The 12 Best Coffee Scales and Why You Need One

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If you’re new to coffee, you might think the brewing process is all that matters. Skipping steps like weighing and grinding beans seems easy, right? Wrong. I learned that the hard way, and you might be making the same mistake. 

Discover the secret to perfect coffee every time! Opting for the top automatic pour-over coffee maker or the finest espresso machine can surely elevate your coffee game. Yet, there’s a simple trick that makes a big difference: accurately weighing your coffee. It’s an easy win! Investing in a good coffee scale doesn’t have to break the bank, but it’s invaluable for brewing that perfect cup.

Quick Take: Best Coffee Scales

Image Product

Best coffee scale

Brewista Ratio Pour...image Brewista Ratio Pour Over Coffee Scale (BWRRS1) Check price

Best high-end coffee scale

Acaia Scale- Pearl Acaia Scale- Pearl Check price

Best budget coffee scale

Coffee Scale with...image Coffee Scale with Timer Small, Apexstone Espresso Scale with Timer Small, Espresso Coffee Scale with Timer for Pour Over Coffee (Batteries Included) Check price

Are Coffee Scales Worth It?

Coffee can be tricky to get just right. You want to pull out the good stuff – oils, sugars, and acids – without grabbing the bits that make coffee bitter. If you don’t extract enough, your coffee will taste sour and too acidic. But extract too much, and it turns bitter and flat.

The key to a perfect cup of coffee lies in the coffee-to-water ratio. It’s a simple yet effective way to control how strong or weak your coffee tastes. If you’re using a drip coffee maker, which is super common, adjusting this ratio and the size of your coffee grounds are your main tools to brew magic.

Pouring beans onto a coffee scale to weigh them

If you’re using a tablespoon or scoop for your coffee, you’re on the right track, but there’s a better way. Measuring by volume seems simple but it’s not very accurate. Why? Because the size of the grind, how dark the beans are roasted, and even the type of coffee bean can change how much space the grounds take up. These changes mean your coffee might not taste the same every time. The secret to consistently great coffee? Use a scale to weigh your grounds. It’s the surefire method to nail your favorite brew every time.

How to Choose a Coffee Scale


For coffee lovers, getting your measurements right is key to the perfect cup. A good scale can make all the difference. Look for one that measures in small increments, ideally 0.1 grams, to be precise with your coffee grounds. If you’re measuring bigger amounts, a scale that goes up by 1 gram at a time can work too. While some folks swear by ultra-precise 0.01-gram scales for pour-overs, honestly, that’s more than most of us need.

Battery life

If you’re brewing coffee at home, a scale that needs an outlet can work well. But, if you plan to take your coffee gear on the go, consider a scale that runs on batteries. Personally, I prefer battery-powered scales even at home. They’re just more convenient to handle and store without worrying about a cord, especially since kitchen outlets are often in short supply.

When choosing a coffee scale, pay attention to battery life. Most have long-lasting batteries, but it’s worth checking reviews. For frequent coffee makers, consider a rechargeable scale. It’s not only cost-effective but also better for the planet.


When measuring coffee beans or grounds, there’s no rush. But, if you’re diving into manual brewing, you’ll also be measuring water and how fast you pour it. Here, speed is key. The most precise scale won’t help if it can’t keep up with your pace. So, make sure your scale is quick to update!

Making pour-over coffee on a scale, a task that requires a very responsive scale

Many coffee scales come with a built-in timer. While it might seem unrelated to weighing your coffee beans, this feature is actually super handy! Different brewing methods like French press, pour-over, and percolator all need precise brewing times to get your coffee just right. Sure, you could use a kitchen timer or your phone, but not all timers go down to the second. Having a timer on your coffee scale makes it more than just a scale; it becomes an essential tool for brewing the perfect cup.

Other features

The main difference between a basic and a high-end coffee scale? How quickly it responds.


No need for a big scale when making coffee. Usually, you’re just measuring a few tablespoons of beans or grounds. But, if you’re exploring recipes like AeroPress espresso that need your coffee maker on the scale, opt for a slightly bigger one. It’s simple but makes a huge difference in your coffee adventure!

When pairing this scale with a compact coffee grinder for travel or camping adventures, go for the tiniest one that meets your needs. If it’s staying home, choose a scale that doesn’t hog your counter space and can handle your usual coffee grind amount.


