What is McDonald’s Coffee Brand and Can You Buy It?

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McDonald’s coffee tastes surprisingly amazing for a fast-food joint. When I first sipped it, I was hooked and just had to uncover their secret to such great flavor.

Dive into the world of McDonald’s coffee with me! Discover what makes their brew stand out and learn how to whip up your own version at home. So, grab your favorite mug and let’s get started.

Where Does McDonald’s Get Their Coffee?

A McCafe coffee cup from McDonald's

McDonald’s doesn’t farm their own coffee beans. Instead, they get their coffee from famous brands, partnering with top suppliers to bring you your favorite brews. Some key McDonald’s coffee providers include:

  • Gaviña Gourmet Coffee
  • Green Mountain Coffee
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee
  • Newman’s Own Coffee

For years, Gaviña Coffee has been the go-to bean supplier for McDonald’s, crafting the unique blends that fans of McDonald’s coffee know and love.

Does McDonald’s Have Their Own Brand of Coffee?

Since 2009, McDonald’s has served its coffee as McCafe. While the suppliers have switched up, McCafe’s quality and taste have stayed reliably good. It’s a solid pick for coffee lovers!

McCafe’s great coffee taste stems from some smart decisions they made from the start.

  • Freshness: McDonald’s franchises and chains brew their coffee every 30 minutes to avoid serving stale coffee. For their espresso drinks, they go even a step further: use espresso machines that freshly grind the coffee beans for each batch, ensuring incredibly fresh coffee for every latte and cappuccino.
  • Premium coffee sources: McDonald’s uses Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans like most mainstream scale coffee brands. But they also source Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffee beans, which are known for their gourmet quality.
  • 100% Arabica: Many chains mix in the cheaper Robusta coffee beans to save money. McDonald’s uses only Arabica, the preferred type of coffee bean for premium coffee brands.
  • Medium roast only: A lot of major chains opt for dark roast coffees Dark roasts can cover up the unique flavors of the beans, resulting in every batch tasting roasty and even burnt. McDonald’s serves medium roasts which highlights the flavor of their premium beans.

Did McDonald’s Change Their Coffee in 2020?

In 2020, McDonald’s McCafe coffee got a big update. They switched to Keurig for distributing their coffee, moving away from their previous partner, Kraft Heinz.

Before 2020, Keurig was making McCafe K-Cups, and now they’ve taken over all of McDonald’s bagged and canned coffees too. So, when you pick up McDonald’s coffee from a store or online, it’s actually Keurig coffee you’re getting.

Even with new distributors, McDonald’s sticks with Gaviña beans, ensuring your coffee’s flavor remains top-notch.

Can You Buy McDonalds Coffee Beans for Home Use?

Discover a range of McCafe coffee beans, ground blends, and Keurig K-cups available on Amazon.

Image Product
McCafe Classic Collection,...image McCafe Classic Collection, Single-Serve Coffee K-Cup Pods, Classic Collection Variety Pack, 40 Count Check price
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If you haven’t tried grinding your own coffee beans yet, I highly recommend getting a budget-friendly coffee grinder and starting with whole bean McCafe coffee. McDonald’s grinds their beans fresh for a big reason: it makes their lattes and cappuccinos taste much better. Freshly ground coffee simply has a richer flavor.

Keurig K-Cups are a fantastic choice for easy coffee. They come pre-ground but are vacuum-sealed in individual pods, keeping them fresh for ages. To use them, you’ll need a Keurig machine. I recommend the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart for the best experience.

To enjoy McDonald’s coffee taste at home, consider buying Gaviña coffee over McCafe. McCafe gets beans from various places, making Gaviña’s single-source beans a more reliable pick for consistent quality.

Image Product
Café Gaviña Espresso...image Café Gaviña Espresso Roast Extra Fine Ground Coffee, 100% Arabica, (3 x 10 oz Cans) Check price
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Are Starbucks and McDonald’s Coffee the Same?

Starbucks and McDonald’s serve unique coffee flavors. Starbucks sources beans from various places and uses special espresso machines, different from McDonald’s. They favor dark roasts, while McDonald’s goes for medium.

Starbucks and McDonald’s both use beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. However, Starbucks adds a unique twist with the rich Sumatran coffee and beans from Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

What’s Next?

McDonald’s is teaming up with Keurig, and it’s no shocker. Why? Because Keurig’s compact coffee makers are super handy, almost as quick as a trip to McDonald’s. They’re perfect for any size kitchen, and Keurigs are built to last. Add in some top-notch coffee k-cups, including McCafe varieties, and you’re all set for an awesome coffee experience right at home.

Making coffee at home is great, but sometimes, you crave something stronger. That’s when I head to Starbucks for a robust cup more often than I should. Are you eager to explore new flavors? Dive into my extensive guide on different coffee drinks for your next visit.

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