The 14 Unique Types of Coffee Drinkers [GIFs]

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Did you know there are 14 types of coffee lovers? Chances are, you’ve been a few of them on your coffee adventure. How many can you recognize in yourself or your friends? Let’s dive in and discover!

The Casual Caffeine Consumer

casual coffee drinker

Meet the everyday coffee lover – your average Joe. They enjoy their drip coffee but are open to trying new flavors too. They might add cream and sugar, or even a splash of flavored creamer. Sometimes, they even go for a flavored coffee. Perfect for those just diving into the coffee world!

Coffee might not be the day’s highlight, but it sure adds a cozy touch when it’s around. While they can kick off their day without it, having coffee definitely speeds things up.

The Average Accelerant Addict

coffee addict

Is the coffee addict drinking to get through the day, or is their life all about their next coffee fix? Really, it’s hard to tell the difference now. They might enjoy a dash of cream or sugar, but they’re just as happy to drink it black. Give them a cup of coffee, and you’re instantly their favorite person. But, deny them their caffeine fix, and watch out – they won’t answer for what happens next.

The Sweet Syrupy Sipper

sweet coffee

Do you love your coffee sweet and flavorful? Meet The Sipper. They’re all about caramel, mocha, chocolate, cloud, and vanilla in their cup. For them, coffee is just a way to enjoy a rainbow of tastes. And guess what? They’re not shy to say it’s true!

They love experimenting with heavy whipping cream in their coffee or even frothing their creamer for that extra rich and sweet taste.

The Stubbornly Steadfast Snob


Hey coffee lover! You’re the type who only settles for the best, right? Mediocre coffee just doesn’t cut it for you. You’ve got your go-to brand and can’t help but cringe at the thought of Starbucks or lesser brews.

The Precision Pour-over Purist

pour over coffee

Pour-over coffee is unbeatable for true coffee lovers. The Purist swears by it, mastering every recipe and ditching traditional drip brewers for an automatic pour-over coffee maker. They live by the motto: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Even if that means spending seven minutes crafting the perfect cup.

The Insistent Instant Individual

instant coffee

Who has 7 minutes to wait for coffee? Not many, that’s for sure. While some coffee lovers might turn their noses up at instant coffee, there are those who prioritize speed over everything else. For them, instant coffee is king, unless, of course, an even quicker option comes along.

The Definitive Decaf Drinker 

decaf coffee

The Drinker knows that great coffee doesn’t have to make you jittery. They might be sensitive to caffeine or not want the buzz at all. Despite some coffee lovers looking down on them, similar to those who prefer instant coffee, the Drinker stays true to their choice. After all, a little caffeine might just make the judgment from others more nerve-wracking.

The Single-minded Starbucks Subscriber

starbucks drinker

Explore the coffee galaxy! A Subscriber is someone who’s not just a regular at their favorite Starbucks but is on a first-name basis with the baristas. They’re your go-to for the newest drinks and even those hidden gems on the Starbucks secret menu. Impress them with a Starbucks gift card, and you’ll be their new best friend.

The Evolved Espresso Eagletonian

espresso drinker

If you’re a fan of “Parks and Rec,” you might remember the Eagletonians. They thought they were superior and split from their town. Imagine them as coffee lovers, but with a twist. For them, espresso isn’t just any coffee; it’s the only coffee worth drinking. In their eyes, anything else is just plain sludge. They believe they’re in a league of their own when it comes to coffee.

The Calculating Capsule Collector


The Collector loves their Keurig or Nespresso, with a stash of capsules ready to go. They’re experts on the strongest coffee k-cups and the best Nespresso pods. Share your coffee preference, and they’ll quickly suggest the perfect pod, hoping to welcome you into the convenience of their single-serve coffee universe.

The Serious Siphon Scientist


The Scientist loves coffee deeply, mastering the art of grinding beans. Their passion goes beyond just making a cup.

Their coffee machine might seem like it’s straight out of a cartoon, but trust me, it brews incredible coffee. Get to know the Coffee Scientist and respect their craft. You wouldn’t want them to turn your coffee experience into a “Breaking Bad” episode!

The Ardent AeroPress Advertiser


As soon as the Advertiser tried their AeroPress, everyone from their friends to their social media followers heard about it. They were instantly addicted to that first delicious cup and couldn’t wait to share their excitement. Discovering the AeroPress espresso recipe was a game-changer, making it their favorite topic. For the Advertiser, traditional coffee methods are a thing of the past; they’ve found their new passion in the AeroPress, and there’s no turning back.

The Curious Cafe Cataloger

cafe cataloger

Meet the Cataloger – your ultimate coffee shop guide. They’ve got the scoop on the top spots for coffee in their city and beyond. Thinking about where to grab your next brew? Ask them. Sure, they might not be experts in making coffee or tell a percolator from a Moka pot, but when it comes to discovering the world’s finest baristas, they’re your go-to. Trust their picks for an unforgettable coffee experience.

The Entirely Ethical Evangelist

ethical evangelist

The Evangelist is passionate about their coffee’s quality and the well-being of the farmers behind it. They only have eyes for espresso beans that are shade-grown and carry the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade seals of approval. For them, paying a bit more is a small price for a brighter world. Suggesting anything less? That’s a battle you’re bound to lose. They’re on a mission to make a difference, one cup at a time.

The Altogether Awakened Adventurer


The Adventurer lives by a simple motto: life’s too short for bad coffee or dull company. They’re always on the hunt for the next great cup, eager to explore coffees from new places or experiment with different ways to brew them. For them, coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s an adventure. They dream of sipping on all the unique and tailor-made coffees out there. In their eyes, the ultimate coffee experience is always just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.

The Confident Coffee Connoisseur

coffee master

At first sight, you might confuse the Connoisseur with the Snob. But take a closer look, and you’ll see the Connoisseur is a step up from other coffee lovers. They’re not snobby, they’re experts. They understand how tweaking your coffee-to-water ratio, adjusting the brewing temperature, and changing the brewing method can transform your cup of coffee. Plus, they’re pros at picking out the top beans from around the world.

A Coffee Connoisseur isn’t born; they’re made through experience. These experts truly know their coffee, and both casual drinkers and avid fans can learn a lot from them. The exciting news? You can become one too! If you’re sipping on coffee at this moment, you’re already on your journey. Keep going! 

What Type of Coffee Drinker Are You?

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