The 22 Best Coffee Makers Under $100 [2022]

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This isn’t your usual rundown of budget coffee machines. Let’s dive into something special!

Instead of overwhelming you with a long list of nearly identical drip coffee makers, let’s explore a variety of budget-friendly options. Discover the diverse world of affordable coffee makers in 2022. 

I’m excited to share not just a few drip coffee makers, but also the top coffee makers under $100! This includes everything from espresso machines and percolators to pod and Turkish coffee makers. Dive into the world of affordable brewing with me!

Ready to dive right in? I know I am.

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Choosing a Type of Coffee Maker

A collage of all the types of coffee makers

Exploring the world of coffee makers is like diving into a sea of choices! Let me guide you through some popular ones, highlighting their pros, cons, and cool features. While we can’t cover everything, we’ll focus on what makes each stand out. Perfect for beginners eager to learn more!

If you only know the first 2-3 items, no worries! I was exactly where you are not too long ago.

A woman about to pour coffee from a drip coffee maker
  • Drip coffee maker — These are your standard coffee pots. They operate by dripping near-boiling water through the grounds. If you want something simple and efficient, they are popular for a reason. Along with a regular carafe, you can also get single-serve or dual variants.
  • Espresso machine — If you are looking to make espresso, a stronger alternative to coffee, this is the type of machine you need. Espresso is created by pushing pressurized water through finely-ground coffee. It’s the style of coffee used for lattes, cappuccinos, and just about anything else you’d buy at Starbucks. The downside of espresso machines is that they require more practice to use properly.
  • Capsule coffee maker — Also known as pod coffee makers, these machines have become increasingly popular due to their simple operation. Add water. Insert capsule. Make coffee. You can find both drip-style and espresso-style pod-based coffee, with Keurig producing the former and Nespresso the latter. The main downsides are that pods are more expensive than coffee beans and they produce more plastic waste.
  • AeroPress — AeroPress is a new, manual coffee maker designed to produce an alternative to drip coffee. Its low cost and compact size make it ideal for traveling with. Because it produces a coffee concentrate, you can also produce a drink similar to espresso in an AeroPress. AeroPress is one of the fastest ways to produce coffee, but using it is a more involved process than with drip coffee makers and it can only make 1-3 cups at a time.
A close-up view of coffee brewing in a percolator
  • Percolator — Percolators are either electric or stovetop coffee makers that somewhat resemble a tea kettle. They work much like a drip coffee maker, except that the water is run several times through the grounds, extracting more coffee as it goes. Percolators are harder to use than drip coffee makers because you have to properly control the timing to avoid over-extracting the beans. However, this also allows more control over producing exactly the strength and bitterness of coffee that you prefer.
  • Moka pot — Moka pots look similar to percolators, but they don’t suffer from the same over-extraction issues because they don’t recycle the water. They also use a moderate amount of pressure, so the brew they produce is stronger than that from a percolator. You’ll often see these referred to as stove top espresso makers, even though what they really produce is concentrated coffee. The AeroPress and Moka pots share that trait in common.
  • French press — With a French press, the coffee grounds are steeped in near-boiling water for a few minutes, with longer brewing times producing stronger, fuller-bodied coffee. Once the brewing is complete, a plunger with a permanent mesh filter is used to separate the brewed coffee from the grounds. Using a French press is a more involved process than a drip coffee maker, but it’s relatively easy to get right. The main downside is that the heavy body and extra oils aren’t for everyone, especially if you enjoy the subtle flavors of your favorite coffee beans.
  • Pour-over coffee maker — Pour overs are the most involved and hard to master of the coffee brewing methods. But if you manage to master it, there is no better cup of coffee. You can buy pour-over coffee makers in a range of sizes, but most standard ones only make a couple of cups of coffee at a time.
  • Cold brew coffee maker — Cold brew creates a full, rich, smooth, low-acid coffee. It’s a great alternative to iced coffees, and it can also be enjoyed hot. Making cold brew is very simple and can even be done in large batches. The biggest downside is that the process takes upwards of 12 hours, so you can’t just wake up and decide to brew yourself a carafe of coffee.
A woman using a siphon coffee maker to brew coffee
  • Siphon coffee maker — Siphon coffee makers (also known as vacuum coffee makers) make excellent, highly flavorful, aromatic coffee. If you want a coffee maker that will readily become a conversation piece for guests, it’s hard to beat the peculiar design of these devices. However, that design adds a lot of fragility, as most parts of these coffee makers are made of glass. The process of creating coffee with a siphon coffee maker is also much more labor-intensive than with most of the other basic methods.
  • Turkish coffee pot — Turkish coffee makers are very cheap and compact, and they can be used for other cooking purposes as well. They produce a very strong, thick, aromatic coffee that is left unfiltered, with the coffee sediment remaining in the bottom of the cup. Traditionally, these are stovetop coffee makers, but you can also buy electric variants now. Making Turkish coffee is a somewhat involved process, about the same as a percolator or Moka pot.
  • Vietnamese coffee maker — Vietnamese coffee is a deliciously sweet beverage that is always served iced. Vietnamese coffee makers take a bit of time, but the process itself is very simple. All you have to do is put grounds in the steel filter and pour hot water over the grounds. The coffee is collected in a cup where it is typically mixed with condensed milk. If you love sweet, iced coffee and don’t mind that the process is a bit slow and generally done one cup at a time, Vietnamese coffee makers can be a great option.

