Real Good Coffee Review 2022: Should You Try It?

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Real Good Coffee Co Review
Real Good Coffee may be an understatement. Their coffee are consistently flavorful, whether you are looking for a light or French roast. Their blends are as simple as their packaging, and that’s a real good thing.
Value for money
Delicious coffee blends
Offers whole bean, K-cups and Nespresso pods
Has a subscription program
Recyclable packaging
No single-origin coffees
Only 2-pound bags for whole bean


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Three different Real Good Coffee Company blends being unboxed

Real Good Coffee Company keeps it simple, from their plain packaging to their straightforward name. They believe their coffee’s flavor is all the talk it needs. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out if Real Good Coffee truly stands out.

I sampled three amazing blends from Real Good Coffee Co. and I’m excited to share my thoughts! In this review, I’ll dive into their coffee’s variety, quality, and how they’re committed to sustainability.

Spoiler alert: I’ll definitely be placing another order.

Coffee Variety

Whole bean blends

Real Good Coffee offers five exciting flavors: Light, Medium, French Roast, Organic Dark, and Decaf Medium. Something for every coffee lover!

Discover the light and zesty Breakfast Blend, a coffee that dances with flavors of citrus, milk chocolate, and cream. For a richer experience, try the Donut Shop medium roast, where sweet plum meets the cozy warmth of hazelnut and brown sugar.

If you’re new to this, a French roast is even darker than the usual dark roast. Real Good’s version embraces this, offering bold dark chocolate and raspberry flavors, a touch of anise, and a deep, rich taste.

Their organic coffee stands out with its dark roast, not French, but equally bold and rich. It surprises your taste buds with cedar, bell pepper, and lemon flavors. Then, there’s the decaf medium roast, a smooth blend that combines dark chocolate and caramel with a touch of creaminess.

Keurig K-cup pods

Real Good Coffee’s blends come in Keurig-friendly pods, perfect for any Keurig machine. Enjoy hassle-free brewing!

Explore a variety pack with favorites like the breakfast blend, donut shop, French roast, and organic dark roast. Just note, it’s all caffeinated – no decaf option in this mix!

Nespresso compatible pods

Finally, let’s talk about Real Good Coffee’s Nespresso-compatible capsules. Remember, these capsules fit only in Original Nespresso machines, not the Vertuo ones. Make sure to know which Nespresso machine model you own before purchasing these pods.

Real Good offers five Nespresso pod flavors: from strong to strongest, plus organic and decaf. You can also try a mix in their variety pack, minus the decaf.

Discover the charm of a medium roast that hits a 4 on the Nespresso scale. It’s smooth yet lively, blending tangy and creamy tastes with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Discover the boldness of a dark roast rated 7 on the Nespresso intensity scale – right in the middle! It boasts a smooth, slightly tart flavor, infused with hints of flowers, nuts, lemon, and grapefruit. Perfect for exploring new tastes!

The Strongest dark roast scores a 10 on the Nespresso intensity scale, making it incredibly bold, though not the strongest Nespresso pod available. It boasts a spicy, clean, and woody taste with hints of butter, spices, and chocolate, perfect for those who love a robust cup.

These organic pods pack a punch with a dark roast and hit a 10 on the Nespresso intensity scale. Enjoy deep flavors of berry and smoke for a rich, lasting taste.

Decaf coffee, similar to a medium roast, packs a punch with an intensity of 7. It delights with a nutty flavor, creamy finish, and hints of dark chocolate and caramel.

Coffee Quality

How I tested the coffee

For each coffee tasting, I started with beans freshly ground in my Oxo burr grinder to ensure peak flavor. Using my AeroPress coffee maker gave me full control over the brewing, perfect for experimenting. I made a standard cup and an AeroPress espresso, which I then turned into an Americano, for each type of roast.

Real Good Coffee being brewed in an AeroPress coffee maker

How good is the coffee?

Real Good Coffee Co is all about blends, and that’s their only focus. If you’re looking for single-origin roasts, you won’t find them here. At first, this bummed me out, but I didn’t let it deter me from giving their coffee a try.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Real Good Coffee’s French roast is incredibly tasty and totally free of bitterness. This is because they exclusively use 100% Arabica beans, unlike the typical Arabica/Robusta mix found in many Espresso blends.

