Can You Make Tea in a Coffee Maker? And Is It a Good Idea?

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Even if you love coffee, sometimes you might crave tea. But is buying a water kettle worth it for those rare moments? Can a coffee maker brew a good cup of tea instead?

Did you know you can make tea with a drip coffee maker? But, if you’re all about that perfect cup of tea, there are a few drawbacks. Luckily, some coffee makers come with cool gadgets specifically for brewing tea!

Discover how to brew tea using a coffee maker! I’ll guide you through the challenges and share tips to overcome them. Let’s dive in!

How to make tea in a coffee maker

Brewing tea in a coffee maker is surprisingly easy and can be done in two ways. Before you start, make sure to thoroughly clean your coffee maker. If not, your tea might taste more like coffee!

Method 1: Brew the tea in your coffee maker

  1. Place one teabag into the brew basket (where the coffee grounds go) for each cup of tea you plan to brew. Close the lid.
  2. Use the coffee pot or a measuring cup to measure out one cup of water for each tea bag you added. Pour the water into the coffee maker’s water tank.
  3. Operate the coffee maker in the same way as you do when making coffee. In most cases, just press the power button. Once the process is complete, you will end up with a pot of tea instead of coffee.

Method 2: Heat water and then steep the tea

Did you know you can make tea with a coffee maker? It’s simple! Just skip putting anything in the coffee filter. Start it like you’re making coffee, and voilà, you get a pot of hot water. Pour it into your favorite mug, add your tea, and enjoy a cozy cup just the way you like it.

This choice takes a bit more time but it’s worth it for great coffee.

Disadvantages of Making Tea in a Coffee Maker

Using a coffee maker for tea is fast and easy, but it might not always give you the best taste.

1. Coffee flavors can invade your coffee

The first downside is all about flavor. If you often use your coffee maker for brewing coffee, your tea might end up tasting like it’s been mixed with old, stale coffee. Believe me, even for coffee fans, that’s not a good taste.

To avoid mixing flavors, give your coffee maker a good clean before brewing tea. Use a mix of vinegar and hot water to get rid of any coffee residue. It makes a big difference!

2. Your measurements won’t be accurate

Using a coffeemaker for tea has its tricky parts, like getting the right amount. Making a full pot might be easy, but what if you only want a cup or two? Figuring out the correct measurements can be a challenge.

Finding the perfect balance between tea and water can be tricky at first. It often requires a bit of experimentation to get it just right. Don’t worry if it takes a few tries to nail the perfect mix. Once you do, jot it down! That way, you’ll always know the secret to your perfect cup, without the guesswork next time.

3. The steeping time won’t be right

If you use a coffee maker for tea, you might face a problem. Different teas need certain times to steep properly, but coffee makers brew coffee quickly and stop. This can mess up your tea’s taste.

For example, if a tea needs to steep for 10 minutes, a coffee maker might not be the best choice. Why? Because if you don’t steep it long enough, your tea could taste weak or even bland. On the other hand, using a coffee maker might make your tea too strong. It’s all about finding that perfect balance! 

Warming up your water before mixing it with coffee or tea in a mug is simple and effective. No problems there! For an even better experience, try immersion coffee makers like the French press. Just remember, you’ll still need to heat your water first, so keep a kettle handy. This way, you’re all set for a delicious brew.

4. You can’t control the water temperature

Different teas need different temperatures to taste great, but many coffee machines don’t let you change the water heat. With an automatic pour-over coffee maker, you can pick the perfect temp. Without it, you’re at the mercy of the machine’s default setting.

Did you know your coffee maker heats water to about 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s perfect for brewing black, oolong, and certain herbal teas. But, it’s a bit too warm for green and white teas, as well as some other herbal teas. If you’re using your coffee maker just for heating water, simply let it cool down for a few minutes before brewing these delicate teas.

Better Coffee Makers for Brewing Tea

To tackle some challenges, picking the right coffee machine is key. Brands like Ninja and Keurig offer models that can brew both coffee and tea, giving you a better experience than using a regular drip coffee maker.

Making tea in a Ninja coffee maker

Discover the magic of new Ninja coffee makers that can brew both your morning coffee and your relaxing tea. One standout is the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, a dream machine for tea enthusiasts. It features separate baskets for coffee and tea, ensuring flavors stay pure. Plus, with its single-cup option, you can brew a fresh cup of coffee without worrying about mixing flavors from previous brews.

Their machine is special because it keeps the water temperature perfect, something cheaper coffee makers can’t do. It comes with preset options to make sure oolong, herbal, black, green, or white tea comes out just right. They’ve solved the common problems of brewing tea with a regular coffee maker, making it a game-changer for tea lovers.

Making tea in a Keurig coffee maker

Your Keurig can brew more than just coffee! There’s a wide variety of pods available, including some delicious tea flavors for easy, cozy cups of tea. But, if you love switching between coffee and tea, remember to clean your Keurig often. This keeps your tea tasting fresh and free from coffee flavors. Happy brewing!

Did you know your Keurig can also make hot water for tea? Simply run it without a pod. It’s quick and easy, perfect for tea lovers!

Fill your mug with hot water, drop in a tea bag, and voila! For loose tea lovers, grab a reusable pod. This cool gadget lets you pack it with your favorite coffee or loose tea leaves. Pop it in the Keurig, and brew away. It’s that easy!

What’s the Best Tea for a Coffee Maker?

Whether you have a Keurig or Ninja, brewing your favorite tea is easy! But remember, for other teas, paying attention to how long and at what temperature you brew them is key.

Oolong tea is great for its quick steeping in hot water. Black teas work too but might taste a bit weak because they don’t steep very long. Green teas steep quickly as well, but be careful – the hot water can make them taste bitter.

Herbal and rooibos teas need more time to steep. A drip coffee maker isn’t the best choice for these teas.

What’s Next?

While these tips can help in a hurry, for a lasting tea-making solution, consider investing in a Keurig or Ninja coffee maker. Alternatively, check out some stylish water kettles designed to make brewing your tea quicker, simpler, and more delicious.

Guess what? That tea kettle isn’t just for tea. It’s your ticket to exploring the world of pour-over coffee or diving into the AeroPress coffee maker. Both methods brew coffee that knocks the socks off regular drip coffee. Add a compact coffee grinder to the mix, and voilà! You’ve got your very own mini barista station, ready for coffee, tea, cocoa, and beyond.

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