Nespresso Vertuo Troubleshooting: 9 Common Problems Solved

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If you’ve got a Nespresso Vertuo machine, then chances are you that love brewing the best tasting espresso and coffee with this popular machine. It isn’t uncommon for kitchen appliances and machines to malfunction from time to time, and if your Nespresso Vertuo has been experiencing difficulty functioning lately, you might not have any idea what to do.

Luckily, we’ve got lots of info to help with Nespresso Vertuo troubleshooting (or VertuoPlus or Nespresso Vertuo Next troubleshooting).

Here is an overview of some possible problems that could cause your coffee machine to malfunction, as well as easy fixes for each.

1. Nespresso Vertuo Leaking Coffee or Water

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to make a quick cup of coffee before you head out the door to go to work, but your Nespresso Vertuo leaks coffee or water all over the counter. Surprisingly, this could be a very easy fix and could be as simple as readjusting the reservoir because if the tank is even slightly out of place, it could result in the leaking of water.

If readjusting the water reservoir doesn’t fix your problem and you continue to experience leaks, then you should check your empty capsule containers. Sometimes a small amount of leftover water from these containers can accumulate and result in leaking water.  

2. Nespresso Blinking Orange Light

If your Nespresso has a blinking orange light, this may indicate that the machine needs to be reset. Resetting your machine is easy, but you must first be sure to eject the capsule if there is one inside the machine. Here are the steps:

  1. After removing the capsule from the machine, close the machine and leave it in an unlocked position.
  2. In three seconds or less, quickly press the power button five consecutive times.
  3. The machine will blink five times, which indicates that it’s resetting.
  4. Push and hold down the lever for three seconds in order to turn off your Vertuo.
  5. Next, you will have access to the factory settings. Press and hold down both the power button and the lever for three seconds. The light will turn orange, indicating that you’re on the functions menu.
  6. You will now have two minutes to complete these additional steps. 
  7. Press the lever down three times, which will reset your Vertuo back to factory settings.
  8. Press the power button to confirm.
  9. The orange light will blink three times to let you know that it’s reset to factory settings before turning green. Now it’s time for you to try out the machine to determine if that factory reset has fixed your problem! 

3. Knowing When Your Nespresso Vertuo Needs to Be Descaled

Your Vertuo will give you certain indications that it needs to be descaled, and these indicators may not always be the same. You may also notice a blinking orange light when your Vertuo needs to be descaled. Some other signs that indicate your Vertuo needs to be descaled are: 

  • Coffee or water leaking
  • A half green and half red light
  • Coffee being brewed lukewarm instead of hot
  • Unusual coffee flow or reduced pressure

4. Coffee Comes out Cold

If your coffee is completely cold, then descaling the machine is not likely to fix the problem. You will likely need to have the heating block replaced, so you will need to contact the manufacturer’s warranty company. 

5. Nespresso Vertuo Not Working

If your Nespresso Vertuo is not working and has a blinking red light, then it may simply need a break. Try unplugging it from the wall for a minimum of 15-30 minutes and then replugging it after the allotted amount of time. Hopefully, unplugging it fixes the problem, but if not, then you need to troubleshoot further. 

6. Nespresso Sounds Are Heard, but Nothing Is Coming Out

If you hear your Vertuo working like normal yet it fails to produce any coffee, then you may need to prime the water pump in your Nespresso. Before priming your water pump, you should check the reservoir to be sure it’s positioned properly and check for other basic problems. If the basic checks come up with nothing, then it’s time to attempt to prime the water pump. To do so, you will need a syringe or similar object to force water through the opening. Next, you will:

  1. Remove any capsules that may have been left in the machine and remove the water reservoir. 
  2. Place a container underneath the Nespresso to catch any liquid that may come out.
  3. You will notice a hole in the area where the reservoir usually sits, and this is the area where you’ll need to use the syringe. 
  4. Press the button to start brewing and use the syringe to squeeze water into the hole. Your Nespresso should sound different than it did previously, now that water is flowing through it properly. 
  5. If your machine sounds as it did prior to experiencing problems, then you should be all set, and your coffee should brew perfectly. However, if it still fails to work properly, you may need to repeat step four and then try it again.

7. Capsule Fails to Pierce

If your capsules fail to pierce inside your Vertuo, then you could be using off-brand capsules that are incompatible with your machine. It’s easy to accidentally purchase the wrong capsules, as there are several Nespresso machines out there, as well as many different universal pods.

If you’re certain you’re using compatible capsules, and you’ve used them successfully in the past, then you may need to check the needle that punctures the capsules in order to be sure it’s not broken or bent.

The needle also could also need to be cleaned, and you can accomplish this by taking a wet cloth or paper towel and gently cleaning the area. You can then try to use the capsules again, and hopefully, you have fixed the problem. 

8. The Red Light Blinks Twice and Then Makes Clicking Noises

If your machine behaves in this manner, then you may be able to rectify the problem by cleaning the area where the capsules are punctured. Unplug your machine and open the area where the capsules are placed. Turn it upside down, and some loose coffee grounds will likely fall out. Thoroughly clean the area with a wet cloth or paper towel and replace it. The teeth in this area should now be clean, so the red blinking lights and clicking sounds should go away. Try to use your machine again to ensure that the problem has been fixed. 

9. Nespresso Green Light Is On

If your machine’s green light is lit up, then this is a good thing and means that your Nespresso is heating up. All you need to do is wait.

What’s Next?

If your Nespresso Vertuo has not been functioning properly, this guide will hopefully enable you to fix the problem. However, if it doesn’t, then your problem may require you to send the machine in for a professional diagnosis and repair. Of course, you will miss making tasty Vertuo iced coffee and delicious Nespresso latte pods, but you will be rewarded when you receive your newly repaired or replaced machine that, hopefully, works like new.

Once your machine is working, it’s time to get back to brewing your favorite drinks. Check out some of my favorite Nespresso pods, or you can start with some high-caffeine Nespresso pods (and yes, that’s different than the high numbers on the Nespresso intensity scale).

Oh, and be sure to take a look at reusable Nespresso pods if you really want to broaden your coffee horizons.