Choosing the right scale for your coffee corner is not just about precision, but also style. Many scales come in various colors and designs, allowing you to match them with your decor. Before you pick one, think about what style you love – be it modern, minimalist, or artistic. This way, you can make sure your coffee setup looks as good as the brews you make.


When you’re brewing your favorite cup using methods like pour-over, French press, or AeroPress, chances are you’ll be around a lot of hot water. That’s why having a water-resistant digital coffee scale is key. It keeps your scale safe, whether you’re measuring water or brewing right on it.

Ensure your coffee scale has a tare (zero) button. While most do, skipping this feature in a budget scale complicates things. Regardless of your mental math prowess, starting from zero simplifies everything. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference in brewing your perfect cup.

An auto shut-off feature on your coffee scale can be a game-changer, especially if you’re like me and tend to forget things. This nifty function helps save energy and, in my case, keeps me from burning through batteries. However, not everyone’s a fan. Some worry it might turn off during brewing, which can be a hassle. It’s a matter of preference, but personally, I’m all in for the auto-off. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference!

Can you use a regular kitchen scale for coffee?

Weighing grams of coffee beans on a kitchen scale

Absolutely! Your regular kitchen scale can double as a coffee scale if it meets a few key criteria. If your current food scale does everything you need, there’s no need to splurge on a coffee-specific one. Often, the perfect coffee scale is the one you already own.

Best Coffee Scales

Best coffee scale: Brewista Ratio pour-over coffee scale

  • Make perfect pour over Coffee every time
  • Dual timing bars display the actual and desired pour rates
  • Adjustable water to grounds ratios
  • Automatic and manual modes
  • Great training tool for new baristas
  • Water resistant nano coating
  • Usb rechargeable battery (micro USB charging cord included)
  • Includes silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance

The Ratio scale is a coffee lover’s dream! It measures anything from 1 to 2000 grams with precise 0.1-gram accuracy. Plus, it’s water-resistant, thanks to a special coating and a silicone pad that also protects against heat. This makes it ideal for any brewing method, even those that require placing your coffee maker directly on the scale.

Discover Brewista’s sleek scale, perfect for coffee lovers! It automatically turns off, has a handy tare feature, and recharges with a micro-USB cord. Lightweight at 0.88 pounds, it’s sized just right at 8.3 x 6.5 x 1.8 inches.

The best thing about the Ratio is its awesome coffee-making tricks. You can set how strong you want your coffee by choosing a coffee-to-water ratio. Then, just weigh your coffee, and the Ratio does the math to figure out how much water you need. But, it’s got a small hiccup – it only goes from a 1:14 to a 1:20 ratio. This is perfect for your everyday drip or pour-over brews, but not for cold brew or a bold French press.

The scale has a basic manual timer and can also start timing automatically as you pour water.

For coffee fans, there’s a lot to love. Yet, the standout feature of the Ratio pour-over scale is its amazing pour-rate meter.

The pour-rate meter on the Ratio is a game-changer, especially for those new to pour-over coffee. When you’re trying to manually pour water over your coffee grounds, keeping a consistent flow can be tricky. But the Ratio makes it easier. It shows you two bars as you pour: one for the ideal pour rate and another for your current rate. This way, you can easily see if you need to pour faster or slower. It’s a straightforward feature, but it’s incredibly helpful for beginners diving into the art of pour-over coffee.

Best high-end coffee scale: Acaia Pearl scale

  • Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and cafes around the world. The minimalistic design and laboratory-grade parts make for a seamless brewing experience. Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and cafes around the world. The minimalistic design and laboratory-grade parts make for a seamless brewing experience. Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and cafes around the world. The minimalistic design and laboratory-grade parts make for a seamless brewing experience.
  • Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and cafes around the world. The minimalistic design and laboratory-grade parts make for a seamless brewing experience. Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and cafes around the world. The minimalistic design and laboratory-grade parts make for a seamless brewing experience..
  • FAST 20 ms response time provides ultra-fast response time and instant readings. ACCURATE & SENSITIVE Readability up to 0.1 g. The Acaia Pearl is sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation and temperature. STABILIZATION Packed with laboratory-grade scale technology like adjustable zero tracking and creeping compensation. Tweak your scale's settings to your enviornment.
  • TIMER In a dual display, both time and weight are shown on the scale. If paired with one of our mobile apps, the sync can track your times and graph your pour. AUTOMATED AUTO-OFF CUSTOMIZATION The Acaia scale will not shut down during coffee brewing. If desired, the time for an auto-off is customizable through our apps. RECHARGEABLE USB POWER SUPPLY A greener alternative power source, the lithium ion battery lasts 20-30 hrs.

