Nespresso Frother Not Working? 9 Fixes for Aeroccino Problems

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A warm, frothy coffee or espresso can brighten your day. But if your Nespresso frother stops working, it’s a real downer.

In our easy Nespresso frother guide, learn how to fix your Aeroccino when it blinks red, won’t froth right, or stops working entirely.

1. Clean the Electrical Components

To enjoy perfect frothy milk every time, keeping your Nespresso Aeroccino frother clean is key. Dirt or leftovers on its parts can lead to problems, like it not frothing at all or not heating your milk right. A clean frother means delicious, creamy coffee every time!

If your coffee tastes off, it might be time to give your machine and frother a good clean. Even if your Nespresso says some parts can go in the dishwasher, it’s smarter to wash them by hand. Use cool, soapy water and make sure to scrub every piece well, paying extra attention to the whisk to get rid of any leftover residue. This simple step could make your coffee taste better!

2. Examine Your Magnetic Whisk

The whisk is the magic tool that creates the yummy froth you love in your morning coffee. Make sure it’s clean and clear of leftovers. But, if your coffee still isn’t frothy, check the magnetic whisk closely to see if it’s in good shape.

Is your magnetic whisk acting up? You might need a new one. Good news: you can get an affordable replacement Nespresso whisk without breaking the bank, saving you from buying a new Aeroccino.

3. Check for Damaged Electronics

Be careful when cleaning your Nespresso Aeroccino frother! Getting the electrical parts wet or dunking the whole frother in water is a big mistake. Water can harm these parts, and that might be why your frother isn’t working right.

If you find out your frother’s electrical parts are broken, sadly, you can’t fix them on your own. Usually, you’ll have to get a new frother.

4. Fasten the Frother Completely

If your Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother isn’t working, double-check if the jug or whisk is properly attached. A loose connection could be the problem. It’s a simple fix that’s often overlooked!

If you find any parts of your Aeroccino loose, just hold them tight and twist until they’re secure. This simple fix should get your Aeroccino running smoothly again.

5. Check the Outlet

If your frother isn’t working, it might be something simple: the outlet. Before you worry, try plugging your Aeroccino frother into a different outlet. If it starts working, the problem is with the first outlet, not your frother. It’s an easy fix but often overlooked. Time to check that outlet!

If your coffee frother stops working, try pressing the reset button on the outlet. Overloading it can make it stop working until you reset. But, if it’s still not working after you’ve checked the outlet, it’s time to take a closer look at your frother to find the issue.

6. Watch for a Blinking Red Light

Just like the Nespresso Vertuo’s orange light signals trouble, Nespresso frothers flash lights for issues, too. Often, a blinking red light means it’s getting too hot.

If your frother is getting too hot, it might just be clogged with dried milk. A quick solution? Give your Aeroccino a good clean, making sure to scrub off any stubborn milk residue.

After cleaning and drying your frother, the red light stops blinking. Now, you’re all set for another delicious, frothy coffee!

7. Don’t Overfill Your Frother

Putting too much milk in your frother can stop it from working right. Keep it less full!

The Aeroccino has two markers for filling. Use the lower mark when you’re frothing with the whisk that has a coil. For just heating milk with the smooth whisk, fill up to the higher mark. It’s that simple to get started!

8. Use a Better Frothing Milk

Struggling with frothy milk in your coffee? The issue might not be your frother. Believe it or not, some milks, especially certain plant-based ones, just don’t froth well. To achieve that creamy, dreamy froth for your favorite beverages, consider switching up your milk choice.

These are my favorite milks for frothing:

  • Whole milk – Whole cow’s milk has the perfect composition of fat, protein, natural milk sugars, and water. It consistently produces that super creamy froth that goes great in any coffee drink.
  • Almond milk – If you must avoid dairy products for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yummy froth in your coffee, and almond milk is a wonderful way to enjoy froth without any of the dairy. 
  • Oat milk – another alternative for dairy-free coffee lovers is oat milk, which creates a sweet, creamy froth without the need to use regular dairy milk.
  • Skim milk – If you’re looking for more foam than creaminess and you can tolerate dairy, then you might want to use skim milk. Despite the fact that skim milk lacks fat, it will produce immense amounts of foam due to its lightweight since it doesn’t have the heavy fat content of whole milk.

9. Replace Your Frother

If your Nespresso frother is old and used daily, it might be time for a new one.

If you’re lucky, your Nespresso Aeroccino might come with a lifetime warranty, allowing for a free replacement. But without that extra coverage, you’ll need to consider buying a new Aeroccino3 or Aeroccino4.

If you’re looking to save money, consider manual frothers like the Ninja Easy Frother. For a luxurious upgrade, the Breville BMF600XL offers top-notch features for a premium experience.

What’s Next?

Now that your Aeroccino frother is up and running again, let’s dive back into the world of yummy lattes and cappuccinos. I’ve just updated my list of the top Nespresso pods for crafting the perfect latte, and I’m excited for you to discover some new favorites! If you’re craving a bit more buzz in your cup, why not explore high-caffeine Nespresso pods for that extra zing in your cappuccino?

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