Which Keurig Do I Have? How to Find Your Model and Serial Number

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When you purchase your Keurig maker, your focus is entirely on making your first cup of coffee. You aren’t thinking about things like jotting down the serial number or your Keurig’s model number.

Keurig serial number lookups are actually pretty easy. Your serial number and model number can both be found right on the machine, even if you already threw away the box. In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to find out which Keurig you have.

How to Find Your Keurig Serial Number

Your Keurig serial number will be behind the removable water reservoirs, behind the drip tray, underneath the brewer. It will be on a sticker that looks like one of the following:

  • A small sticher with a barcode with a number underneath. The number may be prefixed with “S/N”.
  • A large sticker with a model number, the Keurig logo, and a lot of other information. These stickers either say “Serial Number” or “Serial No.” followed by the number itself.

Keurigs with serial number behind the water reservoir

The most common Keurigs have side-mounted water reservoirs. This includes:

  • K-Classic
  • K-Select
  • K-Elite
  • K-Café
  • K-Supreme
  • K-Express Essentials
  • K2.0 K500 Series
  • K2.0 K400 Series
  • K-Café Special Edition

 The serial numbers on these Keurig’s are generally found behind the removable water reservoir. However, some older K-Classics have the serial number behind the drip tray instead. If you don’t see the serial number behind the reservoir, remove the drip tray and check behind it on the front of the machine.

 The next set of brewers have rear-mounted removable water reservoirs

  • K-Latte
  • K-Duo
  • K-Duo Essentials
  • K-Compact
  • K-Slim
  • K-Express
  • K2.0 K200 Series
  • K-Compact

 Again, you will find your serial number sticker behind the water reservoir. Just remove the reservoir and look for a sticker.

Keurigs with serial number on the brewer’s bottom

 If your Keurig doesn’t have a removable water reservoir, the serial and model number should be found on the bottom of the brewer, directly below the drip tray.

These Keurig types feature serial numbers on the bottom:

Be careful looking for the serial numbers on these models. You’ll want to empty the water reservoir and the pod holder and clean out the drip tray before tipping the machine over.

How to Find Keurig Model Number

If you can’t find your Keurig serial number or if the sticker has worn off, you can probably get away with just knowing your brewer’s model. I’ve put together a detailed comparison of Keurig models to help you there.

Some models can easily be distinguished visibly, like the K-Duo Plus and K-Latte. Distinctions between similar models, though, like the K-Supreme vs K-Supreme Plus may require you to look at what features your machine has.

If you’re still not sure, you can always take a picture of the brewer and send it in with your Keurig support request. They’ll be able to help you figure out which Keurig you have.

Keurig Commercial Model Serial Numbers

Serial numbers on commercial Keurig models can be found in the same places mentioned above. If there’s a removable reservoir, check behind that. Otherwise, look underneath the machine.

There are, however, a couple of additional complications with Keurig’s commercial machines. Some serial numbers can be being found behind the drain tubes (K2500), behind the pod bin (K3000, K3500), or behind the powder hopper hood (K4000).

On a K2500, you’ll need to open the door on the backside of the device to get to the drain tubes and the serial number. On the K3000/K3500, remove the drip tray and pod bin, and the serial number will be right there. On the K4000, you just need to lift the mixer door and look to the left side for the serial number.

What if I Can’t Find My Model or Serial Number?

I’ve only covered the current and recent models here. If you have an older Keurig model, your serial number is probably located on the body of the brewer.

And if you still can’t find your serial number, feel free to reach out to Keurig support. They’ll walk you through the process of identifying your Keurig.

What’s Next?

Once you have your Keurig serial number or model, you’re ready to handle whatever Keurig troubleshooting brought you here in the first place. Then, you can get back to drinking your favorite K-cup coffees (or try out some stronger K-cups if this experience has you feeling adventurous).

You don’t always need to know which Keurig you have to care for it. If you’re here because your Keurig says prime or you want to make your Keurig last longer, those answers are common to all Keurig models. Since deprecating the Keurig 2.0 line, all Keurig models work essentially the same, unlike Nespresso’s Vertuo vs Original lines which don’t even use the same pods.

Now go make some awesome pod coffee!

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