Coffee Facts

Dive deeper into the fun and unique aspects of coffee culture while gaining a deep understanding of the coffee bean.

What's the best milk for frothing? And the worst
Are you ready to take the leap from plain old drip coffee to lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and all those other …
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What is third wave coffee? The rise of specialty coffee
This phrase has led to a lot of confusion amongst coffee fans. It doesn’t help that there have been so …
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How long do Keurigs last? And why do they break
There’s nothing more frustrating than getting out of bed, turning on your Keurig, and watching as it fails to brew …
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Nespresso caffeine content: How strong are coffee pods?
Have you ever wondered which Nespresso capsule has the most caffeine? I’ll give you a hint: It’s an OriginalLine pod.  For …
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What does the Keurig strong button do?
“Strong” is one of the most confusing words in the coffee-lover dictionary. Sometimes, stronger means bolder and more flavorful. Other …
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The 11 strongest coffees at Starbucks, ranked by caffeine content
Sometimes you just want more caffeine, and — if you know what to order — Starbucks can deliver just that. …
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Oily coffee beans: why are some coffee beans shiny?
That oily sheen on your coffee beans is entirely natural, but is it a good thing? Today, we’ll be taking …
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The 14 unique types of coffee drinkers
Every coffee drinker falls into one of these 14 categories. Throughout your coffee journey, you may have even drifted through …
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