6 Best Coffee Roasters In California [2022]

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California is home to some of the world’s best coffee roasters, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and San Diego. They get their coffee from eco-friendly farms and are passionate about bean quality. You can find their fresh roasts in-store or online, perfect for coffee lovers everywhere.

Discover California’s top coffee roasters, specializing in unique blends that can be shipped nationwide or even globally. Perfect for coffee lovers everywhere!

1. Verve Coffee Roasters

Primary Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Discover the world in a cup with Verve Coffee Roasters. With cozy spots in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, and even Japan, Verve brings you sustainable, heirloom coffee from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Colombia. Explore the globe through their unique roasts, born from the owners’ global adventures in search of the perfect beans.

The shop offers unique blends like Verve Wild Bender, crafted from Ethiopian and Colombian beans, bursting with cherry, honeysuckle, and cantaloupe flavors. Explore more from Verve’s seasonal coffees, each with its own taste adventure – from molasses and dark chocolate to nuts, red apple, clementine, brown sugar, nectarine, and key lime.

Their espresso comes from unique single-origin beans or a mix, creating distinct flavors. They offer Verve Flash Brewed Coffee, which is brewed hot then quickly frozen to enhance its sweet and tangy taste.

Explore the world of coffee on their website! Choose from whole beans, ground coffee, instant blends, or even flash brewed and espresso options. Plus, find the perfect coffee maker for your brew, like the popular AeroPress Coffee Brewers. Dive in and discover your favorite!

2. Insight Coffee Roaster

Primary Location: Sacramento, CA

Discover the world of coffee at Insight Coffee Roaster in Sacramento. They bring you organic coffee from places like Mexico, Central America, Africa, and more. Not only can you enjoy delicious coffee and breakfast treats there, but you can also buy organic and unroasted beans to try roasting yourself at home.

This shop is a coffee lover’s dream, packed with everything from roasters and grinders to pots and cool accessories. You can buy their top-notch coffee beans online or in-store. Plus, their cafes are open every day – definitely worth a visit!

3. Equator Coffees

Primary Location: San Rafael, CA

Dive into the world of Equator Coffees, a gem nestled in places like California’s Mill Valley, Sausalito, and more. They bring you the finest coffees from global corners, all while supporting good causes through fair trade. Whether you’re a fan of rich espresso, smooth mocha java, or bold French Roast, Equator Coffees has your cup of joy.

Discover a world of flavor with our single-origin coffees from places like Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, and Columbia. We also offer a variety of specialty espresso brands. Choose your beans whole or ground to your preference—fine, medium, or coarse. Plus, we have instant coffee and cold brew options that are perfect for filter bags.

Equator isn’t just about coffee beans; they’ve got everything from coffeemakers to grinders, plus cool coffee gear. Whether you shop online, use their app, or drop by their cozy coffee house, you’re in for a treat. There, you can enjoy everything from steamy or chilled coffee and tea to delicious baked treats, waffles, breakfast sandwiches, fresh salads, and even bottled water.

4. Sightglass Coffee

Primary Location: San Francisco, CA

Dive into the world of coffee with Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco! They welcome you with a free class on coffee brewing basics. Want to learn more? They offer paid classes on Pour Over Brewing and Making Espresso at home. With four cozy spots in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the passionate owners personally oversee the coffee’s journey from bean to cup.

In 2009, they launched their dream in a small garage, armed with just the basics. Now, they offer a variety of coffees at their shops, including single-origin, blends, and organic options from Columbia, Honduras, Central America, Africa, and Ethiopia.

Visit Sightglass Coffee Roasters online or in-store to explore their coffee selections. They also offer coffee pots, grinders, and accessories for your brewing needs. Enjoy a variety of coffee, tea, cold drinks, and tasty treats like baked goods and salads at their coffee bars. Keep in mind, menu options can differ by location.

5. Red Bay Coffee

Primary Location: Oakland, CA

Discover the unique world of Red Bay Coffee, nestled in Oakland, California. Founded by a creative artist and food entrepreneur, this coffee haven is all about embracing sustainability and celebrating diversity. It’s not just a place to grab your coffee; it’s a vibrant community space hosting events that bring people together. Check their website to find where you can enjoy their coffee across California.

Visit the Oakland Store at 3616 International Blvd for a coffee adventure! Choose from unique single-origin roasts, classic blends, or rich espresso blends, all in 12-ounce packages.

Red Bay Coffee offers single-serve bags perfect for a quick cup. You can steep them like tea or use them for pour-over coffee. Favorites include Motherland, Slow Burn, and Brazilian Cake Lady. Try one today!

Discover your perfect brew with their wide range of coffee makers, cups, and accessories available online and in-store. Learn to master each device with their easy online brew guides, accessible with just a click here.

This cozy cafe offers delicious coffee, tea, and cool refreshments, along with tasty treats from local bakeries. They’re also expanding their menu for more yummy options. Spread over three floors, there’s lots of room to relax in their Oakland spot. Plus, you can easily order online or drop by in person!

6. Klatch Coffee

Primary Location: Rancho Cucamonga

Dive into the world of coffee with Klatch Coffee in Ranchero Cucamonga, CA! They offer exciting classes on espresso making, crafting latte art, brewing coffee at home, mastering barista skills, and even roasting coffee beans. Each class does have a fee. Curious about the differences between espresso and lattes? Klatch Coffee has you covered. Plus, they’re committed to sustainability, sourcing their beans from eco-friendly farmers and ensuring top-notch quality and ethics with their partners.

This award-winning coffee shop is known for its top-notch coffee, delicious menu, and friendly service. They offer organic and blended espresso, plus a special three-pack for espresso enthusiasts.

They sell coffee beans from places like Brazil, Columbia, and Kenya, and even the USA. You can buy them whole or ground, perfect for any brewing method like French press or espresso. Plus, they offer three sizes to choose from.

Klatch Coffee is your go-to spot for top-notch coffee gear, featuring brands like Baratza and Breville, alongside the classic Chemex Pour Over Coffee Pot. They’ve got a great selection of cups and mugs too. Looking for a gift? Check out their gift cards and subscription options. Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, Klatch Coffee has you covered. And if you’re craving something delicious, their cafe offers everything from coffee and lattes to sandwiches and pastries. Order online or drop by to enjoy!

What’s Next?

California is home to some incredible coffee roasters. If you live there, you’re lucky to have lots of cafes and local shops to explore. And if you’re not from California, don’t worry – they’ll send their freshly roasted beans straight to your door, quickly.

Ready for a coffee adventure beyond California? Consider flying west to explore Hawaii’s Kona coffees—among the world’s most cherished beans. Or, if you prefer a different vibe, head to the midwest. There, you’ll discover Chicago’s coffee roasters, pioneers in the third-wave coffee movement.

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