Mr. Coffee Troubleshooting Guide: 6 Simple Solutions

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What do you do if you rely on your Mr.Coffee to brew your perfect cup of coffee each day, but one day you wake up only to discover that your Mr. Coffee has gone on the fritz and is failing to brew that much-needed cup of coffee?

In this article, we’ve compiled the Mr. Coffee troubleshooting steps that fix the most common problems with these machines. Let’s get right to it so that you can get back to your morning cup of joe.

Mr. Coffee Not Working or Won’t Turn On

Nothing can be more frustrating than your Mr. Coffee machine failing to brew your much-anticipated cup of coffee. Fortunately, troubleshooting is easy, and fixing the problem is often not complicated either.

Check the power light and plug

The first thing you need to troubleshoot is the light, which you need to check. Many people often fail to check the most obvious possibilities when it comes to their Mr. Coffee machine failing to work, and checking to see if the power light is on is important.

Failure for your coffee machine to work could be something as simple as the fact that the device is unplugged. If the device is plugged in, but the power still won’t come on, try plugging the coffee machine into another outlet because the outlet itself could be faulty.

Is your coffee maker assembled properly?

If you’ve recently disassembled your Mr. Coffee machine in order to clean it, you may have placed one or more parts in the wrong place. Even having a single component in the wrong place can cause your Mr. Coffee to malfunction, so take the time to ensure that it’s all reassembled properly. Then it should work like new again.

Mr. Coffee Won’t Brew

Refill the water reservoir

A common reason why your Mr. Coffee machine may fail to brew your morning coffee could be because the water level is too low. Simply check the water reservoir, and if it is below a certain point, simply refill the compartment with an adequate amount of fresh and pure water, and the machine should automatically start brewing your coffee.

It’s a good idea to check your water level every day before brewing your coffee, but it’s easy to forget, especially if you’re rushing in an attempt to get out the door each morning.

Check the lid

Despite the fact that Mr. Coffee machines are one of the most popular coffee makers worldwide, they sometimes tend to be pretty temperamental at times. Something as simple as the lid not being closed completely could keep the machine from brewing your coffee. If you notice that the lid is ajar, simply secure the lid, and your coffee should immediately begin brewing as if nothing was ever wrong.

Clean your coffee maker

If you don’t regularly clean your coffee maker, crud and hard water deposits will build up inside it. If it’s completely clogged, your machine won’t brew at all. And even if it does brew, the water may not heat up enough, or you could end up with watery coffee or bitter coffee.

One way to keep your machine working optimally is to thoroughly clean it with sudsy, warm water. You might be surprised at how quickly things can become clogged inside your machine, causing it to malfunction.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed about the task of cleaning your coffee maker because the entire process is relatively simple. You need to carefully disassemble your Mr. Coffee machine and gently wash each part before replacing it.

Be sure to flush out all the hoses and other components so you won’t have to contend with clogs causing your coffee not to brew. It’s important to remember which parts go where because, again, if parts are in the wrong place, then your Mr. Coffee machine likely won’t work.

On top of regular cleaning, you’ll need to descale your coffee maker with white vinegar or a descaling solution at least once every couple of months. If you have hard water or you make multiple pots of coffee a day, you may even need to descale your machine monthly or bi-weekly.

Mr. Coffee Brewing Cold Coffee

If your Mr. Coffee machine is brewing cold or lukewarm coffee, then the heating element or a fuse may need replacing. To check the fuses, you need to remove the water reservoir, unplug the machine, and turn it upside down. Remove the plastic cover from the bottom of the coffee maker, and you will see a metal plate, which is the heating element.

The heating element should be connected to a U-shaped hose. If the hose is not connected, then you might need to replace it. You can purchase some parts at your local hardware store, but if necessary, you can contact Mr. Coffee for replacement parts. The thermal fuses are long, needle-like objects, and if one or more appears to be disconnected, then you can also replace the part at a hardware store.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable taking your Mr. Coffee apart and fixing it, you might want to send it in to the manufacturer to be diagnosed and hopefully fixed.

What If You Can’t Fix Your Mr. Coffee Machine?

If you’ve thoroughly troubleshooter your Mr. Coffee machine—yet you still can’t get to the bottom of the issue—then you may need to contact the manufacturer. If you have a warranty that is still in effect, you may need to send in your machine for repair or for replacement.

Many customers luck out when they have warranties and receive a brand new Mr. Coffee replacement that happens to be an upgraded version of what they had previously. However, don’t count on this happening because you’ll usually receive the exact same version.

Choosing a new coffee maker

If your Mr. Coffee machine is no longer under warranty and if you haven’t been successful at identifying the problem, you might look to purchase a new coffee maker. Fortunately, there is an abundance of different coffee machines out there, and we’ve put together helpful buyer guides for:

What’s Next?

Now that your coffee maker is up-and-running, it’s time to get back to your favorite Colombian coffee beans or premium flavored coffee. Or, if you’re looking for an upgrade, you could always try an espresso blend or a high-caffeine coffee.

No matter how well your machine is working, you won’t be living your best coffee life with pre-ground coffee. It’s just not fresh enough! So if you really want to improve your coffee experience, here’s my biggest tip: Get a good coffee grinder and learn how to grind coffee beans yourself. There really isn’t a better way to improve the flavor of your morning brew.

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