I usually skip French roasts, preferring the lighter touch of medium or light roasts in my daily cup. Only a handful of dark roasts make the cut, specifically from brands like Illy and Lavazza. However, Real Good Coffee’s French roast surprised me so much, I had to double-check the package to believe it.

Definitely give the French roast AeroPress espresso a shot! The Donut Shop blend shines in both drip and espresso forms, making it the top choice for your drip coffee adventures.

The Breakfast Blend was good but could be tastier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the top light roast blends I’ve tried recently.

Crafting a delicious light roast blend is tricky. Light roasts aim to highlight the bean’s distinct taste, which shines brightest in single-origin roasts. It’s all about capturing that unique flavor profile.

Prefer a gentler cup? Start with a light roast for a milder flavor.

When picking Real Good K-cups, try the Donut Shop or French Roast first. K-cups can taste mild, and even using your Keurig’s strong setting might not help much. The Breakfast Blend could end up being too light for your liking.

Why not grab a variety pack and taste every flavor?

Packaging quality and freshness

Real Good Coffee delivers beans that are freshly roasted, packed in special bags that keep almost all the oxygen out. They promise that even when you order from Amazon, you’ll get your coffee no more than 30 days after it’s been roasted.

The packaging for these whole beans is simple yet clever. It seals back up just like a Ziploc, keeping your coffee fresh. Plus, a special valve lets air out but keeps staleness away.

The inside of a bag of Real Good Coffee Company Coffee

To keep your coffee beans fresh, a vacuum-sealed container is best. However, Real Good Coffee Company bags are a top-notch choice, outdoing most bags you’ll find at the grocery store.

Ethics and Sustainability

Real Good Coffee Company cares deeply about the planet, ensuring their coffee is grown, sourced, and packaged in eco-friendly ways. They bring you delicious beans from Central and South America, perfectly roasted in Seattle, WA, USA.

While not every blend is organic, there’s a USDA-certified organic option available in whole bean, Nespresso pod, and K-cup formats.

Real Good Coffee says it pays fair prices for beans, yet their coffees don’t have the Fair Trade certification.

This coffee comes in eco-friendly, recyclable kraft bags with a special lining to keep it fresh. Unlike many brands, these bags use less plastic. Plus, their K-cups and Nespresso pods are 100% recyclable, making them a green choice for coffee lovers.

Real Good Coffee's Donut Shop blend, showing the recyclable packaging

Value for Money

Real Good Coffee sells 2-pound whole bean bags for around $30, similar in price to other high-quality brands like Koffee Kult and Kicking Horse.

High-quality single-origin coffees, such as those from Volcanica Coffee, can cost over $20 for a pound. That’s 50% more than what you’d pay for Real Good Coffee’s blends.

Nespresso pods and Keurig K-cups usually cost between 54 to 66 cents each, which is what you’d expect to pay for off-brand Nespresso OriginalLine capsules. You can find some for as cheap as 30 cents, but beware, their quality often isn’t great. K-cups prices can differ a lot, yet this range is a steal for a top-notch coffee brand.

Dive into the world of coffee and save money too! With Real Good Coffee Company, you can enjoy a subscription that delivers your favorite brews right to your door. Choose how often you want it – weekly or every 12 weeks. Plus, you’ll get a 5% discount compared to regular prices. Happy sipping!

Should You Buy Real Good Coffee?

Discover the magic of Real Good Coffee Co.’s blends! Perfect for those who love great-tasting coffee without the hefty price tag. Give it a try!

This coffee brand might not suit everyone. With few choices and no single-origin options, it might disappoint some third-wave coffee enthusiasts.

Real Good Coffee isn’t for those who grab their coffee from grocery store aisles. If your heart is set on flavored coffees, you’ll need to search elsewhere. And for fans of pre-ground coffee, it’s time to master how to grind coffee beans before placing your first order with Real Good Coffee.

real good coffee review