Making Coffee

Learn the best, simplest, and most cost-effective ways to make high-quality coffee — whether you want stronger black coffee or a fun, new latte.

Keurig K-Classic vs K-Select: Which is better?

Choosing the perfect Keurig comes down to just a handful of features. In this article, we’ll look at all of…

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Can you brew whole bean coffee? (Without grinding it)

Have you ever forgotten your coffee grinder on a trip or accidentally bought whole beans instead of pre-ground coffee? You…

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Iced coffee vs iced latte: know your cold joe

Iced coffee and iced latte are satisfying beverages for hot and cold seasons. Unfortunately, many people still think that these…

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AeroPress vs French press: Which manual coffee maker is better?

Manual coffee makers offer a cheaper, more versatile and fun, and often higher-quality alternative to standard drip coffee. They were…

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Latte vs mocha: Is the difference obvious?

Sometimes, sipping black coffee all the time can be boring. If you want something sweeter and milder for a change,…

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Can you grind coffee beans in a blender?

When your coffee grinder decides to die at eight in the morning, you need a backup plan. There has to…

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Buttermilk in coffee: is it worth it?

Milk has always been the staple add-on for coffee. It softens the strong and bitter flavor of coffee and makes…

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Cortado vs flat white: which espresso drink is right for you?

An espresso shot is a go-to coffee for people in dire need of caffeine. But if you’re not strong enough…

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