How to Make Strong Coffee: 5 Easy Tricks for More Caffeine

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Whether you’re a fan of sweet, complex flavors or you just need a strong coffee to jumpstart your day, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the best ways to brew a potent cup of coffee, clearing up any myths and sharing secrets to enhance its richness and taste. Get ready for a deep dive into making your coffee strong, rich, and utterly delicious.

What Is Strong Coffee?

Let’s clear up a common mix-up about “strong” coffee. Some folks think it means more caffeine, while others believe it’s about a richer flavor. But guess what? They’re not always the same thing. Here, we’re focusing on the caffeine fans. Good news is, coffees high in caffeine often pack a flavorful punch, too. So, you’re likely to enjoy both benefits with our tips.

Coffee beans arranged to spell out strong

What if I want more flavorful coffee?

Want to make your coffee taste even better? Hang tight! We’ve got tips coming your way soon. Meanwhile, dive into the world of delicious cold brew coffees and explore the magic of automatic pour-over coffee makers. Both can seriously upgrade your coffee game. Stay tuned!

I’ll share tips to boost your coffee’s taste and caffeine kick. Perfect for beginner coffee lovers!

Can You Make Coffee Too Strong?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends keeping it to 400 mg of caffeine daily for adults. That’s roughly four cups of regular coffee or six espresso shots. Perfect for keeping your coffee love in check!

These tips won’t make your coffee super strong. If you’re still with us, you’re probably not too sensitive to caffeine.

Is Dark Roast Coffee Stronger?

Three coffee bean roasts, one way of adding variety to different coffee drinks

It’s not straightforward, but let’s clear up the confusion around caffeine in dark vs. light roast coffees. It’s a bit more complex than you might think!

Many believe dark roast coffee, with its bold taste, packs more caffeine. Not true. Others suggest that since dark roasts cook longer, they lose caffeine. Also incorrect. Click here to learn how roasting truly affects caffeine.

Let me switch to my chemist mode to break down the coffee magic for you.

Roasting coffee beans is like a magic trick for your taste buds, but don’t worry, it won’t make the caffeine disappear! Caffeine is super tough and doesn’t start to break down until things get really hot – we’re talking 392 degrees Fahrenheit. And guess what? Roasting usually happens at temperatures cooler than that. So, even after the beans turn that beautiful brown, they keep their energizing kick. No caffeine is lost in the process, so your morning cup will still give you that much-needed boost!

Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee?

Making two shots of espresso, enough for a black-eye coffee

Espresso packs a bigger caffeine punch ounce for ounce compared to regular coffee. But, since coffee cups are usually bigger, you get more caffeine from a full cup of coffee. When you add water to espresso, making it into an Americano or long black coffee, the caffeine content drops below that of a regular coffee cup. This also applies when turning espresso into a creamy cappuccino or latte.

Espresso packs more punch than regular coffee, especially if you sip it straight. There’s another secret to its strength, but hang tight – we’ll spill the beans soon.

5 Tricks for Making Stronger Coffee

Trick #1: Buy stronger coffee beans

Did you know not all coffee beans are the same? It’s not just about how dark they’re roasted. To really boost your caffeine kick, picking the right beans can make a huge difference, doubling or even quadrupling your buzz!

Did you know different coffee beans have their unique strengths? Many coffee enthusiasts adore Arabica beans for their sweet taste and rich flavors. However, if you’re after a caffeine kick, Robusta beans are your go-to, packing double the caffeine punch. For a robust experience, check out Vietnamese coffee brands known for their Robusta beans. Lavazza also offers blends rich in Robusta, setting it apart from Illy in the battle of Italian coffee giants.

Skip the hassle and grab one of the strongest coffees out there, made by experts in bold brews. For starters, try Death Wish. It packs nearly four times the punch of regular coffee in terms of caffeine and, trust me, it’s the most delicious potent coffee you’ll ever sip.

Coffee beans with more caffeine usually pack a stronger taste, but sometimes, they’re just bitter. However, Death Wish coffee stands out because it boosts the flavor without adding any bitterness. Perfect for those who love a strong but smooth cup.

Trick #2: Grind your coffee the right way

When your coffee tastes weak, it’s usually because you’re not getting enough out of your coffee grounds. This means you’re missing out on the caffeine and the rich, sweet flavors, making your coffee taste sour, salty, or acidic instead. It’s all about finding the right balance. 

