Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review [2022]: Is It Worth Buying?

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Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review
The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is one of the most versatile coffee makers out there, and it makes absolutely delicious coffee. There’s a lot to love about this machine, assuming the size doesn’t bother you.
Coffee quality
Ease of use
Value for money
What’s Good?
Makes amazingly delicious coffee
Very customizable brew options
Both single-serve coffee and carafe brewing
Very easy to use and clean
What’s Bad?
Bulkier than a basic machine
Specialty drink setting does not make real espresso


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The Ninja Coffee Bar revolutionized coffee making. It showed that coffee fans could enjoy a versatile, easy-to-use machine that makes delicious coffee, all without spending a fortune.

Ninja stopped making the Coffee Bar, but they’re still innovating with new drip coffee machines.

Today, I’m diving into the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, a fantastic choice for coffee lovers. We’ll explore its taste, standout features, sleek design, and if it’s a good value for your money. Ready to discover how Ninja is changing the game in the coffee scene? Let’s get started!

Coffee Quality

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker brews incredible coffee, rivaling any type of coffee machine out there. It’s a game-changer for drip coffee lovers!

The Ninja coffee maker is more than your usual drip machine. It’s not just about the cool features (we’ll dive into those later). What sets it apart is how it brews coffee. It’s designed to enhance the flavor like an automatic pour-over coffee maker does, giving you an exceptional cup every time.

Ninja coffee makers boast a special feature called thermal flavor extraction technology. Sounds fancy, right? It simply means they fine-tune the brewing process to perfection. They adjust how the coffee blooms, the heat of the water, and how much the coffee grounds soak up the water. These tweaks make a big difference in how your coffee tastes and smells.

Ninja makes it easy to get a perfect cup of coffee every time, without any effort from you. Whether you crave a simple cup of joe or a fancy macchiato, this machine delivers both convenience and top-notch quality. It’s rare to find a coffee maker that does it all, but Ninja truly stands out.


The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker stands out as a significant step up from their basic model, the Ninja CE251. This mid-level brewer comes in two styles: the Ninja CM401 and the Ninja CM407. While both versions share many features, there are some key differences I’ll highlight. Whether you’re new to coffee or looking to upgrade, this machine offers something exciting for everyone.

Brew strength controls

I love how Ninja coffee makers put you in charge of your brew. Unlike many machines where you only decide on the coffee and water ratio, Ninja lets you tweak more. Lately, some machines, inspired by the Keurig strong button, offer a choice for a bolder cup. But with Ninja, it’s all about making your coffee, your way.

Ninja’s Specialty Coffee Maker offers four unique brewing styles.

  • Classic
  • Rich
  • Over Ice
  • Specialty

Classic coffee is your everyday brew. If you find it a bit weak, try Rich for a bolder taste and more caffeine. Love iced coffee? Go for Over Ice. It’s brewed extra strong so it stays flavorful, even as the ice melts. Perfect for keeping your cool drink delicious!

Specialty coffee is perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. While it’s not exactly espresso, it’s one of the top alternatives if you’re not ready to invest in an espresso machine yet.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System stands out! It not only makes cold brew but also lets you enjoy five different tea flavors.

Brew sizes

The Specialty Coffee Maker is a game-changer, blending the best of single-serve and carafe brewing. It offers six different brew sizes for your perfect cup.

  • Cup
  • XL Cup
  • Travel Mug
  • XL Multi-Serve
  • Half Carafe
  • Full Carafe

When talking about coffee sizes, it’s tricky! They change a lot because of how strong the brew is. For example, a regular coffee might be 9.6 ounces, but a stronger, specialty coffee could be just 3.1 ounces.

Built-in milk frother

I was really taken aback by this find! Aside from classic espresso machines and fancy Nespresso models, it’s rare to discover a coffee maker that boasts its own hidden frother. Yet, for whipping up a latte, flat white, or any other special coffee treat, having this tool is essential.

The frother is super simple to use and tucks away neatly when not in use. Though it doesn’t warm up your milk, we can’t expect it to do everything, right?

Water reservoir

The Specialty Coffee Maker’s water tank fits 50 ounces, perfect for making 10 cups of coffee – a standard size.

Just like its siblings, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker boasts a detachable water tank. This feature is a game-changer for easy refills and cleaning. Trust me, being able to remove the reservoir makes a world of difference in keeping mold and hard water stains at bay.

Coffee carafe and warming plate

The only difference between the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker models is the carafe and heating plate.

The CM401 features a 50-ounce glass carafe warmed by a clever heating plate. Meanwhile, the CM407 offers a 50-ounce thermal carafe, eliminating the need for a heating plate.

If you mostly choose smaller brew sizes, a thermal carafe won’t add much value. You’ll be pouring your fresh brew directly into your cup or travel mug anyway.

