12 Best Coffee Roasters in Chicago [2022]

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Chicago’s coffee game is as strong as any you’ll find in New York or LA. The city’s roasters were crucial in kickstarting the specialty coffee craze and continue to make some of the finest brews globally.

Discover the top coffee roasters in Chicago with our guide! Many of these gems offer their beans on Amazon, and you can also buy directly from their websites, choosing single purchases or subscriptions. Plus, most have cozy cafes in the Chicago area, perfect for experiencing the Midwest’s finest coffees firsthand.

Dark Matter Coffee

Since 2008, Dark Matter Coffee has been a top pick in Chicago for coffee lovers. What sets them apart? Their packaging grabs your attention, and their coffee? It’s simply out of this world in taste. A must-try for anyone who loves a good brew.

Dark Matter Coffee lovers can sign up for a subscription to get their favorite coffee delivered monthly. Choose between convenient 12-ounce containers or big 5-pound bags, right to your doorstep.

Intelligentsia Coffee Bar

Intelligentsia led the way in the third-wave coffee movement, championing direct trade. This approach is key to the movement’s focus on social responsibility.

At Intelligentsia Coffee Bar, your coffee starts its journey the moment you order it. They roast their beans fresh for each cup, making a short wait totally worth it. Imagine sipping a coffee that’s bursting with flavor – that’s what you get here. They’re all about quality, hiring only expert baristas to ensure your coffee is perfect. Yes, the prices are a bit higher, but most coffee lovers agree it’s a small price for such an exceptional experience. 

Buzz Coffee Roaster & Bakery LLC

At Buzz Coffee Roaster & Bar LLC, the aroma is as delightful as the coffee itself! Visitors love the cozy vibes and the heavenly scent of fresh coffee. Plus, their muffins, scones, and other treats are simply delicious. Their coffee? It’s uniquely flavorful, making every sip unforgettable.

At Buzz, not only can you enjoy fancy teas and delightful treats, but you’ll also love their prices. They offer top-notch coffee and more, all at wallet-friendly costs. A favorite spot for many!

Sparrow Coffee Roastery

Sparrow Coffee Roasters are masters at roasting coffee, with more than 30 years of experience and over 100,000 unique roasts under their belt. Whether you prefer whole beans or ground coffee, you can easily order online and enjoy it at home. Or, visit their cafe for a freshly brewed cup. They’re all about giving you the perfect coffee experience.

At Sparrow Coffee Roastery, you can enjoy nitro coffee, batch brew, cold brew, and more. Not feeling like coffee? No problem! They also serve herbal teas, tasty smoothies, tea lattes, and more. 

Jimmy Beans Coffee

This beloved Chicago coffee spot is a hit for its delicious brews that won’t empty your wallet, even if you swing by daily before work. Plus, people love seeing Jimmy, the owner, roasting beans right in the shop. It adds a special touch to their morning coffee routine.

Jimmy and his team are super friendly and always ready to help. Plus, when you buy coffee beans, you get a free cup of coffee! Don’t miss out on trying some of the best cold brew in the city at Jimmy Beans Coffee.

Coffee Lab & Roasters

Since opening its doors in 2018, Coffee Lab & Roasters has become a cozy spot for amazing coffee that won’t break the bank. They make everyone feel right at home, offering the convenience of online ordering for pickup. Plus, you can buy gift cards or get their delicious coffee beans delivered straight to your door. It’s a favorite for many because of its welcoming vibe and affordable, scrumptious coffee. 

Big Shoulders Coffee

Big Shoulders is all about serving the most delicious artisan coffee in Chicago. The people behind it love nothing more than roasting amazing coffee and making sure you’re more than happy with your experience. Every time you visit, you’re in for a cozy vibe perfect for enjoying your coffee. Plus, they sweeten the deal with a free gift whenever you buy their coffee beans.

Ipsento 606

Ipsento teams up with bean farmers globally, offering a vast array of coffee options from different countries. Craving Colombian or Ethiopian coffee? Chances are, Ipsento has just what you’re looking for. Yes, the coffee might be on the pricier side, but the top-notch quality and warm service make it worth every penny. And if you’re new to exploring the world of coffee beans, don’t worry – Ipsento is ready to guide you through with an informative lesson.

Grounds Well Coffee Roasters

Grounds Well Coffee Roasters in Chicago is a hit for many reasons. It’s always bustling with people eager to try their wide range of coffees, from Honduran delights, Costa Rican flavors, to Ethiopian gems, and beyond.

Customers love the top-notch service here, where the staff goes the extra mile to make everyone happy. Besides amazing coffee, you can also enjoy delicious bakery treats, mouthwatering paninis, and more. Perfect for any coffee lover looking to explore!

Colectivo Coffee

Coffee lovers, listen up! This roaster is a gem. With a cozy shop and outdoor seats, their Guatemalan coffee will blow your mind. A must-visit!

Colectivo Coffee has tasty snacks and cool drinks at great prices, making every visit enjoyable and budget-friendly!

Metric Coffee

On weekends, this roaster is a hotspot, making parking a real challenge. Why? Everyone’s after their amazing coffee. It’s not just the cozy vibe or the tasty brews that draw the crowd; it’s also their impressive selection of coffee beans that keeps people coming back for more.

Metric Coffee serves amazing coffee with a smile and hosts fun espresso classes weekly!

Passion House Coffee

At this one-of-a-kind coffee shop, you can enjoy cold brew coffee anytime, served in cans or from kegs. Passion House roasts their beans in a unique cast-iron roaster, unlocking incredible flavors. This special roasting method extracts the maximum taste from the beans, making every sip unforgettable.

Passion House was named for its owners’ deep love of crafting the finest coffee and ensuring every customer enjoys an exceptional experience.

What’s Next?

Discovering your next favorite coffee can be as simple as visiting a local roaster and sipping on a fresh brew. But, if a trip to Chicago isn’t on your agenda, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the rich flavors of Chicago’s specialty coffee scene right in your own home, no matter where you are.

To enjoy top-notch coffees to the fullest, you just need a great coffee maker. I recommend trying either an automatic pour-over coffee maker or an espresso machine, based on how you like your coffee brewed. Don’t forget a coffee grinder too! Grinding your own beans makes your coffee taste fresher and more delicious.

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