Nespresso Vertuo vs Original [2022]: Which Is Better?

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Nespresso makes enjoying delicious espresso and coffee easy. But, with so many machines available, how do you pick the right one for your perfect cup?

Dive into the world of Nespresso with us! We’re comparing the Vertuo and Original machines to help you decide. Discover their features, ease of use, coffee quality, pricing, and variety. Whether you’re Team VertuoLine or OriginalLine, we’ve got you covered.

Quick Comparison: Nespresso VertuoLine vs OriginalLine

  • Brews both espresso and drip coffee.
  • More cup sizes.
  • Optimizes brew for each capsule.
  • Cheaper capsules.
  • More machines to choose from.
  • Some machines make lattes, cappuccinos.
  • No 3rd-party capsules.
  • Lattes require a separate milk frother.
  • No drip coffee.
  • Few cup sizes.
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Nespresso Vertuo vs Original: Machine Options and Prices

Let’s explore how Nespresso’s VertuoLine and OriginalLine machines differ. For a thorough look at all Nespresso models, including their features and when to use them, click on my complete Nespresso machine comparison.

Nespresso VertuoLine machines

In this collection, you’ll find just a few machines, and they’re pretty much alike. Plus, the price gap between the least and most pricey Vertuo machines is just around $50.

Choosing the perfect Nespresso Vertuo machine for your kitchen is easy since there aren’t many models. For coffee lovers, it often boils down to deciding between the VertuoPlus Deluxe and Vertuo Next.

Discover the VertuoPlus Deluxe, perfect for many with its big, flexible water tank that saves time and space. Or check out the Vertuo Next, known for its compact design and smart Wi-Fi/Bluetooth features.

Nespresso OriginalLine machines

There’s a lot more variety in Nespresso OriginalLine machines.

On the budget-friendly side, check out compact coffee makers like the Essenza Mini and Inissia. They’re easy on the wallet, costing between $150–200, but they’re pretty basic. Don’t expect fancy drinks or many ways to tweak your brew with these.

In the $300-$400 range, you’ll find machines such as the Nespresso Expert. These offer cool features like adjusting water temperature, brewing both ristretto and Americanos, and even smart options like setting a start time and saving your favorite drink recipes.

Exploring the world of premium coffee? The Lattissima and Creatista lines, priced between $500-$800, are your high-end choices. These machines come with milk tanks and often have built-in milk frothers. They’re perfect for crafting specialty coffees like macchiatos and lattes, offering extra features like froth control for a personalized touch.

Which Is Easier to Use: Nespresso Vertuo or Original?

Nespresso Vertuo machines amaze with their simplicity. Even as a first-timer, I found them super easy to use.

No need to fiddle with knobs or settings. Pop in a pod, hit start, and voilà! Your perfect coffee is ready in no time.

The controls for a Nespresso Vertuo machine, showing the start button and lid handle

While it’s super easy to use, there’s a catch. You can’t adjust how your coffee tastes. Each pod brews coffee one way – same size, same strength. The flavor? It’s consistent, every time. Your only choice is picking the pod.

The basic OriginalLine coffee makers are super easy to use, just like the Nespresso VertuoLine. Rather than just one button, you simply choose and press the button for your desired drink size.

The controls for a Nespresso Essenza Mini, showing the espresso and lungo buttons

Top-tier Original Machines aren’t just about easy espresso. With a single touch, they brew your favorite cup, but they also let you craft lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and more varieties of espresso drinks. Perfect for exploring new coffee delights!

Explore the unique features of Breville and DeLonghi Nespresso machines. Dive into what sets these top coffee makers apart.

DeLonghi’s top-tier coffee makers, such as the Gran Lattissima, offer easy operation with one-touch buttons for every drink.

Breville’s Creatista Plus offers amazing customization for your Nespresso, but it’s a bit trickier to master.

OriginalLine vs VertuoLine: Coffee Quality

If you love easy coffee that also tastes amazing, you’re in luck. Nespresso machines offer some of the finest pod coffee around. Perfect for beginners!