If you’re new to pour-over or espresso, an Acaia coffee scale might be too much. But, for coffee experts, the Pearl’s super quick 20-millisecond response time is a game-changer. It gives instant updates on weight changes – exactly what professional baristas need.

The Pearl stands out as one of the toughest coffee scales you can find. It’s built to last, with auto-zero tracking for super stable measurements, even when other scales might give up. Plus, it measures with precise 0.1-gram increments.

Acaia’s scale is a game-changer for pour-over coffee lovers. It’s packed with cool features, not just the basics like auto-taring and an auto-timer. What’s really awesome? It has Bluetooth! This means you can connect it to your smartphone. With Acaia’s app, you can easily find brewing recipes, keep an eye on the timer, and watch your flow rate as it happens. Perfect for beginners eager to up their coffee game!

Pair your smart coffee maker with a smart coffee scale for the perfect brew. The Pearl is one of the smartest choices out there!

Best budget coffee scale: Apexstone coffee scale with timer

  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: High precision sensors to ensure a accurate measurements from 0.1 oz /1 g to 3000g/ml, 5 different units of measurement in OZ, LB,G,ML,G/ML
  • CLEAR READABLE DISPLAY:LCD screen with BLUE BACK LIGHT makes the data easy to read,it provides Units Switch Function,Timer and Low Battery Indication,Auto Off Function,Tare Function
  • UNIQUE BUILT-IN TIMER:It enable you to time the brew to get a consistent cup of coffee.Timing up to 59 minutes 59 seconds
  • SAFE SILICONE MAT: It protects the scale from heat or liquid spillage, easy to take it off and keep it clean all the time. The hard plastic cover protects the scale from dirty when not using
  • 100% SATISFACTORY WARRANTY: if unfortunately our COFFEE SCALE WITH TIMER did not work well ,please kindly contact us for exchange, refund or return

Making amazing coffee doesn’t mean emptying your wallet. Find a coffee maker for less than $100 and grab a budget-friendly coffee scale to start your brewing journey without spending much.

Apexstone is your perfect starting point for diving into the world of coffee. It’s precise, measuring every 0.1 gram from 1 gram up to 3000 grams. While I suggest weighing your coffee in grams for the best results, this scale also offers four additional units – ounces, pounds, milliliters, and grams per milliliter. This makes it not just great for coffee, but a versatile tool for any kitchen task.

Powered by two AAA batteries, this coffee scale from Apexstone is user-friendly with its tare function, automatic shut-off, and handy built-in timer. It’s designed to last, featuring a heat and water-resistant silicone mat and a durable plastic cover for protection when idle. Lightweight at just 0.8 pounds, its dimensions are 9 x 6 x 2 inches, making it a compact kitchen companion.

Best espresso scale: Felicita Arc scale

The Arc scale is a dream come true for espresso lovers. Its unique design isn’t the best for pour-over coffee, but it’s perfect for cradling a portafilter or two espresso cups side by side. Plus, its compact shape means it sits snugly on any espresso machine’s drip tray. While the Brewista Ratio might rule the pour-over world, when it comes to espresso, the Arc is unmatched.

With its auto-timer and auto-tare, this coffee scale is all about easy use. It’s designed to simplify your brewing, not complicate it. Plus, you can even customize the auto-off feature to suit your needs.

Like Acaia, Felicita offers a cool app for their scales that pairs with Bluetooth. It helps you monitor how fast you pour and create your own coffee recipes. 

The Arc is super sturdy, thanks to its tough aluminum shell that also keeps water out. Its sleek, simple look packs a punch with a 2000-gram limit and precise 0.1-gram measurements. Perfect for your coffee journey!

Felicita’s rechargeable batteries outshine others, lasting an impressive 20 hours on a single charge, perfect for coffee lovers on the go.

