Keurig K-Elite vs K-Supreme Plus: Which Is Better? [2022]

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Discovering your ideal Keurig is all about a few key features. Let’s dive into the unique aspects of the Keurig K-Elite and K-Supreme Plus in this article.

Quick Comparison: K-Elite vs K-Supreme Plus

Important Keurig Features

Cup size selection

Explore the world of Keurig coffee with up to five single-serving cup sizes, from cozy 4 ounces to generous 12 ounces. But, if you own one of the compact models like the K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, or K-Slim, there’s no need to choose a size. Simply fill the water reservoir, and these clever machines will brew the perfect amount of coffee for you.

Discover the world of Keurig coffee makers! All models use the same pod size, affecting your coffee’s taste. Enjoy rich flavors up to an 8-ounce cup. At 10 ounces, the coffee starts to lose its strength, and by 12 ounces, it’s too weak for those who love their coffee bold and full-flavored.

Drip coffee and carafe

The K-Duo Keurigs are amazing! Not only can they make single cups of coffee, but they can also brew a whole carafe of drip coffee. Choose from 8, 10, or 12 cups at a go. Plus, except for the K-Essentials, you can even opt for 6 cups. Perfect for any coffee need!

The K-Duo and K-Duo Essentials come with a classic glass carafe, just like the ones you see on many drip coffee makers. But, the K-Duo Plus is a bit different – it boasts a stainless-steel thermal carafe. This special carafe keeps your coffee hot for hours, without that burnt taste you get when coffee sits too long on a warmer.

Water tank

Every Keurig comes with a water tank, but their sizes differ. Smaller models like the K-Mini and K15 hold enough for just one cup, while bigger ones like the K-Supreme Plus can make up to 9 regular cups or 13 small cups before needing a refill. Perfect for any coffee need!

Newer Keurig models come with detachable water tanks, making refills a breeze. Plus, you can easily wash the reservoir in your sink, keeping your coffee taste fresh!

The K-Supreme and K-Duo Plus coffee makers come with a cool feature: you can move their water tank to the side or back. Perfect for small kitchens, it gives you flexibility in fitting the brewer just right on your countertop.

Strong button

Old Keurigs often brewed weak coffee. Luckily, newer models improved, but for those craving a bolder cup, Keurig introduced the strong button for a richer taste.

Pressing the strong button adds about 30 seconds to your coffee’s brew time. This extra moment lets the water soak up more oils, acids, and sugars from the coffee grounds, making your cup taste way more delicious.

This feature is essential for drip coffee lovers.

Temperature control

Keurig machines usually brew coffee at 192 degrees Fahrenheit, but some fancy versions like the K-Elite and K-Supreme Plus let you adjust the temperature a bit. For the K-Elite, you can choose between 187 and 192 degrees. The K-Supreme Plus also has this feature, but it doesn’t tell you the exact temperatures.

This feature adds a nice touch for certain drinks, though most people might not find it very useful.

Iced coffee

Turning hot coffee into iced coffee by simply pouring it over ice might seem easy, but beware – it often leads to a diluted, weak flavor. Not even using the ‘strong’ setting on a Keurig can combat the ice’s diluting power.

The K-Elite and all K-Supreme models offer a cool iced coffee feature for your summer sips.

Just like the special iced coffee button on top Ninja coffee machines, this cool feature makes your coffee hot and strong. Why? So when you add ice, your coffee stays delicious and rich, not watered down. Perfect for a tasty iced coffee treat!

Lattes and cappuccinos

The Keurig K-Cafe and K-Latte machines are perfect for coffee lovers! They can make delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and regular coffee. Plus, they come with a milk frother – stainless steel for the K-Cafe and non-stick plastic for the K-Latte.

They use regular k-cup pods and you can froth any milk type with their frothers.

MultiStream technology

Keurig’s new MultiStream technology is taking coffee taste and strength to the next level, making it their biggest upgrade since introducing the strong brew option.

Keurigs use pressure to push water through the middle of a k-cup. But, coffee on the edges doesn’t always get fully brewed. This means you might miss out on some tasty flavors left in the pod.

MultiStream technology changes the game by sending several streams of water into the coffee pod. This method covers the whole inside, making sure every bit of coffee is used up. The result? A richer, more delicious cup of coffee every time.

Switching from a traditional coffee maker? Try brewers like K-Supreme or K-Supreme Plus with MultiStream technology. They’ll elevate your coffee game more than other Keurigs.

Fits travel mug

Older Keurig machines had a problem – they couldn’t fit your travel mug under the nozzle. Good news! Every new Keurig model now lets you brew your coffee right into your travel mug.


Most Keurigs now come with a handy auto-off feature. It turns off the machine to save power, either 5 minutes or 2 hours after use, based on the model.

Keurig K-Elite

The Keurig K-Elite is a step up from the K-Classic and K-Select, offering more for your coffee experience. When you look at the Keurig K-Elite vs K-Select, it’s clear that while the K-Select might save you money, the K-Elite shines with its bigger water tank, an extra 4-ounce cup option, and the cool feature of temperature control for your perfect brew.

Discover the iced coffee setting! It brews hotter, stronger coffee perfect for chilling over ice without losing its rich flavor.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus

The K-Supreme Plus stands out because it doesn’t just upgrade – its water tank is set in one spot, unlike the K-Supreme’s flexible tank.

The K-Supreme Plus steps up the coffee game with some cool upgrades. It doesn’t just have a strong button; it offers three brew strength choices to match your taste. Plus, you can pick from three brew temperatures to get your coffee just right. It also boasts the biggest water tank among Keurigs, holding 12 ounces more than the K-Supreme. And, you get an extra 4-ounce cup size for more brewing flexibility.

Final Verdict

The K-Supreme Plus boosts your coffee game with better taste and a bigger, easy-to-remove water tank, outshining the K-Elite and other Keurigs. It’s sleeker and more compact, though the K-Elite is a bit less deep. If style isn’t your main concern, the K-Supreme Plus is definitely the top choice for coffee lovers.

Looking for a top-notch coffee maker? The K-Elite and K-Supreme Plus are great, but for something even more high-tech, check out the K-Supreme Plus Smart. If you’re on a budget, the K-Mini Plus or K-Slim are fantastic, affordable picks.

keurig k elite vs k supreme plus

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