Keurig K-Express vs K-Compact: Which Is Better? [2022]

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Picking the right Keurig is easy once you know a few key features. Let’s dive into the differences between the Keurig K-Express and K-Compact in this article.

Quick Comparison: K-Express vs K-Compact

Important Keurig Features

Cup size selection

Discover the variety of Keurig coffee cup sizes! Depending on your machine, you can choose from up to five sizes, from a tiny 4 ounces to a large 12 ounces. But, if you own one of the smaller models like the K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, or K-Slim, there’s no size selector. Simply, the amount of coffee it brews depends on how much water you pour into the tank.

Discover the world of Keurig coffee makers! Each model uses the same pod size, but the amount of water you choose can change your coffee’s taste. A perfect brew hits at 8 ounces, keeping flavors rich and satisfying. Go beyond, to 10 ounces, and your coffee might start to taste a bit weak. At 12 ounces, only those who like their coffee really light might be happy. Stick to smaller sizes for the best experience!

Drip coffee and carafe

Discover the versatility of the K-Duo Keurigs! Not only can they whip up a quick single-serve coffee, but they can also brew a full carafe of delicious drip coffee. Choose from brewing 8, 10, or 12 cups at once. Plus, except for the K-Essentials, you can even opt for 6 cups. Perfect for any coffee need!

The K-Duo and K-Duo Essentials come with a glass carafe, just like the ones you see on regular drip coffee makers. But the K-Duo Plus is a bit different – it has a stainless-steel thermal carafe. This special carafe keeps your coffee warm for hours, without that burnt taste you get when coffee sits too long on a warmer.

Water tank

Every Keurig comes with a water tank, but their sizes differ. Smaller models like the K-Mini and K15 hold enough for one cup, while bigger ones like the K-Supreme Plus can make up to 9 regular cups or 13 small cups before needing a refill. Perfect for every coffee lover’s need!

Newer Keurig models come with detachable water tanks, making them super easy to refill. Plus, you can easily wash the tank right in your sink for cleaner coffee.

The K-Supreme and K-Duo Plus coffee makers come with a cool feature: you can move their water tank to the side or back. This is great for small kitchens, giving you flexibility in fitting the brewer just right.

Strong button

Old Keurigs didn’t brew strong coffee. The latest models, however, offer better taste. For those craving an even bolder cup, Keurig introduced the strong button.

When you press the strong button, it takes the brewing about 30 seconds longer. This extra time lets the water soak up more oils, acids, and sugars from the coffee grounds, making your cup much tastier.

This feature is essential for drip coffee lovers.

Temperature control

Most Keurigs heat your coffee to 192 degrees Fahrenheit. But, if you have a fancy model like the K-Elite or K-Supreme Plus, you can adjust the temperature a bit. For the K-Elite, you can choose between 187 and 192 degrees. The K-Supreme Plus also lets you change the heat, but it doesn’t tell you the exact temperatures. 

This feature adds a nice touch for certain drinks, but most people might not find it very useful.

Iced coffee

Turning hot coffee into iced coffee by just adding ice might seem easy, but it often ends up too weak. Sadly, even using the strong brew option on a Keurig doesn’t prevent it from getting watered down by the ice.

The K-Elite and K-Supreme models all feature a cool iced coffee option!

Just like the special iced coffee option on top-notch Ninja coffee machines, this cool feature makes your coffee hotter and stronger than usual. Why? So when you add ice, your coffee still tastes rich and full-flavored, giving you the perfect iced coffee experience.

Lattes and cappuccinos

The Keurig K-Cafe and K-Latte machines are your go-to for brewing not just regular coffee, but delicious lattes and cappuccinos too! Each comes with a handy milk frother – stainless steel for the K-Cafe and non-stick plastic for the K-Latte.

They use regular k-cup pods and the frothers work with all milk types.

MultiStream technology

Keurig’s new MultiStream technology boosts coffee strength and flavor, marking its most significant upgrade since introducing the strong brew button.

Keurigs push water through the k-cup’s middle, often missing the edges. This means some delicious coffee flavor gets left behind, not making it into your cup. It’s a case of missed coffee potential!

MultiStream technology revolutionizes your coffee experience by using several water streams to soak the coffee pod evenly. This means every bit of coffee gets used, giving you a cup that’s richer and bursting with flavor.

Switching from a traditional coffee maker? Try the K-Supreme series with MultiStream technology. They’re designed to enhance your coffee experience, offering a richer taste than other Keurigs.

Fits travel mug

Older Keurig machines couldn’t fit your travel mug underneath, but that’s history! Now, every new Keurig model lets you brew your coffee right into your travel mug. No fuss, no mess.


Most Keurigs now come with a cool auto-off feature. It turns off the machine to save power, either 5 minutes or 2 hours after use, depending on the model.

Keurig K-Express

The Keurig K-Express keeps it simple and compact, skipping fancy features for a budget-friendly price. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable options if you love a strong brew.

Unlike the K-Classic, it features a detachable water tank, making refills and cleaning a breeze.

Keurig K-Compact

The Keurig K-Compact is a special brewer you can mostly find at Walmart, but it’s also available on Amazon. It looks a lot like a slimmer Keurig K-Elite or K-Select, but with a tinier water tank that you can take off.

Final Verdict

The K-Express shines in small kitchens thanks to its slim design. It’s perfect for those who drink lots of coffee, with a big water tank. Plus, the strong brew button is a game-changer, making you forget it doesn’t have a six-ounce cup option.

If you’re just starting with Keurig machines, you might know the K-Express and K-Compact. They’re pretty basic. But, if you’re after something small that still makes a great cup of coffee and offers cool features, take a look at the K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus. Want to level up? The K-Supreme Plus Smart is Keurig’s latest smart brewer and it’s worth checking out!

keurig k express vs k compact

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