Hario V60 drip coffee scale

  • Hario V60 drip coffee scale measures in 0. 1 gram increments for highest precision
  • Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each time
  • Integrated timer for complete and total control of your coffee brewing process
  • Auto power off in 5 minutes (not activated when the timer is on)
  • Scale dimensions: 7. 4" x 4. 7" x 1. 1" ; Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)

You know the Hario V60 pour-over filter, right? Well, Hario also makes a drip scale that’s sleek, easy to use, and dependable. It may not have all the bells and whistles of others, but it has everything essential for perfect brewing.

The Hario V60 scale is super precise, perfect for coffee lovers! For weights between 2 and 200 grams, it measures in tiny 0.1 gram steps. If you’re weighing something between 200 and 500 grams, it switches to 0.2 gram steps. And for heavier items, from 500 to 2000 grams, it goes up by 1 gram at a time. Remember, this includes the weight of whatever you’re using to hold your coffee, like a portafilter or a brewer, which might push you into that 1 gram step range. This is totally okay for most coffee-making, but might be tricky for recipes that need super exact measurements. 

The Hario scale is perfect for coffee lovers! It has a handy tare button and a timer you can start manually. You’ll love how it displays both the timer and weight at the same time, making it essential for brewing right on the scale. While it can handle some water, it’s not fully waterproof. It uses two AAA batteries instead of needing a recharge. Plus, it automatically turns off after five minutes, but don’t worry, the timer stops this from happening.

The Hario coffee scale is super light at just 0.58 pounds and compact (7.48 x 4.72 x 1.14 inches), perfect for on-the-go. Pick from white, black, or stainless steel.

Brewista Smart Scale II

  • Your Best Brew Starts Here: The best brewed coffee starts with the perfect measurement. Brewista Smart Scale II is an easy-to-use coffee scale with a water-resistant coating that can measure down as low as 0.1 grams. Please be sure to follow the instruction in the manual to make sure auto modes function correctly.
  • Bring it Home: Designed as a best in class kitchen tool for quality and affordability, this smart coffee scale helps you develop the artistry of coffee from the comfort of your own home; It offers 6 user modes – 5 for espresso and 1 for manual
  • Make the Most of Your Measuring: Additional features include a USB rechargeable battery, 2000 gram (70 oz) capacity, 0.1 gram weight accuracy, auto tare, auto time, auto-off function, and LCD display in grams and ounces
  • Protective Coverings: The Smart Scale II comes included with a protective cover / tray, and silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance
  • Brewista Brand Background: All of our products are created in-house, from concept to manufacturing; It’s why we collaborate with industry leaders and world-champion baristas, and it’s why our design team is composed of Q Grade certified coffee experts

Why does Brewista have two different scales? It’s simple – they serve unique needs. The Ratio scale shines when used with Chemex and other pour-over methods, making it a go-to for manual coffee brewing. On the other hand, the Smart Scale II is a dream for espresso lovers. Designed to snugly fit under espresso machine group heads, it boasts precise measurements down to 0.1 grams and can handle up to 2000 grams. Perfect for crafting your ideal espresso shot!

The machine comes with a silicone mat that shields it from water and heat. Plus, it has a nano-coating making it water-resistant. It includes a clear case for safe travel, which also serves as a handy tray for weighing your coffee beans.

The Smart Scale II comes packed with six different modes for weighing and timing your coffee brewing. While most of us might stick to one or two favorites, those who really dive deep into coffee making will love exploring all the espresso scale timer and weighing possibilities.

  • Mode 1 (manual)  — Manual taring and timer.
  • Mode 2 (espresso) — Scale tares automatically, timer starts immediately.
  • Mode 3 (espresso) — Scale tares automatically, timer triggered manually.
  • Mode 4 (espresso) — Scale tares automatically, no timer.
  • Mode 5 (espresso) — Scale tares automatically, timer starts when scale senses weight.
  • Mode 6 (pour-over) — Manual taring, timer starts automatically.

The Smart Scale II is light, weighing only 0.45 pounds, and compact, at 8 x 6.5 x 2 inches. It’s USB-rechargeable and smartly saves energy with its auto-off feature.

