Can You Make Espresso in a Ninja Coffee Maker?

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The Ninja Coffee Bar and similar Ninja Coffee Makers promise to be your go-to for fancy coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, which usually need espresso. So, the big question: can these machines actually brew espresso?

Ninja coffee makers don’t make true espresso because they lack the high pressure needed. Instead, they slow down the brewing to create a rich coffee concentrate. This concentrate can be used for lattes and more, but it won’t mimic the exact taste of espresso from a traditional machine.

In this post, I’ll dive into making Ninja’s unique coffee, teach you to whip up espresso with a Ninja Coffee Bar, and share tips for crafting espresso-like drinks.

Do Ninja Coffee Makers Make Espresso?

Ninja coffee makers can’t make true espresso. They’re designed for drip coffee, lacking the high-pressure system of espresso machines. To get real espresso, you need at least 9 bars of pressure, while the best espresso machines operate at 15 bars or more.

Ninja coffee makers aren’t just regular machines; they’re like magic wizards for your coffee! They can whip up four different coffee styles, giving you more variety than the usual drip brew. Check out the best Ninja coffee makers to explore all the options.

  • Classic
  • Rich
  • Over Ice
  • Specialty

Their specialty coffee is perfect for espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. Learn more about these coffee drinks and how to enjoy them.

Ninja’s specialty coffee packs a punch, much like espresso, but it’s brewed differently. It uses a gentle, slow method with cooler temperatures to bring out its strong flavor. While it shines as an espresso shot, it also makes a fantastic base for creamy lattes. Dive in and taste the difference!

How Do You Make Espresso in a Ninja Coffee Maker?

Creating a faux espresso with your Ninja coffee bar is simple, but you’ll need a model with the specialty brew setting. Check out my top choice in my Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker review. For those who want the best, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System boasts the most cutting-edge features among Ninja coffee makers.

Your Ninja brewer guides you to craft amazing specialty coffee, similar to espresso. Just follow these three easy steps for a perfect cup!

  1. Use two scoops from the big side of your Ninja smart scoop (4 tablespoons total). This amount may vary for some specialty drink recipes like one of my favorites: caramel macchiato.
  2. Ignore the size settings. The specialty brew button always makes a 4-ounce cup of coffee.
  3. Press the specialty button to start the brewing process.

This unlocks a world of specialty coffee for all your beloved Ninja coffee creations. The Ninja manual offers some recipes, but the internet is brimming with many more. Feel free to experiment by tweaking your favorite espresso recipes to work with Ninja’s specialty coffee. It’s a delicious adventure waiting to happen!

More Ways to Make Espresso Without an Espresso Machine

Not convinced about getting a Ninja coffee maker? Don’t worry! There are plenty of simple methods to whip up espresso-like coffee without an actual espresso machine.

AeroPress espresso

Discover the AeroPress and AeroPress Go: affordable, portable coffee makers for amazing coffee on the go. However, they require manual effort, unlike the simpler Ninja brewer. Perfect for those who love a hands-on approach!

AeroPress brewers are like mini espresso machines. They push water through coffee quickly (in just 1-2 minutes). This makes AeroPress perfect for making a quick, espresso-like coffee at home.

Got an AeroPress? Great! You can whip up a delicious, strong coffee with a simple AeroPress espresso recipe. It’s all about using finely ground coffee and flipping your AeroPress upside down. Trust us, it might even taste better than Ninja’s espresso!

The AeroPress can’t reach the 9 bars of pressure needed for true espresso, but it’s close.

Elevate your coffee game with a must-have AeroPress accessory, the Fellow Prismo filter. It swaps out the paper filter, simplifying your espresso-making journey like never before.

Moka pot stovetop espressso

Moka pots blend the magic of espresso machines with the simplicity of stovetop brewing, using steam to craft a bold cup. They’re the perfect intro to homemade espresso!

Choosing between AeroPress and Moka pot is a win-win. Each creates a bold, intense coffee at lower pressures than typical espresso machines. While the AeroPress shines for its simplicity, the Moka pot is a hit with those who adore classic espresso vibes.

French press espresso

I’ve left the least impressive for the end. Seriously, making espresso with a French press just doesn’t stack up to the other methods.

Exploring the AeroPress vs French press battle, you’ll quickly find the AeroPress shines. Why? It’s all about the pressure. The AeroPress uses higher pressure to brew, unlike the French press which needs coarser grounds and offers less pressure. If you’ve got a French press, sure, experiment with it. But for a top-notch brew, AeroPress is the way to go.

Espresso Like a Ninja

Ninja specialty coffee is a yummy choice instead of espresso. If you own a Ninja, definitely try these drinks out.

Craving authentic espresso? Unfortunately, the Ninja falls short. However, you’re in luck! You can snag a budget-friendly espresso machine for under $200. Plus, many come equipped with milk frothers, perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

Looking for an easy coffee fix? I suggest checking out Nespresso machines, particularly the Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe. These machines make coffee using high pressure like traditional espresso makers but are simpler to use. Dive into the details with my comparison of Ninja vs Nespresso to learn more.

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