Coffee Facts

Dive deeper into the fun and unique aspects of coffee culture while gaining a deep understanding of the coffee bean.

coffee intensity

Coffee intensity often baffles newcomers to the coffee scene. Is it about the caffeine content? Or does it reflect the…

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aluminum coffee pod health risks

As coffee enthusiasts, we’ve all delighted in the emergence of single-serve coffee machines. These convenient devices use aluminum coffee pods…

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How many shots of espresso are in a venti?

The Starbucks venti is larger and holds more drink than a grande. But is it really worth it? And just…

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Can you eat coffee grounds? And are they good for you?

Many coffee lovers overlook eating coffee grounds. But, is it actually possible to eat them? Did you know munching on…

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How much caffeine in Turkish coffee? Is it stronger than regular coffee?

Today, everyone wants their caffeine kick to power through the day. For a strong boost, put Turkish coffee at the…

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What dissolves coffee grounds? Coffee disposal and clog prevention

Who else loves starting their day with a delicious cup of coffee? It wakes you up, right? But, have you…

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Do McDonald's frappes have caffeine? and how much?

America’s beloved fast food spot, McDonald’s, is now a hot spot for coffee lovers! From cozy McCafe lattes to bold…

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Does cappuccino have caffeine? Is it more than regular coffee

When I’m burning the midnight oil, my trusty drip coffee is always by my side. Lately, though, it’s been feeling…

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