Timemore digital coffee scale with timer

  • FLOW RATE & AUTO FUNCTION:Timemore coffee scale has a flow rate measurement function that is separate from the built-in timer, which helps you adjust the speed and intensity of your pour when brewing flavored coffee. It also has an auto timing function that automatically starts when it detects changes in weight
  • HIGH PRECISION SENSOR:Digital scale is accurate to measure, and the scale range is 0.1 - 2,000 g , and the 0.1 g can be detected accurately. Even when you want to add a little coffee powder, it is also accurate to measure the amount of water pouring while pouring hot water. Make your coffee exactly and enjoy your daily delicious coffee
  • TYPE C CHARGING PORT: The 1,600 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery can be used for 24 hours on a single charge. You can also use it in the kitchen without a power source, so you can enjoy your hand dripping anywhere you like. This type can be charged by Type-C USB, so there is no need to buy or replace batteries
  • HIDDEN LED DISPLAY: The LED display is easy to read and display. Hidden design, no button is still displayed when the power is off. The surface also includes a silicone sheet for improved traction. With a thin design of about 1.2 inches (3 cm) in thickness, it matches the interior of your home, so you don't have to worry about
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 6.0 x 5.1 x 1.0 inches (152 x 130 x 26 mm); Weight: Approx. 13.8 oz (380 g); Type C USB charging; Battery Capacity: 1,600 mAh; Measuring Range: 0.00 - 7.8 oz (0.1 - 2,000 g). Heat resistance: Surface-10℃~60℃ When using silicone pad--20℃~100℃ Assist Function: Built-in buzzer sound

Timemore’s scale proves that simplicity wins! Its high-contrast LED screen is super easy to read, and its intuitive design means you won’t get lost in unnecessary features. Perfect for making coffee without the fuss. 

This scale’s design might spark debate, but I adore how it looks like a sleek black brick on your countertop when it’s off. This magic trick is thanks to its LED screen that only shows up when the scale is on. Plus, there’s a white version if that’s more your style!

The Timemore scale is compact, measuring just 5.98 x 5.11 x 1.02 inches and weighing 0.84 pounds. It’s not the lightest, but it’s durable with a scratch-resistant surface. Plus, its battery can go 10 hours straight without needing a recharge. Perfect for coffee lovers!

Timemore’s scale precisely measures from 0.5 to 2000 grams, accurate to 0.1 grams – perfect for coffee precision!

This scale has a handy tare function and a built-in timer. It automatically turns off after 3 minutes of inactivity, or 15 minutes if you’re using the timer.

HuiSmart coffee scale with timer

  • 【ACCURACY】 High-accuracy Readings with Blue Backlight & LCD Display; MEASURES IN: oz, lb, g, g/ml, ml. Graduation:A: 2-200g d=0.1g B:200-500g d=0.5g C:500-3000g d=1g.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONALITY】 Coffee scale grams, Two Modes:timer & weight.Four Buttons:units.tare.start/stop.on/off.Large Capacity: 3KG/6.6LB. Auto Zero Resetting.Auto Power Off.Low Battery Indication:"LO".Overload Indication:"EEEEE".Unit Conversion: oz-lb-g-g/ml-ml. Blue Backlight & LCD Display make it EASY TO READ even in the dim light.
  • 【EASY TO STORE】 Small Size:20*13*3 CM. EASY TO CARRY, EASY TO STORE ! You can put it in your bag on your journey,enjoy the coffee and have a good trip. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT so it fits nicely on the counter without taking up a bunch of space and is EASILY MOVED when the space is needed.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】 Sleek Design with a MAT and Hanger hole in its handle to allow for storage on a rack or hooks. Even if coffee or liquid splashes on the scale surface, it is so easy to wrap it down and keep it clean all the time.
  • 【2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries INCLUDED & 1-YEAR WARRANTY】Please make sure that four bases of the coffee scale is in a horizontal position, which is good for the sensor. Any problems please contact us as soon as possible, we will actively deal with it.

HuiSmart offers a versatile and affordable scale perfect for coffee lovers and kitchen enthusiasts alike. With precise 0.1-gram measurements, it’s ideal for brewing the perfect cup. Plus, it easily switches between five key units (oz, lb, g/ml, ml), making all your kitchen tasks a breeze.

This sleek scale comes with a handy tare function, a built-in timer, and an auto-off feature that kicks in after four minutes. It’s lightweight at just 0.66 pounds, runs on two AAA batteries, and has compact dimensions of 7.87 x 5.12 x 1.18 inches. Perfect for any coffee enthusiast!

