Nespresso VertuoLine Descaling: A Simple Guide

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If you own a Nespresso Vertuoline espresso machine, then you’re aware of what amazing hot beverages this machine can brew. In addition to its efficient manner of brewing the perfect cup of espresso or coffee, the Nespresso Vertuoline is sleek and attractive, as well.

In order to keep your Vertuoline fully functional at all times, you will need to perform proper maintenance on it regularly. One form of maintenance that will need to be performed is Nespresso Vertuoline descaling.

What Is Descaling and Why Does It Need to Be Done?

As you use your Vertuoline on a regular basis, the minerals inside the pods that you use will slowly begin building up residue inside your machine, resulting in clogging. This mineral buildup can prevent your Nespresso Vertuoline from working optimally, and it can also negatively impact the temperature of your beverages, how your coffee tastes, and more.

Descaling is using a process of running vinegar or a similar product to the machine, which will remove the buildup and enable your Nespresso to work optimally.

How Do You Know When to Descale Your Machine?

It may seem difficult to determine when your Vertuo needs to be descaled, but there is no need to fret, as the machine will let you know. Your power button will start blinking, which will let you know that the machine needs to be descaled.

If you see this blinking orange light, it’s time to descale. If you decide to ignore it and instead continue to use the machine as you normally would, this is when you will start to notice bad-tasting coffee, coffee that isn’t hot, and other issues with your machine.

The descaling process is quick and easy and can ensure that your Nespresso Vertuoline continues to work optimally.

Nespresso Vertuo Descaling Instructions

Descaling your Nespresso Vertuo doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as the process is really quite simple. Here is a step-by-step guide for descaling your Nespresso Vertuo machine, which will decrease your chances of contending with any malfunctions.

These instructions will tell you how to descale Nespresso Vertuo Next, VertuoPlus, Vertuo, or Evoluo machines. The indicator lights are slightly different between them, but the basic descaling process is the same.

Step 1: Gather all the supplies and materials that you will need in advance. You will need four ounces of white vinegar or one teaspoon of citric acid—unless you’re using the official Nespresso descaling solution (which is the better, albeit more expensive, option).

You will need a container with the ability to hold more than 21 ounces.

You will need two separate containers holding 17 ounces of water, one to dilute the solution with and one to flush out your Nespresso Vertuoline.

Step 2: Remove the last pod that you used if it still remains inside the machine. Remove the drip tray from your Nespresso Vertuoline machine and place a container underneath the drip area to collect the brewing fluid that will emerge during the descaling process. Ensure that your machine remains in an unlocked position, and press the power button to enable your Vertuo to begin heating up.

Step 3: Remove your machine’s water reservoir and fill it with the descaling solution that you’ve decided to use, as well as 17 ounces of water, and replace the water reservoir.

Step 4: Press and hold down the power button for seven seconds, and then the light should begin blinking. You then have 45 seconds to enter descale mode. To enter descaling mode, you’re going to turn the dial until it’s in locked mode before immediately turning it back to unlock mode. You need to then press and hold down the power button for a second time, and you will then be in descale mode.

Step 5: Turn the dial to lock your machine again and press the power button, and your machine will begin descaling.

Step 6: Thoroughly wash and rinse your water reservoir, as you want it as clean as possible, to remove all traces of vinegar, citric acid, or descaling fluid.

Step 7: Empty the container that has collected all of the cleansing fluid. Replace the container, as you will need to rinse all the chemicals from the inside of the machine, so you’ll need the container to catch fluid again.

Step 8: Fill the water reservoir with 17 ounces of water and replace it. This water will be used to rinse out the inside of the machine. Press the power button, and the rinsing of your machine will begin. You can repeat this step twice if you desire to increase your chances of ridding the machine of all traces of the descaling liquid. When the water reservoir is empty, then you’re done rinsing your machine.

Step 9: Finally, you need to exit descaling mode by pressing and holding down the power button for seven seconds, and the light should become solid. Give the machine about 10 minutes to dry out, and then it should be ready to brew a cup of delicious coffee.

How Often Should You Descale Your Nespresso Vertuoline?

The frequency at which you will descale your Nespresso Vertuoline will depend on how often you use it. If you have a large family and everyone drinks multiple cups of coffee a day using the Vertuoline, then you will obviously need to descale the machine more frequently than if you’re the only person who uses the machine.

Regardless of how often you need to descale it, your machine will let you know when this process needs to be performed, so you don’t have to guess.

Even if you don’t see the indicator light, though, it’s a good idea to try descaling if it’s been a couple of months or if you notice a change in your coffee’s flavor.

Cleaning Your Vertuoline vs Descaling It: What’s the Difference?

Descaling your Nespresso machine can be considered to be a cleaning process, but cleaning Nespresso Vertuoline machines is a completely separate process that must be done as a regular part of the maintenance process.

To clean your coffee-brewing machine, you will disassemble the machine, remove all the removable parts and wash them thoroughly in warm, soapy water before thoroughly rinsing them. You can then reassemble the machine and run the cleaning cycle, which will cleanse the internal parts that you can’t dissemble.

As you can see, it’s fast and easy to descale your Nespresso Vertuo to keep it in tip-top condition at all times. If you don’t like descaling your machine using the Nespresso chemicals, and you dislike the strong smell of using vinegar, then there are other alternatives that you can use to descale your coffee-brewing machine, like baking soda, lemon juice, and more.

Regardless of what type of cleansing agent you opt for, the more thoroughly you maintain your Nespresso, the more efficiently it will work, so you can always count on it providing you with a great cup of coffee or espresso whenever you’re craving it.

What’s Next?

Once your machine is clean again, it’s time to get back to some amazing Nespresso coffee. Have you tried Nespresso Vertuo iced coffee yet? It’s become one of my new favorites, especially when made with my favorite Nespresso latte pods.

I’d also recommend trying some of the highest-caffeine Nespresso pods if you want a real pick-me-up. If you’ve been buying high-intensity Nespresso pods thinking they’ll offer you the most caffeine, you might be disappointed. Oh, and if you want to go all out, you could get a reusable Nespresso capsule and fill it with extra-strong coffee grounds.

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