Best Coffee Makers Under $100

Now that you know the kind of coffee maker you’re after, let’s dive into the best options for each type. Plus, I’ve got special recommendations for travelers, smart home enthusiasts, and other popular requests I often get. Let’s find your perfect match!


Overall best coffee maker under $100: Ninja CE251 12-cup drip coffee maker

Finding the perfect coffee maker is tough, but Ninja gets pretty close. Their affordable CE251 model is a hit with features like a detachable water tank, a timer to start brewing whenever you want, and a large 12-cup carafe. Plus, it comes with a reusable filter, so you can forget about buying paper ones all the time.

This coffee maker gives you two choices: classic or rich brews. While not as many as the top Ninja models with their five options, it’s still more variety than you get with most machines. The rich brew adds extra flavor, great for balancing out any milk you add. Plus, it can whip up a pretty good iced coffee if you’re in the mood for something cold.

A removable water tank is a game-changer for easy cleaning. Especially if you have hard water at home, you’ll want this feature. But, even if you don’t, it helps keep your water fresh, making your coffee taste much better. Plus, filling the tank right from the sink simplifies your coffee-making routine. This small detail can significantly enhance your coffee experience.

Runner-up best drip coffee maker under $100: Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 14-cup coffee maker

I hadn’t thought about adding runner-up picks, but the Cuisinart model caught my attention. Why? It’s rare to find a 14-cup coffee maker that’s affordable. For those who want to brew lots of coffee without breaking the bank, this is a great choice. 

They’ve added a cool feature to adjust how strong your coffee is, just like the Ninja, but they call it bold instead of rich. Plus, they’ve got a reusable filter and the same easy scheduling options as the Ninja.

But I’ve buried the lead.

Cuisinart made it to our list because of its amazing new feature: brewing coffee at hotter temperatures. Now, you can enjoy coffee shop hot coffee at home, without losing any of its delicious taste or quality! 

Cuisinart almost clinched the top spot – if only they’d included a detachable water tank!

Best budget coffee maker under $100: Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker 

If you’re new to the coffee game and want something budget-friendly and straightforward, this coffee maker is a great pick. It’s super easy to operate with a clear on/off switch that lights up, so you know it’s working. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the whole pot to brew to enjoy your first cup, thanks to its handy pause feature. For a simple, effective drip coffee maker that won’t break the bank, this one’s tough to top.

Best smart coffee maker under $100: Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

Tired of your basic coffee machine? Upgrade to a smart coffee maker for more control and options.

Atomi takes making smart coffee makers to a whole new level. With a rich background in smart home gadgets, they’ve poured all their expertise into crafting their first coffee machine.

They’ve packed this machine with cool tech like wifi, Google Home, and Alexa compatibility, plus more. It also comes with awesome iOS and Android apps. Easily set up daily or weekly brewing plans, and even tell it to keep your coffee warm at specific times during the day.

Explore the world of flavors with this 12-cup coffee maker! It offers three brewing strengths – mild, medium, and strong – letting you tailor your coffee’s taste perfectly. Plus, its reusable filter means saying goodbye to constantly buying paper filters. Happy brewing!

Best 4-cup coffee maker under $100: Cuisinart DCC-450BK drip coffee maker

Big coffee machines can hog your counter space. Why bother if you just want a few cups? Keep it simple and save room for what matters.

