How Much Caffeine in Turkish Coffee? Is It Stronger than Regular Coffee?

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Today, everyone wants their caffeine kick to power through the day. For a strong boost, put Turkish coffee at the top of your must-try list! 

Did you know Turkish coffee packs a punch? With 165 mg of caffeine in just an 8-ounce cup, it beats the usual 95 mg in drip coffee. It’s a strong brew!

Discover how strong Turkish coffee really is compared to other coffees in terms of caffeine.

How Much Caffeine Is in Turkish Coffee? 

Turkish coffee packs a punch! With 25 mg of caffeine per ounce, it’s stronger than many other coffee types. A small 2.5-ounce cup gives you 50 mg of caffeine, while a larger 8-ounce mug contains a whopping 165 mg. Perfect for a serious wake-up call!

Turkish coffee is unique because it’s unfiltered. You mix 1 part ultra-fine coffee with 12 parts cold water and some sugar in a special pot called a cezve, usually made of copper or brass. Then, you pour it all, grounds included, into a traditional cup known as a mirra.

What if you use more coffee grounds?

A Demitasse Turkish cup uses just a teaspoon of finely ground coffee beans, packing a punch with its 50 mg of caffeine. 

When you brew Turkish coffee with a tablespoon (that’s three teaspoons) of coffee grounds, expect each cup to pack at least 75 grams of caffeine. But, it’s not triple the amount since not all the caffeine gets pulled out by the water.

How strong does Turkish coffee taste?

Turkish coffee packs a punch with its intense flavor. It’s rich because it includes the coffee grounds right in your cup. Plus, it has a unique bittersweet taste from the sugar that melts inside. 

How to Make Turkish Coffee at Home 

Turkish coffee being made in an Ibrik, a Turkish coffee pot

Discover how to whip up a delicious Turkish coffee at home, now that you’re familiar with its caffeine kick!

  1. Pour a cup of cold water and two teaspoons of freshly ground coffee beans into each serving.
  2. (Optional) Add a cube or heap of sugar to your coffee-and-water mixture.
  3. Place the coffee pot or saucepan on the stove and set it on low heat.
  4. Slowly stir the liquid a few times for 3-4 minutes until a dark foam forms.
  5. Remove the pot from the stove and fill half the cup with the liquid over the foam.
  6. Boil the remaining coffee for another 10-15 minutes before filling the cup to the brim.

Turkish Coffee vs Other Types of Coffee

Is Turkish coffee stronger than regular coffee? 

Turkish coffee packs a punch! It’s much stronger and has more caffeine in every sip than regular brewed coffee. In fact, each fluid ounce of Turkish coffee boasts 25 mg of caffeine, compared to the 11.8 mg you get from the same amount of regular coffee.

Did you know the caffeine kick in your coffee depends on the cup size? A standard 8-ounce drip coffee packs about 95 mg of caffeine. But, if you sip a 2.5-ounce Turkish coffee, it’s milder with only 50 mg of caffeine. Interesting, right?

A 6-ounce Turkish coffee packs about 150 mg of caffeine!

Does Turkish coffee have more caffeine than espresso?

Italian and Turkish coffees are strong, but when it comes to caffeine, espresso takes the crown.

A shot of espresso packs a punch with 63 mg of caffeine per ounce, over double what you’ll find in Turkish coffee!

Let’s talk about how much caffeine is really in your coffee. An espresso shot may seem small at just one ounce, but it packs a punch with 63 mg of caffeine. That’s even more than the 50 mg found in a slightly larger 2.5-ounce cup of Turkish coffee!

Which is more caffeinated: Turkish coffee or latte?

Turkish coffee packs more punch with 25 mg of caffeine per ounce, compared to a latte’s gentle 10 mg. Perfect for those who need an extra boost!

When you compare their caffeine kick, lattes come out on top. In a regular 12-ounce cup, a latte packs 75 mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, Turkish coffee, served in a smaller cup, delivers just 50 mg of caffeine.

Is Turkish coffee stronger than Nescafe?

No espresso machine or coffee maker? No problem! Start your day with a quick, delicious cup of Nescafe, a globally loved instant coffee brand. 

Surprisingly, a simple cup of Nescafe only packs 43.4 mg of caffeine, falling short of the punch in Turkish-style coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drink Turkish coffee every day?

Yes, you can make Turkish coffee your go-to cup every day. It has a fair share of health benefits, albeit its risk of having high sugar intake. For flavor enhancement, you can replace sugar with cinnamon or cardamom.

What kind of coffee/roast should I buy to make Turkish coffee?

If you want to stick to the traditional way of brewing Turkish coffee, you’ll need medium-roast Arabica coffee beans. The coffee grind must be extremely fine to perfect its distinct strong taste.

Can you make decaf Turkish coffee?

Yes, you can use decaffeinated beans to make Turkish coffee, but don’t expect it to be 100% caffeine-free. According to the FDA, you can still get at least 2 mg of caffeine from a whole pot of Turkish coffee.

Can you drink milk with Turkish coffee?

Milk is not traditionally added to Turkish coffee. Pouring milk or cream into your coffee will make it lose its distinct coffee flavor. 

To cut its bitterness, just add more sugar or spices. If you insist on drinking creamy coffee, you can still try other types of coffee drinks.

Can you eat Turkish coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds never fully dissolve, so it’s inevitable to consume them while sipping your cup of Turkish coffee. But rest assured that eating Turkish coffee grounds is safe, plus you can reap some health benefits from doing so.

What can you eat with Turkish coffee?

Sweets go well with intense caffeine infusion. Hence, you can pair cakes, muffins, and other decadent desserts with Turkish coffee. Having Turkish coffee with baklava on the side is also highly recommended.

What’s Next?

Sipping on Turkish coffee takes your coffee game up a notch. But here’s a secret: you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy its bold flavor. Even without a fancy coffee maker, you can whip up this strong brew at home.

Brewing coffee doesn’t have to be expensive. Discover the simple joy of making coffee on the stove and find a budget-friendly coffee maker to start your journey.

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