted beans which results in a enjoyable medium dark roast coffee. It's a great combination of flavor, balance and smoothness that will chase away even the thickest morning fog.
  • For finest taste, store in a cool, dark place and grind beans just berfore brewing
  • QUALITY COFFEE: San Francisco Bay Coffee uses only 100% arabica coffee and certified Kosher coffee beans. Hand picked and grown in high altitude. We're so confident you'll love it, we back it with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • SUSTAINABLY AND ECO- FARMED COFFEE: We offer a wide selection of sustainably grown, sourced, and packaged coffee from whole bean to ground, flavored to decaf, and much more.

Fog Chaser is a perfect medium-dark roast for those who find dark coffee too strong. It’s smooth, well-balanced, and packed with flavor. Crafted from a blend of top-quality Central and South American beans, each batch is rigorously tested for perfection. It’s an ideal choice if you’re looking to explore deeper flavors without diving straight into dark roasts.

Intelligentsia Frequency Blend coffee

  • Contains one (1) 12 Ounce Bag of Intelligentsia Frequency Blend Whole Bean Coffee
  • Frequency Blend: Versatile and balanced, our Frequency Blend is an easy-to-enjoy coffee with a smooth body. Hints of golden raisin and raw sugar accompany the flavor of molasses
  • Direct Trade: Our commitment to direct trade allows us to cut out unnecessary importers and exporters, and enables us to truly partner with our growers to bring you the sweetest coffees in the world
  • How to Brew: We recommend starting with 6oz water for every 9.5g of coffee (about 2 tbsp), which provides excellent extraction and maximizes flavor. For our blends we suggest a pour over or a automatic drip brewer, using grind size 5 or 6
  • Seasonality: The components of our blends change throughout the year to incorporate new arrivals. We ensure freshness and optimize quality while the profiles remain consistent

I must confess, I’m a bit biased. The Intelligentsia roastery was just a stone’s throw from my old Chicago apartment, which definitely got me hooked on their coffee. But trust me, they truly earned their place on this list with their quality.

The Frequency Blend is a game-changer for French press lovers, boasting a delicious chocolate and rich molasses taste. While it’s great solo, adding a splash of milk elevates it, truly unlocking its full, mouth-watering flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use regular ground coffee in a French press?

No. Most ground coffee that you buy in stores is either medium-ground or fine-ground, and the French press needs a coarse grind. If you try to use regular coffee grounds, you’ll end up with over-extracted, bitter coffee and probably some extra grounds that snuck through the filter into your brew.

Is French press coffee bad for you?

It’s fine for most coffee lovers, but you should be careful if you have high cholesterol. French press coffee contains a larger amount of two chemicals called cafestol and kahweol. These chemicals are naturally occurring in all coffee, but paper filters remove them much better than French press filters do.

Cafestol and Kahweol both increase LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff) and triglycerides. That being said, you’d have to drink a few cups of French press a day for these chemicals to have a significant impact. Moderation likely renders this a non-issue, but it might still be worth switching to a different coffee brewing method if you are a heavy coffee drinker with high cholesterol.

Final Verdict

French press coffee offers a bold and rich flavor that’s a must-try for coffee fans. But, to truly enjoy it, picking the right French press coffee beans is key. Let’s find the best ones together!

No matter your coffee preference – be it strong, bold, complex, or sweet – this list has something for every French press aficionado. I’ve highlighted some top picks, but feel free to choose based on what tickles your taste buds. Or, why not explore randomly and savor all the amazing French press coffees from around the globe?

best coffees for french press

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