This Cuisinart coffee maker is a small wonder, perfect for those who love their coffee but have limited space. Even among 4-cup coffee makers, it stands out for its size. Plus, it comes with a handy brew-pause feature, allowing you to sneak a cup of coffee before the whole pot finishes brewing. It’s a game-changer for busy mornings when every minute counts.

I couldn’t believe I found a coffee maker at such a good price that came with a stainless steel thermal carafe! For those who love their coffee hot but hate the burnt taste, a thermal carafe is a game-changer. It keeps your coffee warm and flavorful for hours, way better than a glass carafe can.

Best carafe-free coffee maker under $100: Cuisinart DCC-3000 coffee-on-demand 12-cup coffee maker

Carafes often disappoint in regular drip coffee makers. They’re tough to get completely clean, and the glass ones can’t keep coffee hot for long. Plus, they easily break and are quick to spill your precious brew.

Say goodbye to carafes! With carafe-free coffee makers, your coffee stays inside the machine, ready for you to pour a cup whenever you want. Cuisinart steps it up with a clear coffee gauge and a handy 1-4 cup brew feature, making your coffee experience even better.

Discover the best of drip coffee makers with this model! Enjoy the convenience of a detachable water tank for quick cleaning and refills. Plus, it’s fully programmable, allowing you to schedule your morning coffee in advance. Perfect for beginners!

Best single-serve coffee maker under $100: Hamilton Beach 49981A

Hamilton Beach leads the way in creative coffee maker designs. For a single cup drip coffee maker, none match this model’s compact size, ease of use, and quick cleanup. It’s the perfect choice for coffee lovers seeking convenience.

The single-serve scoop filter revolutionizes brewing. It’s a mesh filter, coffee scoop, and measurer all in one! Plus, choose between regular or bold brew strengths to tailor your coffee’s intensity exactly how you like it. Simple and versatile, it’s perfect for coffee beginners!

The mug stand adjusts easily, fitting big travel mugs at its lowest and raising up for a spill-free fill into your regular coffee mug. Plus, with its drip tray and stainless steel build, cleaning this machine is a breeze!

Best travel coffee maker under $100: AeroPress Go

I absolutely love the AeroPress! It’s my top pick for brewing coffee because it’s super simple to clean and use, even for beginners.

Using a French press is easy! You’ll need to push down the plunger with a little force, but it’s a breeze for most people. Cleaning up is super simple too – the coffee grounds pop out in one neat puck, even easier than a drip coffee maker.

An AeroPress makes amazing coffee, way better than your usual drip brewer. Plus, it’s super quick, brewing your cup in under two minutes. Perfect for coffee lovers on the go!

The AeroPress might be small, but that’s exactly why it’s perfect for travel. It brews 1-3 cups of coffee, perfect for personal use, and it’s so compact it can slide into any bag. Plus, it’s tough and durable. The AeroPress Go is even cooler, coming with its own mug for coffee on the go.

All you need is hot water to start brewing. But, if you’re in a bind, AeroPress even guides you on how to make coffee with cold water.

Best dual coffee maker under $100: Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio coffee maker

Choosing the best dual coffee maker isn’t easy because there’s a world of choices! While all dual coffee makers can brew both a single cup and a full carafe, some go the extra mile, offering espresso or pod coffee options too.

This is one of those cases.

The FlexBrew is a coffee lover’s dream! It features a 12-cup carafe for traditional drip coffee on one side. On the other, it surprises with a single-serve option that not only brews your usual drip coffee but also accepts k-cup pods. This kind of versatility is a rare find, especially at such an affordable price. Perfect for exploring different coffee styles without breaking the bank!

The single-serve side of this coffee machine is super user-friendly, thanks to a removable stand. It fits both your cozy home mugs and tall travel cups. Plus, you can program it to brew later and even choose how strong you want your coffee. Perfect for every coffee lover!

Both sides of this coffee maker have their own water tank, making it super handy because of the large carafe size. However, this means a bit more cleaning effort is needed since there are two tanks to look after.

Best espresso machine under $100: Capresso 117.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Did you know you can snag fantastic espresso machines for under $1000? However, beware of options under $100—they’re often a letdown. Many are “steam espresso” gadgets, managing a measly 2-3 bars of pressure. Real espresso magic happens at 9 bars, with 15 bars brewing up something even more spectacular.

