9 Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands in 2022

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Many coffee grounds you find at the store aren’t right for French press or cold brew. They’re usually medium or fine-ground, perfect for drip coffee and espresso. But if you use them in a French press, you’ll end up with a bitter cup and tiny grounds sneaking past the filter.

Looking for the top picks in coarse ground coffee? You’re in the right spot! This article will guide you through fantastic options, from unique single-origin coffees to delicious blends and flavors, ideal for French press, cold brew, and percolator fans. Dive in and find your new favorite!

Quick Take: Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands

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Best coarse ground coffee brand

Stone Street Cold...image Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee, Strong & Smooth Blend, Low Acid, 100% Arabica, Gourmet Coffee, Coarse Ground, Dark Roast, Colombian Single Origin, 1 LB Check price

Best French press coffee grounds

French Press Specialty...image French Press Specialty Coffee, Coarse Ground, Primos Coffee Co (Medium Roast, 12 Oz) Check price

Best flavored coffee grounds

Snickerdoodle - Flavored...image Snickerdoodle - Flavored Cold Brew Coffee Grounds - Inspired Coffee Co Check price

Best organic coarse ground coffee

Bizzy Organic Cold...image Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee | Smooth & Sweet Blend | Coarse Ground Coffee | Micro Sifted | Specialty Grade | 100% Arabica | 1 LB Check price

Why Does Grind Size Matter?

If your coffee tastes too sour or bitter, it might be because you’re not extracting it just right. Adjusting the grind size of your beans is a key trick to fix this, along with tweaking brew time, water heat, and how much water you use.

Types of coffee grinds, laid out from coarse extra coarse grind to extra fine grind

Finer coffee grounds let hot water quickly soak up all the delicious flavors, while coarser grounds need more time to brew that perfect cup.

Choosing the perfect grind size is key to great coffee, and it’s not about coarse being better or worse. It all depends on how you brew your coffee. If you grind your own beans, you can experiment with different sizes. For pre-ground coffee, use the size that matches your brewing method.

If your coffee grounds are too chunky, you won’t get enough flavor, making your coffee taste bitter. If they’re too powdery, your coffee can turn sour or acidic. But, if you find the perfect middle ground, you’ll brew a delicious cup with the perfect mix of sweetness, acidity, and rich flavors.

What is Coarse Ground Coffee Used for?

Coarse ground coffee is perfect for percolators, French presses, and cold brew makers. But, if you’re using drip brewers or espresso machines, you’ll need a finer grind. This simple tip makes a big difference in taste!

Coarse grind coffee, with a dime for size comparison

Coarsely ground coffee has bigger chunks, similar to coarse salt, unlike the finer grounds used in other brewing methods. It’s all about the texture!

Discover the world of extra coarse coffee grounds, often found in bags labeled for cold brew. These chunky grounds, similar in size to peppercorns, are perfect for making smooth cold brew at home. However, they might not be the best choice for French press or percolator methods. Keep exploring to find your perfect grind!

Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands

Best coarse ground coffee brand: Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Coffee

Many coffee brands offer just medium-ground for drip coffee or fine-ground for espresso. Stone Street stands out by providing a variety of coarse-ground coffees. These grounds are perfect for cold brew, and they’re also great in a French press or percolator.

Love cold brew? Try their single-origin, ethically sourced Colombian Supremo. It’s perfect! They pick their beans carefully and dark roast them to bring out a bold, rich flavor that shines, even in cold brew. Plus, it’s roasted in small batches, guaranteeing you get the freshest grounds every time.

Stone Street also brings you unique flavors like a single-origin peaberry coffee from Tanzania and a tasty Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Love flavored coffee? Try their raspberry chocolate, blueberry cobbler, or cinnamon swirl.

Best French press coffee grounds: Primos Coffee Co. French press specialty coffee

Primos’ coffee offers a smooth and subtle experience, contrasting the boldness of Stone Street. It’s a low-acid coffee that’s medium-bodied and sweet, with hints of citrus. When brewed in a French press, which usually makes rich, heavy coffee, Primos’ gentle flavor is the perfect balance.

Primos takes pride in every step, from their family farm in Nicaragua to your cup. They grow top-notch Arabica beans under the shade, hand-pick them, and roast in small batches. It’s all about quality and sustainability.

Every step taken to perfect these medium-roasted beans shows the dedication behind making Primos one of the best coffees for French press. It’s all about the care and precision.

Best flavored coffee grounds: Inspired Coffee Co. Snickerdoodle Flavored coffee

Finding delicious flavored coffees can be tough. Many companies use subpar beans and mask them with flavors like vanilla or hazelnut, leaving you with a disappointing cup.

Inspired Coffee brings you top-notch flavors using single-origin, 100% Arabica Colombian Supremo beans. They roast in small batches to ensure freshness. Plus, their resealable bags mean your coffee stays fresh longer. They’re all about delivering quality in every cup.

If you love the sweet combo of vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar, try their snickerdoodle. They also have flavors like French vanilla, caramel, and more. Want to taste them all? Grab their sampler pack. Perfect for beginners!

Best organic coarse ground coffee: Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Discover the magic of Bizzy, a standout among organic coarse ground coffees. Not only is it scrumptious, but it’s also sustainable. Sourced ethically from Nicaragua, Peru, and Guatemala, these 100% USDA organic beans are medium-roasted to perfection. The result? A sweet, incredibly smooth coffee with delightful hints of hazelnut and caramel.

