Coffee Facts

Dive deeper into the fun and unique aspects of coffee culture while gaining a deep understanding of the coffee bean.

The 11 strongest coffees at Starbucks, ranked by caffeine content
Sometimes you just want more caffeine, and — if you know what to order — Starbucks can deliver just that. …
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Oily coffee beans: why are some coffee beans shiny?
That oily sheen on your coffee beans is entirely natural, but is it a good thing? Today, we’ll be taking …
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The 14 unique types of coffee drinkers
Every coffee drinker falls into one of these 14 categories. Throughout your coffee journey, you may have even drifted through …
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35 Fun coffee slang terms: why is coffee called Joe?
When you write the word as many times as I do, you desperately need to find other names for coffee.  …
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Top 78 coffee producing countries in 2021
Is your goal to try single-origin coffee from every possible country? Well, it’s one of my goals, so I put …
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Old and new types of coffee beans: Is this the end of Arabica?
Coffee experts estimate that there are between 25 and 100 species of coffee plants. All the coffee you’ve ever drunk, …
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Is decaf coffee a diuretic? And other important impacts of switching to decaf
The taste of coffee is great, but some of the side effects aren’t pleasant. When you are looking for all …
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Jitters from coffee: Why you get jittery and how to make it stop
That jittery, anxious feeling you get from coffee is not a sign of extra energy. In fact, you can get …
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