The easy-to-remove 42-ounce water tank means quick cleaning and enough water for many cups. It comes with filters for both single and double espressos. Plus, a warming tray heats your mugs to the perfect serving temperature.

This affordable Capresso espresso machine isn’t just a bargain; it also features a cool swiveling steam wand. Now, you can easily froth milk to make your beloved cappuccinos and lattes at home!

Best pod coffee maker under $100: Keurig K-Classic K-50 coffee maker

In the world of pod coffee, Keurig reigns supreme. While Nespresso’s pods lead in capsule espresso, they still can’t beat the vast selection of k-cups Keurig offers.

Keurig shines with its easy and quick coffee-making. Just pop in a pod, hit a button, and voila! In under a minute, your steaming cup of coffee is ready. It’s one of the simplest and quickest ways to brew your morning joy.

Back in the day, k-cup coffee had a reputation for being too weak. Luckily, that’s changed! Now, many brands offer stronger coffee k-cups and even espresso k-cups for a bolder brew.

The K-Classic may be the simplest Keurig model, but it’s still versatile. It accepts all k-cups, letting you brew coffee in 6, 8, or 10-ounce sizes, perfect for regular or travel mugs. Plus, its 48-ounce water tank means you can make up to 8 cups before needing a refill. 

If you’re okay with spending a bit more than $100, consider the K-Select over the K-Classic. It offers an extra cup size (12 ounces) and a bigger water tank. Plus, it has a strong brew feature, making it a top pick for Keurig lovers.

Best percolator under $100: Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite coffee percolator

If you’re diving deeper into coffee beyond the usual drip or pod machines, you’ll find a world of difference with percolators. Unlike drip coffee makers, percolators offer you the chance to truly customize your brew’s flavor, giving you more control in your coffee adventure.

Farberware offers stovetop percolators in 8 and 12 cups. Want less? The 8-cup model can brew just 4 cups, perfect for smaller needs.

The kettle is mostly made of stainless steel, making it strong and easy to clean. It has a glass knob on top so you can see when your coffee starts brewing. Plus, every piece, including the filter basket, can go in the dishwasher, but washing by hand is still the better choice.

Best electric percolator under $100: Presto 02811 electric percolator

Presto’s electric percolator is a dream for coffee lovers! It’s sleek, simple, and can do it all. The design is not just pretty but practical, with an easy-pour spout and stainless steel build that’s a breeze to clean and fights germs. Plus, it fits perfectly in any kitchen, and even the filter basket and tube are stainless steel for added durability.

The Presto isn’t just for big batches; it can brew as little as 2 cups of coffee, perfect for a quiet morning. Plus, its handy indicator light tells you exactly when your coffee is ready – a neat feature missing in stovetop percolators.

Best Moka pot under $100: Bialetti 4953 Moka Express

Moka pots are a big deal in the coffee world, and one brand stands out so much that people often call them Bialettis, just like you’d say Kleenex instead of tissue. These pots come from Italy, where an amazing 90% of Moka pots bought are from this beloved brand.

Bialetti Moka pots are a favorite among coffee lovers, and for good reason. They’re super durable, always brew your coffee just right, and come in four different sizes – perfect whether you’re making coffee for one or a crowd. Plus, they’re available in lots of colors, making it a breeze to match your kitchen’s style.

The sleek handle lets you pour hot coffee easily without getting burned. Plus, its aluminum build means the pot is light and a breeze to clean. Perfect for your morning brew! 

Best French press under $100: Frieling USA double-walled stainless-steel French press

If you believe all French presses are the same, think again! A top-notch French press, like Frieling’s, changes everything. It boasts a unique two-stage filter that keeps gritty bits out of your coffee, making every sip smooth. But Frieling didn’t just stop at great filtering. Their French press is so outstanding, it snagged the 2017 Houseware Designs Award. A true champion in the coffee world!

Their double-wall insulation means your coffee stays hot for hours – no more cold coffee blues or flavor woes from reheating! Plus, they’re super durable, outlasting those fragile glass carafes any day.

Choose your perfect size from 17, 23, 36, or 44 ounces and pick your favorite finish: sleek polished or sophisticated brushed.