Did you know you can tweak your coffee’s flavor by adjusting the water temperature, how fast it brews, the size of your coffee grounds, and how much coffee versus water you use? But, here’s the catch: most drip coffee machines, like the ones in many kitchens, don’t let you change the water temperature or brewing speed. So, focusing on grinding your coffee just right and nailing the perfect coffee-to-water mix are your top tricks to try.

To dive into the world of coffee, mastering how to grind coffee beans is key. Luckily, it’s super simple! With the best coffee grinders, you’re mostly all set.

Choosing the perfect grind size is key to great coffee. For drip coffee makers, a medium grind works wonders. Want a richer taste? Aim for a finer grind, but be careful not to make it too fine, or your coffee might end up bitter. Using a blade grinder? You’ll miss out on controlling the grind size. For the best results, switch to a burr grinder for precise control and delicious coffee every time. 

Getting the grind size just right can make your coffee taste even better. Plus, grinding beans yourself means fresher coffee, and that means a tastier cup of joe.

Trick #3: Use the perfect amount of coffee grounds

I’ve made things simpler by creating a coffee-to-water ratio calculator for you. Just like adjusting grind size, finding your ideal coffee-to-water mix depends on how you brew it. For a rich drip coffee, start with a 1:15 ratio. But watch out – using too little water can give you a weak, sour coffee.

Adding more coffee grounds to a coffee filter

Diving into the world of coffee? A must-have is a coffee scale. Surprisingly, top-notch coffee scales don’t have to break the bank and they guarantee you get the same great taste every time. Don’t have one? No worries! Your regular kitchen scale works wonders too, far outperforming the old coffee scoop.

Discover how coffee-to-water ratios change taste and caffeine levels.

Trick #4: Brew concentrated coffee

Discover the magic of concentrated coffee with popular methods like espresso, cold-brew, AeroPress, and Ninja.

  • Espresso machines Espresso is the classic concentrated coffee option, so you really can’t go wrong down this path. While it’s the most obvious option, it’s also the most expensive. You can buy a good espresso machine for under $1000, but if you try to go too cheap you’ll end up with a sub-par machine. 
  • Cold-brewing — Cold brew coffee is about 2-3 times as concentrated as regular coffee, and it is incredibly easy to make. The best part is that you can make cold brew with no extra equipment or you can get a cold brew coffee maker for under $100. If you really want to go all-out, you can even make nitro cold brew at home!
  • AeroPress — The AeroPress makes a concentrated coffee that is absolutely delicious, especially if you try an AeroPress espresso recipe. And the AeroPress is one of the cheapest coffee makers on the market.
  • Ninja coffee maker — Some of the best Ninja coffee makers have up to five coffee strength options, the strongest of which should satisfy even the most dedicated caffeine junkie. 

Obviously, concentrated coffee will be more flavorful, too.

Trick #5: Try stronger coffee drinks

Many of us head straight for lattes or cappuccinos at coffee shops, not realizing they’re mostly milk with just a bit of coffee. If you’re not in the mood for just an espresso shot but still want a coffee kick, there’s a middle ground.

Fortunately, there are options.

For a twist on your espresso, consider a macchiato. It’s simply espresso with a dash of milk. Perfect for beginners!

Let’s dive into the world of caffeine boosts. Ever wondered how to supercharge your espresso? Mix it with coffee, and you’ve hit the jackpot! This concoction, known as red-eye coffee, is a dream come true for caffeine lovers. Imagine blending a potent shot of espresso with a full cup of coffee. Want even more power? Try a black-eye with two shots, or a green-eye with three. These aren’t your average coffee drinks; they pack a punch far beyond standard drip coffee.

Get ready for a flavor boost! Swapping milk for more coffee means your drinks will pack an even richer coffee taste.

Stronger Together

The great thing about these coffee tips is you can mix them up however you like. Just remember, moderation is key. Coffee thrives on balance. Sure, Death Wish coffee packs a punch, and red-eye coffee wakes you up, but combining them? That might just be too intense.

Want to enjoy bold coffee no matter where you are? Think about grabbing a compact coffee grinder and an affordable travel-friendly coffee maker. This setup lets you brew strong coffee on the go, impressing friends with your barista skills. Alternatively, consider a mini Keurig and some potent coffee k-cups for convenience. If that seems too much, why not explore the boldest Starbucks coffees? Perfect for those who love their coffee strong, without the extra effort.

Embark on a journey for the perfect, energizing brew. Relish each sip and let the adventure of finding great coffee surprise you.

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