This scale features a heat and water-resistant silicone mat to keep it safe. Plus, it has a handy lipped tray for easily measuring your coffee beans or grounds. 

Ozeri Touch digital kitchen scale

The Ozeri Touch is perfect for coffee beginners! It precisely measures from 1 gram to 5750 grams, covering more ground than typical coffee scales. Plus, it shows weight in grams, pounds, kilograms, and ounces, making it super versatile. 

This scale comes with a handy taring function and automatically shuts off after two minutes if you’re not using it, which I find a bit too quick. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust this setting. Also, it doesn’t have a timer, making it less ideal for coffee lovers aiming to perfect their brewing skills.

If you’re just starting out with coffee, this kitchen scale is a great pick! Not only does it work well for coffee, but its stylish look and five color options (black, lime green, engine red, teal blue, and white) also mean it’ll fit right into your kitchen’s vibe.

Oxo Good Grips coffee scale

Recognize Oxo? They’re famous for crafting top-notch coffee grinders for coffee lovers like you!

This scale is super precise, showing weights down to 0.1 grams, and can handle anything from a tiny 0.5 grams to a hefty 3000 grams. That’s perfect for all your coffee needs, making it a great choice for a coffee scale. Plus, it can switch between grams, ounces, or pounds, giving you flexibility.

This scale comes with a handy timer, a tare feature for easy measuring, and you can choose to turn off the auto-off function. It’s truly versatile! 

The Oxo scale runs on four AAA batteries and tips the scales at 1.28 pounds. It’s quite small for kitchen scales, yet it’s not quite small enough for travel. For those who love camping or live a digital nomad lifestyle, it’s wise to explore other options on this list.

Coffee Gator scale with timer

  • BARISTA TOOLS: Expertly brewed espresso demands precisely measured proportions. With our multi-purpose food scale, you can master the alchemy of perfect percolation.
  • VERSATILE: This espresso scale doesn’t just measure mere grounds, it's a versatile barista accessory that can weigh ounces, grams, and volume (in fluid ounces and liters)!
  • DURABLE: These food scales for kitchen use have the stamina of a triple shot macchiato! With a durable non-slip rubber mat and feet, and a spacious 5” x 5” platform, this scale won’t be sleeping on the job.
  • CONVENIENT: Not only are our digital kitchen scales with timer portable (no pesky cables), this battery-powered kitchen must-have also boasts a large LCD display to light up your culinary endeavors.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Whether you’re brewing, baking, or even candle making, this digital food scale can accommodate. Designed to make life easier, this thoughtful gift will tip the scales in your favor.

The Coffee Gator scale might not win any beauty contests, but it’s a powerhouse for its price. It precisely measures small amounts (as tiny as 0.1 grams) up to 3000 grams and offers four other handy kitchen measurements. Perfect for beginners!

This coffee scale has everything you need – a timer, tare function, and even a heat-resistant mat and tray for your beans. It’s lightweight at 1.08 pounds, easy to use with two AAA batteries (included), and compact, measuring 7.48 x 5 x 1.18 inches. Perfect for coffee beginners!

Acaia Pearl Model S scale

The Pearl Model S is like the Pearl’s big sibling, offering all the same great features but with a twist: it can hold up to 3000 grams! This makes it perfect if you love the Pearl but need something stronger for your hefty coffee maker. Despite the higher price, the Model S is a fantastic choice for those needing extra capacity.

The Model S boasts a dot-matrix display that does more than just look good. It can show you recipes or a flow-rate indicator, perfect for mastering your barista skills. Plus, its portafilter mode takes your espresso brewing to the next level.

The Model S stands out with its cool new features, all thanks to a bigger battery that doesn’t skimp on battery life. But, it’s a bit pricier and heavier than the classic Pearl.

Final Verdict

No matter your budget, there’s a coffee scale for you. Splurging on a high-end scale can up your pour-over or espresso game. But, even a basic $10 scale beats guessing with a coffee scoop. Find the right one and enhance your coffee experience!

Can you skip weighing your coffee beans? Sure, you can. It’s totally possible to enjoy coffee without ever weighing your beans. You might even choose a coffee maker with a grinder that does the measuring for you. However, using a scale is a simple, affordable, and dependable method to significantly improve your coffee experience.

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