Best budget French press under $100: Bodum Brazil French Press

Exploring affordable French presses? Bodum is your go-to! Known for their simplicity, durability, and ease of use, Bodum’s French presses make top-notch coffee without breaking the bank.

Crafted from borosilicate glass, this sleek container is both lightweight and durable, perfectly retaining heat. Plus, it’s totally safe to pop in the dishwasher!

Best pour-over coffee maker under $100: Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Looking for an unsung hero of pour-over coffee? Look elsewhere! The Hario V60 isn’t just a favorite among baristas – it’s perfect for beginners diving into pour-over brewing too.

The Hario V60 is perfect for coffee lovers of all levels. Whether you want your coffee strong and rich or light and full of flavor, this tool does it all. Its ceramic design keeps your brew hot from start to finish. For those diving into the world of pour-over coffee, the V60 is a fantastic choice that you’ll continue to adore even as you become a pro.

Best cold brew coffee maker under $100: Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Making cold brew is easy! All it takes is mixing coffee grounds with water in a mason jar, leaving it in the fridge overnight, and then filtering out the grounds. However, a budget-friendly cold brew coffee maker can simplify the process even more.

The Primula Burke cold brew coffee maker is perfect for those on a budget. It has a strong glass carafe and a reusable mesh filter that keeps coffee grounds away from your drink. Making clean-up a breeze, simply remove the filter, toss the grounds, and give it a quick rinse. Perfect for beginners!

This cold brew maker whips up 6 cups in one go and snugly fits in most fridge doors. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. Perfect for beginners eager to dive into cold brews!

Best siphon coffee maker under $100: Hario Glass Technica Syphon Coffee Maker

Yes, this is the brand I also suggested for pour-over coffee. No hard feelings, please!

The upper and lower bowls, plus the burner, are crafted from borosilicate glass, while the stand, burner cover, and filter boast stainless steel. This glass-heavy design means it’s quite delicate, a typical trait for siphon coffee makers.

The Hario relies on alcohol for heat, which can be tricky to get right. Pricier vacuum coffee makers often use electricity for more reliable, consistent heating.

So why would I recommend the inferior heating source?

You might think I suggest using alcohol-fueled burners to brew coffee because it feels like a cool chemistry experiment. But the real reason is simpler: finding a decent electric siphon coffee maker for under $100 is tough! 

Ready to explore siphon coffee? Start with an affordable option that won’t break the bank. But, if you can, consider investing a bit more in the Bodum K1218-16. It’s worth the extra for a superior experience.

Best Turkish coffee pot under $100: CopperBull Solid Hammered Copper Turkish coffee pot

Discover the beauty of Turkish coffee pots! Even if the brew’s not your cup of tea, their stunning, hand-crafted designs will dazzle any kitchen.

CopperBull’s pot brews up to five cups of coffee in one go. It’s super sturdy, with copper plating that keeps rust away. Perfect for those wanting to make real Turkish coffee, this pot not only does the job well but also impresses your guests with its quality and style.

Best electric Turkish coffee maker under $100: Brentwood Appliances TS-117S Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

Love the rich taste of Turkish coffee but not the complex process? No worries! With this user-friendly electric coffee maker, you can quickly whip up to four cups of delicious coffee. Its stainless steel design ensures durability, making your coffee experience both easy and authentic.

Designed for ease, this gadget features a comfortable handle for smooth pouring and an accessible on-off switch. You can even use it with just one hand!

Best Vietnamese coffee maker under $100: Gladiator Vietnamese Coffee Maker Filter Set

Gladiator coffee makers shine with their tough stainless steel build, making them a breeze to clean and ideal for on-the-go sips. Designed for simplicity, just like traditional Vietnamese coffee makers, they promise ease of use. Available in three sizes, this model is the biggest, whipping up 2-3 servings of your favorite coffee in no time.

Brewing with this pot is quick; it only takes a minute to get started. Then, sit back and wait for 5-7 minutes as the coffee slowly drips to perfection. Unlike other methods, you don’t have to stick around; just let it do its magic!

The Verdict

I’ve shared a quick guide on different ways to make coffee. I’m eager to know if you’ve explored any of these new techniques. Let’s chat about your coffee adventures!

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable drip coffee maker, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s drip coffee, Turkish coffee, espresso, or anything else you crave, I hope you discover your perfect match here.

Didn’t catch all that? Drop a comment below! I’m here to help guide you towards brewing your ideal cup of coffee.

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