Which Keurig Do I Have? How to Find Your Model and Serial Number

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When you get your Keurig, all you dream about is brewing that first delicious cup. Details like the serial number or model? They barely cross your mind.

Finding your Keurig’s serial number is a breeze! No worries if you’ve tossed the box; both the serial and model numbers are on the machine itself. Follow this guide, and I’ll help you discover exactly which Keurig model you own.

How to Find Your Keurig Serial Number

To find your Keurig’s serial number, just peek behind the water tank, under the drip tray, or beneath the machine. Look for a sticker that matches one of these examples:

  • A small sticher with a barcode with a number underneath. The number may be prefixed with “S/N”.
  • A large sticker with a model number, the Keurig logo, and a lot of other information. These stickers either say “Serial Number” or “Serial No.” followed by the number itself.

Keurigs with serial number behind the water reservoir

The most common Keurigs have side-mounted water reservoirs. This includes:

  • K-Classic
  • K-Select
  • K-Elite
  • K-Café
  • K-Supreme
  • K-Express Essentials
  • K2.0 K500 Series
  • K2.0 K400 Series
  • K-Café Special Edition

Looking for the serial number on your Keurig? Start by checking behind the water tank you can take off. If it’s not there, especially on some older K-Classics, try looking behind the drip tray at the front. Just remove the tray and you should find it there. Happy hunting!

 The next set of brewers have rear-mounted removable water reservoirs

  • K-Latte
  • K-Duo
  • K-Duo Essentials
  • K-Compact
  • K-Slim
  • K-Express
  • K2.0 K200 Series
  • K-Compact

To find your serial number, simply take off the water reservoir. Behind it, you’ll spot a sticker with the number.

Keurigs with serial number on the brewer’s bottom

If your Keurig’s water tank doesn’t come off, check under the brewer, right beneath the drip tray, for the serial and model number.

These Keurig types feature serial numbers on the bottom:

Before flipping your coffee maker, remember to empty the water tank, clear the pod holder, and clean the drip tray. This way, you’ll easily find the serial numbers without any mess!

How to Find Keurig Model Number

Lost your Keurig’s serial number or is the sticker gone? No worries! Knowing your brewer’s model is often enough. Check out my detailed comparison of Keurig models to find the info you need.

Some coffee makers, like the K-Duo Plus and K-Latte, stand out at first glance. But telling others apart, such as the K-Supreme vs K-Supreme Plus, means diving into their features. Get to know what your machine offers!

Not sure which Keurig model you have? No problem! Just snap a photo of your coffee maker and send it with your support request. The Keurig team will help you identify your model in no time.

Keurig Commercial Model Serial Numbers

For commercial Keurig models, you can find the serial number in similar spots. If it has a detachable water tank, peek behind it. If not, check under the machine.

Keurig’s commercial coffee makers have a little twist when it comes to finding their serial numbers. Depending on the model, you might need to peek behind the drain tubes (K2500), the pod bin (K3000, K3500), or the powder hopper hood (K4000) to spot them.

For the K2500, simply open the back door to find the drain tubes and serial number. With the K3000/K3500, just take out the drip tray and pod bin to see the serial number. On the K4000, lift the mixer door and check the left side for the serial number. It’s that easy to locate what you need on these machines!

What if I Can’t Find My Model or Serial Number?

I focused on the latest Keurig models here. But, if you own an older one, check the brewer’s body for the serial number.

Can’t spot your serial number? No worries! Just contact Keurig support. They’re ready to guide you in figuring out which Keurig you have.

What’s Next?

Got your Keurig’s serial number or model? Great! Now, you’re all set to tackle any Keurig issues that led you here. Once fixed, dive back into enjoying your go-to K-cup coffee. Or, why not explore some bolder K-cups for a fun twist?

You don’t need to be a Keurig expert to take good care of it. Whether your Keurig says ‘prime’ or you’re looking to extend its lifespan, the tips you need apply to all Keurig models. After the Keurig 2.0 was phased out, Keurig machines have become more uniform in how they operate. This is quite different from Nespresso’s Vertuo and Original lines, which use different types of coffee pods.

Now go make some awesome pod coffee!

which keurig do i have

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