Vertuo machines have a unique brewing method, which sets them apart. Simply put, if you love rich-tasting espresso, OriginalLine machines are your go-to. But, if you’re all about that creamy foam layer on top, Vertuo machines excel in creating more crema.

A shot of espresso, showing a rich crema layer

Nespresso Vertuo machines have a cool trick: they spin the coffee pods super fast while brewing. This creates a thick, creamy layer on top of your coffee, known as crema. They can even make espresso with enough pressure, but it might not taste as amazing as the espresso from Nespresso Original machines.

OriginalLine machines bring the classic espresso-making art to your home. While a pro barista with a top-notch espresso machine might brew the ultimate espresso, these machines often surpass what beginners can achieve with more affordable options.

Nespresso Pod Differences Between Vertuo and Original

VertuoLine machines scan barcodes on each pod to auto-tune brewing, making every cup perfect.

VertuoLine machines only work with specific pods due to barcodes. However, for OriginalLine machines, you can use pods from famous brands like Lavazza and Illy, as well as Nespresso’s own.

Nespresso pods come in two shapes, meaning they don’t mix and match. Vertuo pods fit only in VertuoLine machines, while Original pods are made for OriginalLine machines. Keep them straight for a perfect brew!

Nespresso pod sizes

VertuoLine pods come in six sizes, matching each to a perfect cup of coffee.

  • Espresso — 1.35 ounces
  • Double Espresso — 2.7 ounces
  • Gran Lungo — 5 ounces
  • Mug — 7.8 ounces
  • Alto — 14 ounces
  • Carafe — 18 ounces

All VertuoLine machines fit five capsule sizes, but only Vertuo Next handles the big carafe size.

OriginalLine machines have three cup sizes:

  • Ristretto — 0.85 ounces
  • Espresso — 1.35 ounces
  • Lungo — 3.7 ounces

Cheaper Nespresso machines brew ristretto and espresso, while pricier ones can whip up all three coffee sizes.

Original machines let you use any pod for any cup size, though each pod suggests 1-2 ideal cup sizes for the best flavor.

Nespresso pod cost

Vertuo pods range from $0.70 to $1.10 each. With no third-party options, using a reusable Nespresso pod is the best way to save money.

Nespresso Original pods are priced between $0.70 and $1.00 each. However, you can find compatible capsules for as low as $0.30, though prices vary widely. Brands like Gourmesso often offer the best mix of quality and affordability.

Nespresso pod variety

Many companies create Nespresso OriginalLine pods, giving you a world of choices. Love flavored coffee? Prefer Colombian beans? Into third-wave coffee? There’s a pod for every preference, making it easy to find your perfect cup.

Vertuo pods offer fewer choices, only 35, but they’re all high-quality Nespresso brands. So, you get less variety but guaranteed great coffee every time.

Exploring coffee? You’ve got options, even if they seem limited at first. From mild to bold, the Nespresso caffeine content offers a range. Choose your adventure, from decaf to the super-charged Fortado Gran Lungo, packing double the caffeine punch of a standard coffee. Find your perfect match and experiment with the strength to suit your taste!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Original Nespresso pods in a Vertuo machine?

No, Nespresso pods are not interchangeable between the two lines of machines. OriginalLine pods won’t work in VertuoLine machines, and VertuoLine pods won’t work in OriginalLine machines.

Should You Buy a Nespresso Vertuo or Original Machine?

Switching from regular drip coffee? Try a Nespresso Vertuo machine. They’re super convenient, which is why many folks move to pod coffee. It’s a simple, tasty upgrade!

If you adore espresso, Nespresso Original machines are for you. Designed especially for espresso, these machines excel at it. Plus, they can whip up your favorite lattes and coffee shop treats with ease.

Unsure about Nespresso? Dive into my detailed look on its value here. Prefer hassle-free coffee without using pods? Consider the Ninja specialty coffee maker for a fantastic alternative. And if espresso isn’t your cup of coffee, the innovative K-Supreme Plus Smart is the first Keurig to seriously challenge Nespresso Vertuo machines.

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