How to Make Cafe Bustelo: Easy Guides for Drip Coffee and More

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Wondering if you need an espresso machine for Bustelo’s espresso-style coffee? It’s easy to get mixed up, especially if you’re used to medium-ground coffee. But those fine Cafe Bustelo grounds might surprise you.

Discover the secrets of brewing Cafe Bustelo perfectly with your drip coffee maker, French Press, and Moka Pot in this guide.

How to Make Cafe Bustelo in a Drip Coffee Maker

A woman about to pour coffee from a drip coffee maker

Most home coffee machines are drip coffee makers. They come with a pot, a filter, and a place to add water. Simple and classic!

For a perfect cup of drip coffee, stick to medium-ground beans. Using very fine grounds like those in Cafe Bustelo might leave some residue at the bottom of your cup. To avoid this, consider buying whole-bean Cafe Bustelo and grinding it yourself. Check out this guide on how to grind coffee beans for the best results in your drip maker. If you’re in a rush, though, fine grounds can still work.

Brewing Cafe Bustelo in a drip coffee maker is easy and quick, getting delicious coffee to your lips in moments!

Step 1. Pour water into the coffee maker’s tank. Measure it with the coffee pot. If using a measuring cup, note that a coffee cup equals six ounces, not the usual eight.

Step 2. Now, get your coffee filter ready and put in one tablespoon of Café Bustelo for each six-ounce cup of water. Spread it out evenly. If your coffee tastes too bitter or too sour, feel free to tweak the amount of coffee to water. Keep in mind, you’re making espresso-style coffee here, so expect a rich, slightly bitter flavor.

Step 3. Just hit the brew button on your coffee maker. It’s that easy! Soon, you’ll be sipping on a delicious cup of dark-roast coffee.

How to Make Café Bustelo in a French Press

Making coffee with some of the best coffees for French press lovers.

Avoid using espresso-ground coffee in your French press. For the best experience, French press coffee requires coarse-ground beans. Finer grounds like Cafe Bustelo can slip through the filter, leaving unwanted residue in your drink and making cleanup a hassle. Stick to the right grind for a cleaner cup and easier maintenance.

Choose Bustelo in whole bean form for the best taste. With a French Press coffee grinder, grind it to the perfect coarseness. Say goodbye to muddy coffee at the bottom of your cup!

Now that you’re aware, let’s explore using Cafe Bustello grounds to brew delicious French press coffee.

Step 1: Begin by adding Café Bustelo to your French press, filling it up to the halfway mark. Remember, for every six ounces of water, mix in one tablespoon of this coffee. Since Café Bustelo packs a stronger punch than your average ground coffee, consider using a bit less to start—you’ll be surprised how far it goes! If you’re in the mood for something sweet, now’s the time to stir in some sugar or flavored syrup. This trick will give your coffee a delicious caramelized flavor once you pour in the hot water.

Step 2. Warm up your water in a pan or kettle on the stove. Aim for hot water between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply boil it and then wait a few minutes to cool slightly.

Step 3. Carefully add water to your French press, covering all the coffee grounds without causing them to splash up the sides. This trick helps you avoid a gritty cup. Give it a good stir for an even mix.

Step 4. Put the filter plunger on. Espresso brews faster! Let it steep for just 2–2.5 minutes, not the usual 4–5. It’s quicker because it’s stronger than regular coffee. If it’s too strong, try steeping for only 1 minute.

Step 5. Gently push the filter plunger down to squeeze out the coffee from the grounds. You’ll need to apply a bit more pressure than you might expect. But trust us, the delicious coffee you get will be totally worth the effort.

How To Make Café Bustelo Using a Moka Pot

A person pouring their Moka pot coffee into a mug

Cafe Bustelo is perfect if you have a Moka pot, the classic stovetop espresso maker. If you’re missing one, consider getting the Bialetti 4953. It’s a great choice for brewing delicious coffee at home.

Step 1. Add cold, filtered water below the safety valve in the bottom tank.

Step 2. Remove the funnel and add Cafe Bustelo coffee, smoothing the top. This step stops coffee grounds from mixing with your water, keeping your coffee’s flavor perfect.

Step 3. Carefully put the funnel with coffee grounds in the tank, avoiding any spills.

Step 4. Make sure the pot is screwed on tight. A loose seal means less pressure, leading to coffee that’s too strong and bitter.

Step 5. Place the pot on medium heat and wait as the coffee brews and fills the pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cafe Bustelo?

 Born from Gregorio Bustelo’s love of the Latin culture (and coffee), Café Bustelo is a Cuban-style espresso coffee that started in East Harlem in 1928. You may know it as just delicious thanks to its bold taste and aroma; it is often referred to as a “poor man’s espresso.”

What’s Next?

Brewing Café Bustelo is all about the joy in each sip. It’s your ticket to a simple, yet authentic Cuban coffee experience right at home. If Café Bustelo has won your heart, don’t stop there. Explore more fantastic Cuban coffee brands. And why not give Italian coffee brands or espresso-style beans a try too?

If Cafe Bustelo’s bitterness isn’t your cup of coffee, why not explore Costa Rican or Colombian coffee? These options are smoother and might suit your taste better. Also, consider brewing with an AeroPress or an automatic pour-over coffee maker. These gadgets are game-changers, making your coffee richer and less bitter compared to traditional drip machines.

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