When making a lot of coffee, choose a thermal carafe like the Ninja’s stainless-steel one. It keeps your coffee warm for hours without extra heat. This is key because using a hot plate or microwave can turn your coffee bitter and burnt. So, if you’re not drinking it all in 30 minutes, go thermal to enjoy hot, tasty coffee longer.

Choosing a glass carafe coffee maker? Here’s a neat trick it has up its sleeve. Most coffee makers have a heating plate that’s always on full blast. That’s great for a full pot but too hot for just a cup or two, making your coffee taste burnt. Ninja’s smart heating plate changes the game. It senses how much coffee you’ve got left and adjusts the heat just right. No more burnt coffee, just perfect warmth every time. Isn’t that cool?

Other features

Say goodbye to paper filters with the Ninja coffee maker! It includes a reusable metal mesh filter, reducing waste. But, if you love paper cone filters, no problem! Just remove the permanent filter and swap in your favorite. Perfect for beginner coffee lovers looking to make a greener choice.

Can’t wait for your coffee? No problem! With the drip stop feature, just flip the switch at the bottom of the brew basket. This lets you pour a cup mid-brew. Flip it back, and your coffee keeps brewing. Perfect for impatient coffee lovers!

The Ninja coffee maker comes packed with cool features for your morning brew. Hit the delay brew button to have fresh coffee wake you up. Plus, you can set the hot plate to keep your coffee warm for up to four hours. Perfect for those who love lingering over their cup!

Ease of Use and Cleaning

The Ninja coffee maker might look complicated with all its buttons and knobs. It’s not as straightforward as a one-button machine. Yet, I found it surprisingly easy to use. You might too!

The control panel is super easy to use. Just hit the start button and your coffee will be ready soon! Want to mix things up? Changing your coffee’s style and size is a breeze. All the options are straightforward, making it simple to enjoy your perfect cup every time.

The Ninja coffee maker is amazing because it’s so easy to use, thanks to its thermal flavor extraction technology. This smart system handles the tricky parts of brewing for you, making delicious coffee a breeze.

Let’s dive into cleaning. Good news – every part of the Ninja that can be taken off is safe to pop into the dishwasher, making tidying up a breeze. Just give the main body a quick wipe if there are any spills. That’s pretty much all you need for daily clean-up.

Just like any coffee machine, your Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker needs a clean-up every month or two. This involves flushing it with a mix of white vinegar or a special cleaning solution. Don’t worry, the Ninja manual offers clear, easy-to-follow steps on how to do this.

I adore the handy clean button that lights up, telling you it’s time to descale your machine. It makes maintenance a breeze, no more guessing!

Design and Build Quality

Packing a ton of features, this coffee machine isn’t small. It measures 12.0 x 8.8 x 15.0 inches, so it’s pretty bulky. Plus, if you’re planning to use its built-in frother, make sure to spare some extra space on one side.

Ninja cleverly designed this coffee machine to fit your space better. With a folding frother and a neat place to hang the smart scoop, your tools are always ready but never in the way. Plus, the brew basket swings out, making filter removal easy, especially if you’re placing the machine under a low cabinet. Perfect for keeping your kitchen tidy!

The Ninja coffee maker is built to impress. It combines stainless steel with sleek black and clear plastic, making it both strong and stylish. While there have been a few rare issues with leaks or brewing problems, they’re not common. I really had to dig to find any complaints. All in all, it’s a top-notch machine that stands out for its quality. 

At 12 pounds, with the carafe, it’s quite light considering all the features it packs.

Value for Money

The Ninja’s top-notch coffee justifies its cost. Sure, you can find less expensive coffee makers, but Ninja aimed to create a game-changer, not just a budget machine.

Let’s dive deeper: This isn’t just any drip coffee maker. Its automated blooming and extraction features put it on par with automatic pour-over machines. Yet, its specialty brew option aims to take the place of traditional espresso machines. Plus, in terms of ease of use, it’s only outmatched by Keurig machines and similar pod-based brewers.

Given all this, the Ninja truly deserves top marks for its value. They’ve really earned it.

Should You Buy the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker?

Absolutely, yes! The Ninja coffee maker isn’t just any coffee machine. It beats the traditional drip coffee makers by miles in terms of coffee quality and cool features. Plus, it’s super easy to use, unlike those complicated machines out there. Perfect for coffee lovers looking to step up their game!

So who shouldn’t get the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker?

If you love espresso, a specialty brew might not hit the spot for you. Consider getting a budget-friendly espresso machine instead. Or, if you enjoy both coffee and espresso, check out the Nespresso VertuoPlus.

If your kitchen is tight on space, the Ninja might not be the best fit unless you really need to brew a whole carafe. Instead, consider a single-serve coffee maker like the compact AeroPress or a smaller Keurig model. My top pick? The Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart. Perfect for cozy kitchens!

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a great choice for most coffee lovers.

ninja specialty coffee maker review

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