Bizzy specializes in cold brew, but their beans work great in a French press or percolator too. Whether you prefer your coffee smooth and sweet or crave something light and bright or even dark and bold, Bizzy has a blend that’s sure to capture your heart.

Wandering Bear Extra Strong Organic Coffee

Wandering Bean’s cold brew coffee packs a punch! It’s not only USDA organic and made in small batches, but it also blends Arabica and Robusta beans. This mix adds a bold flavor and gives it a caffeine boost compared to purely Arabica brews.

Dark roast coffee has a rich, chocolatey taste that’s perfect for cold brew, giving it a full and bold flavor. It might be too intense for French press lovers, though. If you’re into deep, rich tastes, it’s worth a try. But if you prefer a more balanced flavor, consider other options.

Stone Cold Jo Cold Brew Coarse Ground Organic Coffee

Stone Cold Jo brings you smooth, low-acidity coffee that’s both organic and Fair Trade certified. They handpick their top-notch Arabica beans and roast them with care to keep their quality sky-high. 

Their dark-roast coffee blends smooth flavors with chocolate, grape, caramel, and toffee hints. 

Cold Brew Lab Organic Dark Roast Colombian Supremo Coffee

Heads up: This coarse grind is perfect for cold brew, but skip it for French press!

Cold Brew Lab is a master at one thing – making amazing cold brew coffee. They focus solely on this craft, using a unique extra coarse grind perfect for cold brew but not for other methods. Their dedication ensures you get the best cold brew every time.

Their beans are top-notch, 100% Arabica and USDA organic. They exclusively pick the best Colombian Supremo, everyone’s favorite Colombian coffee beans.

From there, things get really cool.

Cold Brew Lab mixes it up with both medium and dark-roasted beans. Surprising, right? It might sound like they couldn’t make up their mind, but trust us, there’s a method to their madness. This special blend creates a coffee that’s smooth, bold, and bursting with flavor. Perfect for your taste adventure!

For a flavor boost, explore their mocha, coconut, hazelnut, pumpkin spice, or Tahitian vanilla coffees. Dive into a world of taste! 

The Chosen Bean Specialty Coffee

The Chosen Bean is a special mix that brings together some of my top coffee picks. It combines beans from Guatemala and Mexico – both famous for their top-notch, organic coffee. It also features Ethiopian beans, celebrated for their lively and rich flavors. And, it wouldn’t be complete without Sumatran beans, which add that distinct earthy flavor you love in Starbucks espresso.

The Chosen Bean blends light and dark roasts, creating a unique coffee experience. Perfect for those who love a balanced cup!

Discover the magic in your cup! Mixing different beans and roasting styles creates a coffee that’s both sweet and earthy. Imagine tasting nuts, chocolate, and a dash of orange, spice, and berries. This rich flavor is perfect for cold brew, French press, or percolator coffee. Enjoy the journey in every sip!

Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica single origin coffee

Discover the charm of Costa Rican coffee beans, a top pick for many, including me! Finding them in coarse-ground form is tough, but Gevalia hits the mark with their delightful single-origin coffee. Like all Costa Rican brews, it’s made from 100% Arabica beans, offering a sweet, smooth taste without the harshness of Robusta.

Gevalia brings the rich flavors of Costa Rica to your cup with their medium-dark roast. It’s filled with fruity and citrus notes and has a perfect medium body. Want to try something unique? Their single-origin coffees from Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, and Kenya offer an exciting twist with their coarse grounds.

Grinding Your Own Coarse Coffee Grounds

Pre-ground coffee is super easy to use, but it loses its freshness quickly. If you go for coarsely ground coffee, it’ll stay fresh a bit longer than medium or fine grounds. But, for the best taste, aim to use it on the day you open the bag.

When you store whole bean coffee the right way, it stays fresh and tasty for weeks. This means you get more time to savor its sweet and rich flavors before it turns bitter or loses its taste! 

Grinding your own coffee beans lets you pick how fine or coarse you want them. With a quality burr grinder, you get lots of settings to explore, boosting your coffee game at home to new heights! 

Choosing a grinder

Dive into the world of French press coffee with the perfect grinder! Check out the top picks for French press coffee grinders that have everything you need to create the ideal coarse grind. A great starting point? The Oxo burr grinder. It’s user-friendly, affordable, and perfect for those exploring mid-range options. Tight on space? Consider a compact small coffee grinder or a manual grinder to save room and still enjoy delicious coffee.

Avoid using a blade grinder for coarse coffee grounds. These grinders can’t ensure even particle sizes, leading to tiny bits in your coarse grind. These small particles can make your coffee taste extra bitter by affecting the extraction process. Plus, they often slip through French press and some cold brew filters, leaving unwanted residue in your cup. Stick to more consistent grinding methods for a better brew.

Choosing the right grinder? Key tip: grind your beans right before brewing to keep them fresh. Most grinders on your kitchen counter let you pick how much to grind with a simple timer. You’ll soon know exactly how much to grind for your perfect cup.

Final Verdict

Love cold brew, French press, or percolated coffee? You’ve got to try amazing coarse grounds! The wrong grind size can mess up your coffee big time. Unfortunately, many brands stick to selling drip and espresso grinds, which are just too fine for cold brew or French press. Don’t let the wrong grind ruin your perfect cup!

Dive into the rich flavors of French press espresso, the smoothness of nitro cold brew, or the refreshing taste of French press cold brew. These beans are perfect for your next coffee adventure.

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